Ash of War: Storm Blade

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Affinity Quality
Skill Storm Blade

Ash of War: Storm Blade is an Ash of War and Bolstering Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Storm Blade provides the Quality affinity and the Storm Blade Skill. Ashes of War can be used to modify the Skill of an equipment piece, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Quality affinity and the following Skill:
Storm Blade A Skill used by the Stormveil Knights long ago.
Your armament is wrapped in a stormy blade that can be fired in rapid succession.
It can be used on all standard slashing armaments.


Ash of War: Storm Blade Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: Storm Blade:


Ash of War: Storm Blade Elden Ring Guide

  • Grants Storm Blade all standard slashing weapons.
  • Provides the Quality affinity, which balances Strength and Dexterity Scaling, and decreases Base damage
  • It can be used on  all standard slashing weapons armaments.




Elden Ring Ash of War: Storm Blade Notes & Tips

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