Ash of War: White Shadow's Lure

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Affinity Occult
Skill White Shadow's Lure
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Ash of War: White Shadow's Lure is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden RingAsh of War: White Shadow's Lure provides Occult affinity and the White Shadow's Lure Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Occult affinity and the following skill:

"White Shadow's Lure: Hold armament in a brief, silent prayer to create a white shadow. The apparition lures in foes of human build who are not in combat, drawing their aggression. Effective on demi-humans even if they are already in a combat state."

Usable on all melee armaments.


Ash of War: White Shadow's Lure Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: White Shadow's Lure:


Ash of War: White Shadow's Lure Elden Ring Guide


White Shadow's Lure Demonstration





Elden Ring Ash of War: White Shadow's Lure Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      This thing would be much more useful if it does damage to enemies attracted by it or if after a number of hits it explodes or does some sort of splash damage

      • Anonymous

        This isn't worth going to the trouble of getting it. Shadow bait is available earlier, though not much earlier and it actually does what you'd want it to. You can aim for a spot and if there are enemies nearby it will draw them to attack it. But even shadow bait is of questionable use by the time you get it from the shunning grounds, this AoW is just as redundant. Both would have been of more value early on when even enemies like the godrick's knight at gatefront could kill you alarmingly quickly.

        • Anonymous

          not working against the demi-humans in catacombs. are these little guys not demi-humans? could've sworn they were

          • Anonymous

            man i wish this worked as an invader, being able to lead around enemies would be a really good way to even the odds against nasty ganks

            • Anonymous

              Couldn't find a way to get it without hurting the puppers, not gonna kill the good bois for a aow I will probably never use

              • Anonymous

                Has a really weird interaction with black flame blade incantation. Every enemy near it will be engulfed in flames as if they got hit, similar to the fires deadly sin exploit.

                • Anonymous

                  I really wish this caused pvp lock ons to randomly and periodically switch to the lure, just for a short period of time. Force the opponent to go locked off

                  • Anonymous

                    Absolutely useless AoW, even in PvE. So, instead of just sneaking up behind an enemy, or attacking from a distance, you’re gonna waste FP and your AoW slot for a… lure?

                    • Anonymous

                      I feel like maybe this was going to copy your characters gear to bait people in pvp but was really lame just standing there. Instead of doing more work to make it believable someone said lets just make this a summon. So that person got a raise, we got mimic tear, and this ash gets to be useless

                      • Anonymous

                        This should make players lock on to it when cast in PVP. Good counter to distance spammers.

                        Ash of War version of Shadow Bait Incantation.

                        • Anonymous

                          Only useful vs AI but quite useful anuways. It makes a decoy mist that will aggro ennemies a distance from you, another way to stealth

                          • Anonymous

                            Dropped by one of the invisible guys that leave sparkling footprints in the Consecrated Snowfield, roughly north-by-northwest of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield site of grace. Pretty easy to spot - there's a pack of wolves that chase it around

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