Ash of War: Spinning Strikes

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Affinity Quality
Skill Spinning Strikes
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament

Ash of War: Spinning Strikes is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden Ring. Ash of War: Spinning Strikes provides Quality affinity and the Spinning Strikes Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Quality affinity and the following skill:

"Spinning Strikes: Polearm skill that performs continuous spinning attacks. Hold to continue the attack. Can be followed up with a normal or strong attack. Nullifies projectiles such as arrows while spinning."

Usable on polearms (great spears excepted).


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    • Anonymous

      I've had a lot of success in PVP with this art on nightrider glaive. I think it is a lot fun and adds more variation to your moves than other arts. Also, not many opponents expect it since it is rarely used. First the windup catches anyone who reaction rolls near you and you can do a ton of damage if they try to aggress. It's amazing at punishing quickstep/bloodhound users. Second I love the R1 and R2 follow ups for variation and those catch a lot of people off guard and can catch those who are rolling away. I've gotten many free hits off them. Lasty, blood infusion on this can be especially deadly.

      • I think I understand how this works so well with bloodflame blade. For those who don't know there's a sweetspot mechanic on halberds and scythes, where the furthest point (AKA the bladed side) does the most damage. Bloodflame blade works normally when you hit with the sweetspot, but for some reason increases buildup when hitting with the handle.

        • Anonymous

          I beat Leonine, then Godrick, then went to look back for Edgar, and he's not in the castle. Did I miss my chance to get this AoW on this playthrough?

          • Anonymous

            It says this AoW can be removed and put on something else, are there any exceptions? I don't mean the weapons that have a unique AoW on them. I mean AoW that you can find, buy or that drop from a defeated enemy or boss? Someone said they missed 'Lion's claw' at fort gael because their spirit summon killed the lion guardian not them and it didn't drop the AoW and they were apparently locked out of it for this playthrough. Is that true? I know lion's claw is on the claymore but when I took it off that sword to put on another one it wasn't in the grace AoW menu for me to use, can anyone explain please?

            • Anonymous

              Step 1 60+ faith

              Step 2: buff halberd with electrify armament.

              Step 3: r1, L2, R2, R1

              Wait, what do you mean this isn't ds3? How come this doesn't true combo anymore From?!

              • Anonymous

                A lot of people are saying this doesn't have hyperarmor but it totally does, just not as good poise health as other AoW's. You really need to have higher poise to really make it work as the poise health is indeed terrible. ~60 seems to be the minimum to trade against small weapons at least. Gonna test it some more

                • Anonymous

                  Like Wild Strikes but worse. Damage is fine but considering how this skill is intended to be used up close to your opponent(s) the lack of hyperarmor/trading utility is solely what put this in the AoW graveyard for me, let alone the fact it doesn't combo into itself or anything for that matter. Just use Giant's Hunt or Storm Assault/Caller

                  • Anonymous

                    how to extract the weaponart from this ? i ****ed up the questline and couldnt buy this from bernahl cause i killed him for the armor...

                    • Anonymous

                      Ahh spinning strikes, in dark souls 3 this was one of , if not the best weapon art in the game, It had hyperarmor, solid damage, R1 to weapon art true combo, combos with its own weapon art, and did I mention HYPERARMOR. Sadly fromsoft decided to nerf this Ash of war in a lot of ways.

                      1.) no true combos: this is obviously a huge nerf to this ash of war because it can no longer deal reliable without getting extremely close to an opponent.

                      2.) No hyperarmor: This was the kill blow for this ash of war in my opinion, I don’t understand why they took away the ability to trade against certain weapons certain weapons, FOR AN ASH OF WAR THAT REQUIRES YOU TO GET UP CLOSE TO AN ENEMY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

                      Honestly the only saving grace of this ash(If you can even call it that) is the abnormally high damage the skill has.

                      This ash of war was perfect in dark souls three, the fact that they thought trading hyperarmor and true combos with raw damage would make this skill better was just stupid, honestly the best fix for this ash of war is to change it back to how it was in dark souls 3.

                      4/10: Too risky, little pay off, decent in pve, horrible in pvp(believe me I tried to make it work)

                      • Anonymous

                        Works extremely well on the Guardian Swordspear and absolutely mows down giant enemies when they get downed (especially if you apply an enchantment like Bloodflame Blade)... BUT it looks really stupid because the animation does not match up with the weapon model, so your character's left hand is tightly grabbing onto thin air.

                        • Anonymous

                          i actually kinda like the low poise on this compared to wild strikes. makes it so you dont get punished as much for overextending since you can immediately roll away rather than having to wait thru endlag

                          • Anonymous

                            Ok, so I don't know if this is a bug, but when I put Bloodflame Blade on my Grave Scythe +12 and used Spinning Strikes, I was able to bleed the Blackflame Monk in Divine Tower of Cealid basement 3 times during the AoW with 6 hits in total!!!
                            I tested around for nearly 40 minutes and it seems to proc bleed in a ridicilous short period of time. I am running an Arcane build with currently 60 Arc. When I put occult AoW on my Scythe, I have 90 Bleed, with blood I have 112 Bleed but both absoloutely pale in comparison with the Bloodflame Blade buff, BUT when I am not mistaken the Bloodflame Blade buff gives a set amound (of 40?) bleed build up which should end up giving my quality Scythe around 95 Bleed at best. Yet, the Bleed from Quality + Bloodflame outclasses the Blood and Occult infusions by miles BUT only when I am using the L2 Spinning Strikes. The normal R1s seems reasonable and work as expected.

                            It seems like there is a hidden and most likely unintended intercation between Bloodflame Blade and Spinning Strikes, at least with the Grave Scythe.

                            The numbers with 40 Str/40 Dex/60 Arcane, 2 handed, killing the Blackflame Monk 100 - 0 only holding L2 Spinning Strike without the R2 finish were:

                            Occult Grave Scythe +12 (90 Bleed) 406 AR = 8 hits / 2 Bleed procs on 3rd and 8th hit

                            Bloody Grave Scythe +12 (112 Bleed) 395 AR = 9 hits / 2 Bleed procs on 3rd and 7th hit

                            Quality Grave Scythe +12 (55 Bleed) 455 AR (with BB) = 7 hits / 3 Bleed procs on 3rd, 4th and 6th hit

                            Now whats really weird here is, that sometimes I need 6 hits and sometimes 7. The Bleed procs also occur on different timings. The first proc is ALWAYS the 3rd hit. The second and third bleed proc however, seem to randomly appear during hits 4,5 or 6! I always see 3 stagger and bleed animations but since they seem to appear directly one after another I can't even tell if every proc actually deals damage. I am certain on 2 Bleed procs but the 3rd could be a "phantom" proc, it is really hard to tell!
                            In any case this interaction seems bugged!

                            Oh also, my set up was:
                            Grave Scythe +12, Fire Misericode +14
                            Dragon Communion Seal +8
                            Banished Knight Helm, Lord of Bloods Robe, Crucible Gauntlets and Crucible Greaves.
                            Gold Scarab Talisman, Starscourge Heirloom and Winged Sword Insignia

                            • Anonymous

                              Has someone tested this and can tell me if it Works like Splitleaf? Wondering if a Hit still Combos into this Weapon Art and if all 3 Strikes on the R1 Weapon art follow up still are confirmed hits

                              • Anonymous

                                The Spin blocks regular arrows, but it doesn't block the sniper Giants in Caelid. I haven't tried it on the sniper viking guys.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Really loving this weapon art. It's a constant threat while you hold it and then you can cancel or go into two different strong attacks. It looks sick with Halberds, and they're my favorite weapon class.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This + Ironjar Aromatic and they can't stagger you. Works wonders against hyper aggressive bosses and allows you to kill them before they can kill you.
                                    Helicopter spin for the win!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      People sleep on this ability. It's basically a high damage version of Wild Strikes with worse poise. On a blood weopon enchanted with bloodflame this ability melts bosses. Used Grave Scythe+3, Blood Flame and Spinning Strikes on Margit and poor guy got deleted in less than 20 seconds.

                                      Also, you don't need to do his quest, just find Edgar in Castle Morne, murk him and he will drop his Helbard+8 with the Ability attached to it.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        the DPS from this spinning strikes ability is working well for me. Every time a large enemy or boss gets crippled around 50%, I can usually finish off the rest of their HP with spinning strikes before they have a chance to get back up.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Basically works like Wild Strikes, but for polearms. You spin the polearm above your head, doing with each rotation.

                                          Got this from Edgar (invasion version @ Revenger's Shack) per the other comment here. He will drop his halberd (which is also quite good) & it will have this skill on it. Remove it from the weapon (at a grace spot) to obtain the skill as an Ash of War so you can apply it to other weapons if wanted.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I think this ash of war is acquired by completing the questline around castle Morn, then killing Edgar at the Revenger's Shack. The +8 halberd he drops upon defeat will have this Ash of War on it, similar to Rogier's Rapier.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I think this ash of war is acquired by completing the questline around castle Morn, then killing Edgar at the Revenger's Shack. The +8 halberd he drops upon defeat will have this Ash of War on it, similar to Rogier's Rapier.

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