Albinauric Staff

albinauric staff glintstonestaff weapon elden ring wiki guide 200px
attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack
Phy 17
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
Sor ??
guarded damage negation elden ring wiki guide 18Guard
Phy 23
Mag 14
Fire 14
Ligt 14
Holy 14
Boost 14

attribute scaling elden ring wiki guide 18Scaling
Str E
Int D
Arc C
attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires
Str 6
Int 10
Arc 12
Glintstone Staff Strike
No Skill FP -
Wgt. 2.5

passive effects elden ring wiki guide 18Passive -

Albinauric Staff is a Glintstone Staff in Elden Ring. The Albinauric Staff scales primarily with Intelligence and Arcane, with minor scaling in Strength, and is a potent catalyst Weapon for Arcane-heavy characters willing to incorporate Sorceries into their toolkit.


Short staff with a blue glintstone embedded. Wielded by the albinaurics of old.

The albinaurics harbor a secret; they cast sorcery with their innate arcaneness.


Where to Find Albinauric Staff in Elden Ring

The Albinauric Staff weapon can be found at the following location:

  • Found in Volcano Manor near the Guest Hall grace. Head left from the grace, then left again, taking the stairs to the next floor. Head outside and take the ladder to your left onto the roof. Head south to the back of the roof and jump off the west side onto a ledge. The Albinauric Staff, along with the Albinauric Mask, is inside a room with an Omenkiller. [Map Link]
  • Video Location


Elden Ring Albinauric Staff Notes & Tips

  • Weapon Skill: None, can accept the spinning weapon Ashes of War
  • Cannot be enchanted with Magic nor buffed by Consumables
  • Albinauric Staff can be upgraded by using Smithing Stones
  • Hemorrhage build up is INCREASED  from Aberrant sorceries while casting with this staff.
  • Frostbite build up is NOT INCREASED from Cold sorceries while casting with this staff.
  • Sell Value:  er runes 13 100.
  • This Staff has Sorcery Scaling 297 at +25 while at 80 Arcane and 10 Intelligence.
  • This Staff has Sorcery Scaling 373 at +25 while at 80 Arcane and 80 Intelligence.
  • 10 Int requirement allows you to use the FP-efficient Glintstone Pebble spell as an Arcane character during early-to-mid game, if ranged Magic damage and absolute minimum secondary stat investment are of concern.
  • NOTE: As of Patch 1.09, the scaling values of this weapon were changed. Please refer to the Upgrades Table of this weapon below.
  • Other notes and player tips go here.


Moveset & Videos in Elden Ring for Albinauric Staff



Albinauric Staff PvP Poise Damage Values in Elden Ring

Patch 1.10 adjusted PVP Poise Damage of all Weapons including some Spells and Incantations. Please take note that these adjustments are exclusive to PVP.

One-Handed Attacks

  • 1H R1 (1/2/3/4/5/6 Attacks): 54/54/108/--/--/--
  • 1H R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 1H Charged R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 1H R1 Jumping: 81
  • 1h R2 Jumping: 216

Two-Handed Attacks

  • 2H R1 (1/2/3/4/5/6 Attacks): 70.2/70.2/140.4/--/--/--
  • 2H R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 2H Charged R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 2H R1 Jumping: 105.3
  • 2h R2 Jumping: 237.6



Albinauric Staff Upgrades in Elden Ring

Please see the Upgrades page to understand the weapon bolstering process.

Requires regular reinforcement with Smithing Stone [1]Smithing Stone [2]Smithing Stone [3]Smithing Stone [4]Smithing Stone [5]Smithing Stone [6]Smithing Stone [7]Smithing Stone [8], and Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Sorcery Scaling is based on Int stat. The Int of the the character with the staff equipped at the time of posting the Sor Scaling is located in the (Int) to the right of the scaling amount. This will help to give a general idea of what staves are better at various Int levels until MAX is achieved.

This upgrade cannot be enchanted with Magic or boosted with Consumables. The Sorcery Scaling displayed on this table shows Minimum Requirement and Intelligence / Arcane 80 as xx-yy.

  Attack Power Stat Scaling Passive Effects Damage Reduction (%)
Albinauric Staff Phy Sor Scaling* Mag Fir Lit Hol Sta Str Dex Int Fai Arc Any Phy Mag Fir Lit Hol Bst Rst
Standard 17 107 - 191 - - - - 19 E - D - C - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +1 17 108 - 198 - - - - 19 E - D - C - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +2 18 108 - 205 - - - - 20 E - D - C - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +3 18 109 - 213 - - - - 21 E - D - C - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +4 19 109 - 220 - - - - 22 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +5 19 110 - 227 - - - - 22 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +6 20 110 - 234 - - - - 23 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +7 20 111 - 242 - - - - 24 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +8 21 112 - 249 - - - - 25 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +9 21 112 - 256 - - - - 25 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +10 22 113 - 264 - - - - 26 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +11 22 113 - 271 - - - - 27 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +12 23 114 - 278 - - - - 28 E - D - B - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +13 23 115 - 286 - - - - 28 E - C - A - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +14 24 115 - 293 - - - - 29 D - C - A - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +15 24 116 - 300 - - - - 30 D - C - A - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +16 25 116 - 307 - - - - 31 D - C - A - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +17 25 117 - 315 - - - - 31 D - C - A - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +18 26 118 - 322 - - - - 32 D - C - A - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +19 26 118 - 329 - - - - 33 D - C - S - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +20 27 119 - 337 - - - - 34 D - C - S - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +21 27 119 - 344 - - - - 34 D - C - S - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +22 28 120 - 351 - - - - 35 D - C - S - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +23 28 121 - 359 - - - - 36 D - C - S - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +24 29 121 - 366 - - - - 37 D - C - S - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9
Standard +25 29 122 - 373 - - - - 38 D - B - S - 23 14 14 14 14 14 9



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    • Anonymous

      Combine this with Rivers of Blood for a fun and disgustingly powerful frost/bleed build that melts in PvE. Level arcane to at least 40-ish, and int to 32 for abdula's moonblade, 18 dex for RoB. Use abdula's plus icecrag/mist to proc frostbite, and then use RoB, which resets the frostbite with its fire damage while building bleed at the same time. Rinse, wash, repeat, and dance on the frostbitten, burnt, bloodless, corpses of your enemies.

      • Anonymous

        head right from the grace not left, there's nothing there to your left. I got confused for a sec I thought there was some illusory wall and I was getting trolled lol

        • Anonymous

          okay but I need to know what the heck is the albinaurics' "innate arcaneness"

          It kinda sounds dumb no? Is it just me?

          Like "Blastoise harbors a secret, it shoots hydrocannons with its innate wetness"
          It feels redundant to me

          • Anonymous

            oh wow I just equipped this thing and man it’s adorably small. Perfect since I’m planning on just using it for pebble on my arc build. It’s such a cute little sidearm.

            • Anonymous

              I think it should be way more powerful, since It's a split scaling staff, like the Prince of Death's staff.

              • Anonymous

                Int|Fai|Arc build sound strange, but not so bad to think.
                Note: After softcap we get only +1 or so scaling from every lvl up.
                Arcane staff with 31 int softcap and 45 for arcane. For 1 more level in int we get Adula`s blade and +1 scaling. If we really don`t want to invest in INT our stat might be 14(slicer,arc, glintblade and maiden`s mist), 25(Haima`s CABOOM) or 27(Carian Piercer and shard spiral).
                Dragon seal with 30 fai and 45 for arcane. There is no actual need for more faith, except Placidusax ruin on 36 and Howl of Shabriri on 33.
                If we really dont want to invest in faith our stat maybe 17(basic dragon incantations and lightning spells) and 23-24 for almost every dragon communion incantations.
                Albinauris weapons have 11|11 and 12|12 req in str|dex. With some invest in dex we get Rivers of blood and Eocaid(12|18). With even bigger invest in str|dex(+5-6 lvl) we get Occult Halberd|Bloody helice|Naginata
                All of this obtainable on lvl 120-150.

                • Anonymous

                  I just tested with a friend, and at 70 arc with two of these staves, one cast of briars of sin (just hitting lb once and not three full times), caused him 60% bleed buildup, and about 40% bleed and slightly more damage with one Albinuaric Staff and one staff of the guilty. I'm gonna say with Briars, pick a focus. Either they need to be primarily upfront damage for you, or just forget the damage and go for the max bleed buildup, but don't bother trying to do both. Both work well. On my level 300 with PoD staff and 403 sorc scaling, both briars sorceries do great damage but little bleed - sin can kill 50 vig opponents with a full three hit cast. On my level 150 arcane build, with arcane at 70 and either alb staff x2 or x1+guilty, and faith at 25, they do noticably less damage (still decent), but *lots* more bleed.

                  • Anonymous

                    Before chain casting was removed, this was the choice staff for a fun Marika's soreseal build. You need Int/Arc to do good damage with this staff, and Arc will help build up bleed with Briar sorceries, but you also need Fth to cast Briar sorceries, so while we're in the neighborhood why not sprinkle in Death and Magma? Shard Spiral into Briars of Sin was a super good combo, but it's impossible now. Could still be fun if you want to do a dedicated caster run and have as many options as possible, but it's not at all good anymore, if it ever was. Too many stats required, not enough payoff

                    • Anonymous

                      What Briars Of Sin and Briars Of Punishment are good with this staff? Holy blood... loss slow but HOLY BLOOD LOSS!

                      • Anonymous

                        Does this staff scale equal to the Dragon Communion Seal? I get about 320 incant scaling with the seal at 45/45 FAI/ARC. Will I get the same with the staff at 45/45 INT/ARC?

                        • Is Death Blight buildup from Fia's Mist affected by arcane scaling with this?
                          ...there really aren't many spells that inflict any status, let alone one that isn't frostbite.

                          • This staff actually pairs really nicely with Dragon Communition seal.

                            Just int/ arc is not that amazing, as the only thing you really get for doing it is getting to use Greater Oracle bubble, which isn't that great. At that point you are better off just going pure int.

                            However, Arc/ Int/ Fth is actually pretty interesting combo, because it gives you a lot of spells to play around with. This combo gets you access to Golden Vow (Fantastic for any hybrid build), Dragon Communition skills, as well as Thorn Sorceries. I would only recommend primarily focusing on Arcane, and getting FTH/ INT just high enough to meet incantation/ sorcery requirements that you plan to use, as the stat gains are very small past 30 int/ fth.

                            My current hybrid has 28 FTH, 35 intelligence and 45 arcane, which lets me use all of the skills that I mentioned above, while still having 310+ incantation scaling with the Dragon Communition seal, and 310+ sorcery scaling with Albinauric staff respectively.

                            Cool thing about Arcane is that it's probably the easiest stat to boost, with equipment like Silver Tear Mask (+8 arcane for basically free), so assuming you picked Wretch (Actually optimal choice for this sort of build), you only need 18+ 25+ 27 attribute points to get this stat split, which equals 70 points invested.

                            A pure int/ pure fth builds will need 80 int/ 80 fth for optimal performance, achieving 370+/ 350+ sorcery/ incantation scaling respectively, with Regal scepter/ Erdtree seal. This means that a hybid int/fth/ arc is actually not too far behind in either scaling, while getting to use both catalysts instead of just 1, in addition to getting the status effect build up from Arcane investment.

                            • Anonymous

                              Despite the nerf to how it behaves with Thorn Sorceries this staff is still excellent as a Sorcery casting tool, you're missing out on so much potential if you just use this with 10 Intelligence and Glintstone Pebble.

                              At 22 Intelligence and 45 Arcane, enough Int to use Glintblade Phalanx, this staff hits a Sorcery Scaling of 285, for comparison the Gelmir Glintstone Staff at 45/45 Int/Fth hits 280 Sorcery Scaling, so for 23 less points into Intelligence you have a Staff that outperforms the strongest Glintstone Staff on a hybrid caster build ignoring the boosts that casting tools get with certain spell types.

                              At 18 Intelligence and 45 Arcane it has a Sorcery Scaling of 274, so the best way to use this staff is to go to 45 Arcane and set aside enough Intelligence for the Sorceries that you want to use, some good breakpoints are;
                              14 Intelligence: Carian Slicer, Night Maiden's Mist and Magic Glintblade
                              16 Intelligence: Great Glintstone Shard and Unseen Form (utility)
                              18 Intelligence: Rock Sling and Night Shard
                              22 Intelligence: Glintblade Phalanx
                              23 Intelligence: Ambush Shard
                              25 Intelligence: Cannon/Gavel of Haima and Great Oracular Bubble
                              26 Intelligence: Loretta's Greatbow
                              27 Intelligence: Carian Piercer and Shard Spiral
                              30 Intelligence: Meteorite
                              32 Intelligence: Adula's Moonblade

                              While you can viably to to 45/45 Intelligence/Arcane if you want to, however the gains in Sorcery Scaling drop off quite badly starting at 30 Intelligence (going from 30 Int to 45 Int only grants you 18 more Sorcery Scaling, going from 307 to 325). Unless you really want spells like Night Comet, Collapsing Stars, Carian Phalanx, Glintstone Cometshard, or Stars of Ruin, those stat points are better served elsewhere on your build like in Vigor or Mind.

                              While Intelligence/Arcane doesn't have the same synergy that Faith/Arcane does, on it's own it's just a powerful tool for casting Sorceries when built correctly, complement it with a Clayman's Harpoon down the Occult Affinity/Infusion and you'll be hitting rather hard.

                              Not everything about Arcane needs to be about inflicting Bleed, Poison or Madness you know, sure it's the main selling point, but it's not the only thing that Arcane allows you to do. Sometimes it's just about hitting things rather hard, and this staff allows you to hit things quite hard with Magic.

                              • 10 INT requirement allows you to use Glintstone Pebble as an Arcane character and not waste any more points into INT. I see this as an absolute win!

                                • Anonymous

                                  This staff being nerfed is just a causality. It is so niche it probably got nerfed as a side effect of Dragon Communion Seal being too strong. It would be nice if From would compensate the nerf with some damage buffs, but I guess that's just copium, my meme build will be just a little more memey from now on.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I don't understand, I wanted to do a blood mage, I need arcane for the blood proc, and faith to use the spells, but this scales with intelligence??? what a mess

                                    • Anonymous

                                      As of 08 April 2022:

                                      At 34 INT/31FTH/50ARC (Silver Tear Mask+Marika's Soarseal) this staff at +25 has 316 Sorcery Scaling, a +10INT/+10 FTH physick brings it up to 328.

                                      Prince of Death+25 at 50INT/47FTH/14ARC (Greathood+Marika's Soarseal) has 280, a +10INT/+10 FTH physick brings it up to 320.

                                      As a RL125 dueling stave for Hybrid casting this is vastly superior by 36 Incant scaling with without a physick, with the same physick it still outscales it by 18 Incant Scaling. Both are using the exact same stat investment into casting stats using the best overall stat boosting headgear for Incant Scaling (using the +6 INT Twinsage Crown is 284 without physick, 324 with, which is +4 Incant scaling for a higher penalty, that is still worse than this staff).

                                      For RL150 or higher builds the Prince of Death Staff will out scale this, as this hard caps at 45INT/45ARC, where the Death Staff scales better after 45INT/45FTH. Death Spells, if you really like them will also generally do more damage using the Prince of Death staff. But for general purpose, lower-level capped builds, I recommend instead going for Arcane over more INT/FTH as it pairs well with the Dragon Communion Talisman (which is about 20-30 Incant scaling worse than the Golden Order talisman if you eschew arcane).

                                      • Anonymous

                                        At max stats: Albinauric staff has 400 sorcery scalling, while Prince of Death has 448, Lusat 430 and Carian Scepter 388.
                                        Only worth using on an arcane build or using the thorn sorcery as it does not boost frost build up.

                                        • So what I'm seeing, since this staff has Arcane scaling, anything that procs off of it is potentially better? If it's true it certainly has very good potential in the related builds. But so far I think I'd be better off with Carian Regal so I can get a better overall stat spread.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            the same problem like prince of death staff, only worse, it needs 80int and 80 arc to be exactly the same as CRS(373), both prince of death's staff and this one should be buffed a little by lowering its softcap so you still need more points but not like 47 or 70 more points to make it equal to CRS.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              "A decent amount of effort went into the dragon communion seal but its staff counterpart seems tacked on and underwhelming."

                                              All weapon buffing incantations are currently broken when scaling off of anything other than faith, so the Dragon Communion Seal is actually far less useful than this staff IMO.

                                              • 1.03 at 60 int 58 arcane, this staff provides 343 spell scaling... which rivals the carian royal at 76 int which has 356 spell scaling. This opens up a very broad spectrum of spells and incantations, scaling things like swarm, dragon incantations, while keeping regular sorceries nearly as powerful... If you're willing to go beyond the 150-160 level range outside the pvp meta, you could potentially see better scaling than the regal.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  A decent amount of effort went into the dragon communion seal but its staff counterpart seems tacked on and underwhelming.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    A decent amount of effort went into the dragon communion seal but its staff counterpart seems tacked on and underwhelming.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I mean you could make a blood mage with briar of sin and punishment with a 45/45 build...bit of an outliner build and only two spells. Maybe even add bloody halice to the mix of it but seems like it would be very stat heavy since it those spells cost hp instead of FP.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I read online the soft caps for sorceries in INT are 60 and 80 and in ARC 30 and 45. Does that mean there is no reason to get ARC over 45 when using this staff or is this information wrong?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          I read online the soft caps for sorceries in INT are 60 and 80 and in ARC 30 and 45. Does that mean there is no reason to get ARC over 45 when using this staff or is this information wrong?

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            290 sorcery scaling at 14 INT 70 ARC at +25, in case you just wanted to shoot pebbles and use slicer I guess. For some reference carian regal scepter has 330 at 70 int.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              anyone know how the 80 INT/80 ARC scaling for this staff compares to 80 INT/80 FTH for the Prince of Death's Staff?

                                                              • I'm curious what the intended use for this is. Like, obviously Arcane builds, lets not be pedantic, but I don't know where the overlap is between Arcane bleed builds and sorceries, especially if you still need to meet the Int prereqs for them. Would be nice if there were more than two Sorceries that have Arcane prereqs, like how the whole Dragon Communion system relies on Arcane and as such the Dragon Communion Seal has a distinct and obvious purpose. Alby staff just has some bubbles.

                                                                Ah well. I suppose there could be some handy edge case where this would have utility over other staves. Maybe a bleed build using Scholar's Armament and Night Maiden's Mist for a low-Int hybrid caster?

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Are thorn sorceries worth upgrading this thing? I havent tried them but it seems like just 2 variants of the same spell

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                           is the location

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      As a blood arcane build, I felt like I wasted my starting class as prisoner until I found this. It has great scaling, allowing very low int investment for the tricky times you need to cheese something from afar or deal with ranged enemies.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        This staff is excellent if you build around it, except for one problem - it appears that the arcane stat's bonus is not taken into account for weapon buff spells. Maybe it's linked to the same problem that causes many arcane-scaling weapons to not have damage scaling? Attack spells and such all seem to scale properly, however.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Wondering where to find and / or farm this? I'm guessing it will drop off the albinaurics wielding staves?

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Suprisingly strong staff and because the best sorceries are basically the basic ones, this allows arc builds to cast those to great effect without requiring much int.

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