Abandoned Merchant

Siofra River

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Location Siofra River
Role General Goods Shop
Voiced by Voice Actor goes here.

Abandoned Merchant Siofra River is an NPC and one of several Nomadic Merchants in Elden Ring. Abandoned Merchants sell various items and equipment including Consumables, Materials, Weapons and Armor as well as notes containing hints on how to acquire certain items. This Abandoned Merchant can be found inside one of the ruins in Central Siofra River


Abandoned Merchant Location in Elden Ring

Found playing music by an unlit campfire in the ruins of Siofra River. The doorway to this area is high up and only accessible by climbing up and around the nearby wooden scaffolding. Take the wooden stairs at the eastern side of these ruins to start climbing the scaffolding. [Map Link]


Elden Ring Abandoned Merchant Shop


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Abandoned Merchant


  • Mm? Oh... A...custom...er?


  • G-good...bye... Till nex...t-time...
  • Hello...again... G-good...customer...

When attacking him

  • A-agh! S...stop
  • P...please, s...stop
  • (Turning Hostile) E...enough, M...melt away...

Upon defeating him

  • But why...? Kind...sir...

If killed by

  • G-good...bye... Dear...customer...


  • ???


Elden Ring Abandoned Merchant Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and tips about this character go here




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    • Anonymous

      The first time I came here, I grabbed the item that was on a corpse hanging at the ledge in the same room, and when I ran back to him to talk to him, the Miranda Blossom below casted its raining attack on top of us and killed him while I was looking at his shop. 10/10

      • Anonymous

        You can jump up from below. Kill the large Miranda sprout since its ranged attack can hit the merchant. Then double jump with Torrent onto the standing torch, and again onto the wall-mounted torch.

        • Anonymous

          My favorite merchant, I love just sitting with him for hours at a time. The melody he plays, while simple, still fills me with this feeling everything is going to be okay.

          • Anonymous

            I decided to just off all the merchants and take their bell bearings, but killing this guy made me sorta sad, alas I have to commit to the bit

            • Anonymous

              I got to him by leaping from the pillars by the giant flower into the hole in the wall and thought that was the only way!

              • Anonymous

                This dude can be killed by baiting the Miranda flower below into casting the starfall lookin spell. He won't go aggressive and it only took 2 of its casts to get him down to 1 hit range. Just walk up to the ledge you jump down to the flowers and when it sees you run back to stand next to him for the cast.

                • Anonymous

                  Underground, climbing scaffolding, jump thru cave into ruins. "Yes, this is a great place to set-up shop!"

                  • Anonymous

                    Someone should edit the directions. Took me forever to find him, comments helped.

                    From Worshipers’ Woods grace, head south and look for wooden scafolding.

                    Saying it's by the waterfall is not very helpful as there are at least 3 waterfalls in this area.

                    • Anonymous

                      An alternative path is by the monster plant. Using torrent, jump on the standing torches then wall torches. Torrent's double jump can reach that hole.

                      • Anonymous

                        Doesn't have Larvar tear for me. Maybe I should update the game. Though I Didn't update the base game since I read that Radahn was nerfed on the latest updates.

                        • Anonymous

                          Decided to kill him for the bell bearing and was surprised when he suddenly pulled out the flame of frenzy and one shot me. He doesn't have a mule like the others, so I guess that's how he makes up for it.

                          • Anonymous

                            you can also get to him by horse jumping up the braziers in the room with all the poisonblooms. not really faster, definitely harder, but you can do it

                            • Anonymous

                              To get to him, just go up those wooden stairs and drop to a wooden platform, you'll find a waterfall. Hes just bellow it

                              • Anonymous

                                i think you got the map wrong, i searched for him and found the guy that is pictured as castle morne merchant

                                • Anonymous

                                  Came back to buy something from him and he's not there? The furthest ive gotten in the game is the third area (spoiler) Altus plateau

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