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Information about the summoning pools

About Summoning Pools is an Info Item in Elden Ring. Summoning pools make it easier to find both co-op and hostile summoning signs.

See Effigies of the Martyr for detailed information and a list of all summoning pools.


Where to find Summoning Pools in Elden Ring

Summoning pools are often found near boss areas.


Elden Ring Summoning Pools Tutorial Guide

  • In each area, you may find effigies of martyrs.
  • These effigies are summoning pools.
  • You'll find it easy to summon other players at these locations, as co-op and hostile summoning signs created with small effigies gather at summoning pools.


Elden Ring About Summoning Pools Notes & Tips

  • You can only hold 1 About Summoning Pool.
  • You cannot store About Summoning Pools.
  • You cannot sell About Summoning Pools.




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    • Anonymous

      I wish the description of this feature was written in English. All I understood was that these "small effigies" things appear to reunite around this place for some reason. Also, if there are small effigies, are there medium and big ones as well?

      • Anonymous

        I really wish there was a way to just have them considered as "activated" either permanently and/or globally when in NG+. Having to manually hit each of them everytime we go through a new game cycle is dumb.

        • Anonymous

          Please add a feature to DEACTIVATE a summoning pool. I wish not to be summoned to certain pools any longer.

          • Anonymous

            There should be some sort of balancing for summoning imo, like people who help are more likely to get help. It would promote more people to place their sign down instead of having like 30 people sitting at the boos fog wall battling over the like 2 people that place their sign down.

            • Anonymous

              My issue is that after I activate one, later I come back and it says I can activate it again.

              The way it SHOULD be is that you activate it in order to see summon signs at it but you shouldn't have to keep activating them to SEND your summon sign to them.

              • Anonymous

                I've finished the game without stopping to activate any of the effigies for summoning. Does that mean if I want to be summoned via summoning pools I have to go around the whole map activating these?

                • I wish this weren't restricted by zone (if you use them in Caeild you will be summoned in Caelid) so I could just use them at the Roundtable and get summoned on any pool I activated. This would keep things fresh and interesting rather than fighting the same 2-3 bosses on a loop.

                  I mean, if you are using these is because you want to coop with people without caring too much about the area, and if you wanted that you would put a sign down in a specific area instead.

                  Thought It might be a limitation of the engine at first, but blues work exactly like that and they get summoned from any place to go help.
                  I just don't get this design decision.

                  • Anonymous

                    Pretty sure that using an effigy puts a sign at ALL pools in the area. Like if you're in caelid.. itll put signs in every pool excluding caves(I think?) You've activated... either that or its within a set radius, unsure of the size ... but yeah...

                    • So when an effigy is activated do you only get summoned on that one or does it get added to the pool of eligible ones? Like the more you activate the easier is for you to get summoned? I know it depends on your level and weapon upgrade but I wonder if its better to activate all of them or only selected ones.

                      • Anonymous

                        I don't understand some of these comments. There is absolutely no reason to not activate an effigy. It does not make you vulnerable from invasions or anything like that. You can only be invaded when you are in multiplayer (meaning you have summoned other players) or have used taunter's tongue. Player summon signs are voluntary as well meaning people don't get summoned to your world if you don't want them to.

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