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Type Key Item
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Ingredient used in special draught

Amber Starlight is a Key Item in Elden Ring. Amber Starlight is used in Preceptor Seluvis's questline after he mentions his scheme to you. Key Items in Elden Ring include a wide variety of items found in specific locations or are given by a related NPCs which are used to unlock areas, quests, and to further progress the game's story.


An ephemeral sliver that gives off a pale amber glow.
What remains of a passing flash of starlight.

If the stars command our fates,
then amber-hued stars must command the fates of the gods.
Such is the belief that inspired the use of these shards to prepare a most special draught.

Cannot be consumed by mere humans.


Where to find Amber Starlight in Elden Ring

  • Amber Starlight can be found closest to the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace in the Altus Plateau region. Directly east from the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, the road will break off north into an open cave, in the cave the Amber Starlight will be sitting below a statue surrounded by several Land Octopuses. [Map Link]

 amber starlight location


Elden Ring Amber Starlight Use

Amber Starlight can be used in Prospector Seluvis's questline after purchasing a puppet spirit from him. He will fill you in on a scheme he has been planning, but requires Amber Starlight to begin this scheme. 


Elden Ring Amber Starlight Notes & Tips

  • The amber starlight is located in front of a statue of Malenia and Miquella.
  • Seluvis's dialogue states that "it was the very fate of a demigod".


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    • Anonymous

      Isn't this the thing inside of the dead tree in Shadow of the Erdtree? It would make sense why Miquella is traveling to it, since amber-hued stars can change the fate of gods. Maybe there's a way to change his fate and end his neverending nascence, with the help from Godwyn. (his corpse parasiziting the tree)

      • Anonymous

        Right so... Dung Eater tells me to meet him by the moat, go there at night, neither Dung Eater nor Big Boggart is there (Yes I bought all his prawns and even summoned him for the Makar fight). Then the wiki says it's fine you don't need a puppet to get the magic scorpian talisman. Okay! Then I can give it to Ofnir and get the talisman.. right?

        I love FromSoft, but holy **** do they have not even a clue how to design a simple ****ing questline, where exactly did I go wrong that the game ITSELF doesn't even understand what to do?

        • Anonymous

          **** Seluvis and his twisted puppet kink. I will keep this amber until DLC to see if it has another use by then.

          • Anonymous

            It is used by seluvis to try and take control of ranni, but might not have worked because her great rune was split from her and that body was already a puppet for ranni's conscience, hiding elsewhere from the hunter bearing blaidd's head. I believe this item's original use was to take control of the goddess of rot within malenia, only a permanent, more efficient method than the unalloyed gold needle.

            If this were to be the true usage of this item, then it must have been developed from segregations of miquella's egg. The ruins of a rose church is found around that area, wich makes me believe mohg kidnapped miquella before this amber was put to use, and malenia held the goddess of rot in a deep slumber for who knows how long, waiting for an amber that couldn't possibly reach the haligtree. Damn, mohg really screwed the twins up.

            • Anonymous

              Fun fact: The area that you find this in, the one with the statue of Miquella and Malenia, was originally called "St. Trina's Hideaway" in the files.

              • Anonymous

                Wish this could also be used as a reusable starlight shard, that is depleted when used, but restored when resting at a site of grace

                • Anonymous

                  The plural of octopus is octopuses. Changing the 'us' to 'i' is a Latin thing, but octopus comes from Greek. If it was still a fully Greek word, the plural would be octopodes (ock-top-oh-deez), but since it's been Englishized, the plural is simply octopuses.

                  • Anonymous

                    ****ing stupid game design you talk to this ***** once before getting the amber starlight and it will lock you out from giving it to her. Now she's gone ahead to Nokstella and Seluvis is dead before I could give it to her. She wouldn't shut the **** up about the cursemark and had no option to give it to her.

                    • Anonymous

                      It’s very clear this is not part of the Rune of Death. That rune is signified by red and black fire, along with yellow embers. No, Marika is not stuck with amber starlight as evidenced by the color. No, Elden Beast does not use this in its’ grab animation because the holy acupuncture needles it uses are yellow and not orange.

                      That said, the Haligtree and M&M do have connections to the color amber. The Miquellan Knight’s Sword, Loretta’s Warsickle, and the shield Loretta uses are all set with crystallized amber sap from the Haligtree. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence to make a proper connection to the starlight.

                      Considering we see Miquella in a state near-similar to the dolls in Seluvis’ bedroom, it would be a pretty safe bet that the “fate of a demigod” described in the description is Miquella (even though he’s an Empyrean. Although, the term is used interchangeably as Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All-Knowing does refer to Miquella as a demigod, possibly meaning that “demigod” is just an overarching term that relates to both empyreans and actual demigods).

                      • Anonymous

                        "it was the very fate of a demigod" he is more likely referring to miquella, mohg might have used amber starlight to kidnap him. also, are starlight shards tiny fragments of the dark moon/stars/primeval current, and amber starlight are from the formless mother? you can see giant starlight beams in moonlight altar plateau and red nebulae in mohgwyn palace.

                        • Anonymous

                          I think this item ties to Miquella and Malenia, seeing as how it’s found in front of a statue of them surrounded by Sacramental Buds. But if it’s a potion for demigods, it wouldn’t work on them or Ranni because they’re Empyreans. Not sure why Ranni is Empyrean though.

                          • Anonymous

                            Could this be the rune of death? At least a fragment of it?

                            Seluvis' dialogue states that "it was the very fate of a demigod" Could he be referring to Godwyns death?

                            • Anonymous

                              It is most certainly not "directly east" of the highway junction, it is North by Northeast of the highway junction.

                              Players who can't see the map should be taken to the wrong location using those directions.

                              Also the plural of Octopus is Octopodes, not Octopi.

                              • Anonymous

                                Just like how you can give the 1st potion to the dung eater instead there must be another demigod you can give the amber draught to but who? Only one I thought maybe would be Morgott since he still can talk to you after you defeat him

                                • Anonymous

                                  This is very usefull in case you just want to get the Nepheli or Dung Eater puppets without having to go through Ranni's questline again to kill Pidia.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    thats why the game needs quest status tracker, not the conventional marked on the map, but text that tells you progress and fail conditions, and who ever tells , no it ruins the mystery of the game, i dont want quest tracker, im not talking about tracking and telling where to go next, just the current progress you made... who thinks this is wrong should move on to current year

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Spoilers ---

                                      I would have loved a summonable Ranni but I never would have felt good about how I got it (if this had worked lol). Love the way they handled this quest.

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