Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep)

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Affinity Heavy
Skill Stamp (Sweep)

Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep) is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Stamp (Sweep) provides Heavy affinity and the Stamp (Sweep) Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Heavy affinity and the following skill:

"Stamp (Sweep): Brace armament and step into a low stance that prevents recoil from most enemy attacks. Follow up with a strong attack for a sweeping strike."

Usable on swords, axes, and hammers (small and medium swords excepted).


Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep) Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep):

  • Dropped by an invisible Teardrop Scarab located at the beaches of Western Limgrave. From where the Giant Land Octopus and Land Octopus enemies are, check the east side of the shore and you'll see some pillars on the beach. You'll notice multiple glowing prints moving around the pillars. Attack it at the right time just when it's about to approach you to reveal the scarab. Elden Ring Map Link.


Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep) Elden Ring Guide



Stamp (Sweep) Demonstration




Elden Ring Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep) Notes & Tips

  • Notes and player tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      The cathedral knight greatsword was one of my favorite weapons in DS3 and the weapon art played a big role in why I loved it so much, so to see it get completely gutted of any utility and have it outclassed by pretty much every other AoW in this game hurts my heart

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately trash in this game. Put this on my Omen Cleaver and the damage is even worse than two R1's. Stamp Upward Cut blows it out of the water in terms of utility. Damn shame

        • Anonymous

          Why is no one mentioning that Stamp (Sweep) hits twice in a row every time you use it? Does no one realize what that means for weapons that build up any passive status condition? Even rotten greataxe, with a mediocre 65 build up rate, can inflict rot in mere seconds with successive uses

          • Anonymous

            Really should’ve been combined with the other stamp skill like how DS3 was. L2 to activate the skill, R1 for the sweep and R2 for the vertical slash.

            • Anonymous

              A skill I love in DS3 but is kind of meh in ER as of patch 1.04. First hit doesn't seem to have as forgiving of a hitbox compared to DS3. Second hit no longer offers knock down on humanoid enemies. Stomp reduces damage taken, lowers player's hitbox and raises poise which is awesome but there is no option for an R1 swing. The player has to commit to the followup special to get any gain out of it.

              With Greatsword +21, there is a 200+ damage difference between upward cut and sweep. There's also a chance sweep's first hit misses and the player loses out on 400+ damage. Why not give sweep it's knockdown on second hit and give both stomps a follow up R1? Resetting multiple human-sized enemy positions I thought was great in DS3 even if it didn't hit as hard as upward cut.

              • Anonymous

                I like Stomp in DS3, and Stamp/Upward is good, so I rolled a new character and gave this a shot on my greataxe and was hugely disappointed. The attack is fairly fast, sure, but it does less than an R1. I thought I must have been doing something wrong, maybe it hit twice and I was missing a hit, but no. It's just bad. Terrible damage, doesn't seem especially good at breaking poise, lackluster reach. I wonder if the damage is bugged, because it is honestly an embarrassment to every other weapon skill in the game

                • Anonymous

                  Basic attacks from rats knock you out of it HAHA. I like the set up for a sweeping heavy, i have hit several enemies including ones behind me at once but that recoil protection from the first hit is a sham.

                  • Anonymous

                    Really wish they buffed this. I won't be greedy and ask for a dmg buff, maybe a range buff or quicker startup.

                    • Anonymous

                      It does absolutely no damage and the description on the French version is the same as the upward cut...
                      It's a shame because it was my favorite attack in ds3

                      • Anonymous

                        Best used with CGS crouch attack.
                        CGS crouch attack and Sweep attacks will stagger Banished Knights and Haligtree Knights with every hit. When combined together, you can stunlock the Knights.
                        Blocked attacks will still stagger the blockers, potentially canceling their Guard Counter.

                        Other than that, it provides a slow weapon with a fast combo that scales well with weapon damage and reach.

                        Tested and proven in Commander Niall arena, Inner Wall, and Temple Altar.

                        • Anonymous

                          This attack instantly activates the Godskin Swaddling Cloth for HP regen, as well as any other "successive attack" effects. Upward Cut also actives "successive" attack effects instantly but not the Godskin Cloth.

                          • INSANE DOWNGRADE FROM UPWARD CUT! loses both in raw and poise damage to stamp upward cut. 527 damage upward cut, this only 323 counting both hits, UPWARD CUT DEALS 60% MORE DAMAGE. upward cut can stun a troll with 2 uses, this can't.

                            • Anonymous

                              When I try to put it on the Greatsword (UGS) it takes the scaling from C->C while decreasing the damage lol, might change when i level up/level up the sword

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