Astrologer is a starting Class in Elden Ring. The Astrologer has high Intelligence and Mind and some Dexterity. It starts the game level 6, with a Staff, a sword and small shield. The Classes only determine the starting Stats and Equipment of the player, but as the game progresses, players can freely change their build to their preferred playstyle. There are 10 Classes in Elden Ring that the player can begin the game with.


A scholar who reads fate in the stars. Heir to the school of glintstone sorcery


Astrologer Starting Equipment for Elden Ring

This class starts with the following equipment:



Starting items for Astrologer  in Elden Ring

This class starts with the following items:


Astrologer Builds in Elden Ring 






Elden Ring Astrologer Notes & Tips

  • A very good mage setup that's easy to upgrade quickly due to access to spells and a good Staff early on. Excellent for new players and veterans alike.
  • This class' stats are optimized for:
    • Pure intelligence builds that do not plan to use melee weapons.
    • Hybrid builds that include either of the other two casting stats - or both.
    • Dexterity/Intelligence hybrid builds that require less than 10 Strength, after which Prisoner becomes optimal.
    • Dedicated Intelligence/Faith build that primarily utilizes Sword of Night and Flame. Compared to the Confessor, Astrologer requires 4 more Strength in order to meet the Strength requirement of the weapon.
  • This class replaces the Network Test's "Enchanted Knight" as a starter mage choice
  • Has the lowest amount of Vigor out of the other 9 classes. Players who pick Astrologer must know when to pick their battles and use their ranged spells to their advantage.



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    • Anonymous

      This class can use the rapier and spiked ceastus without spending any points in str or dex, both accessible very early on.
      If you don't mind commiting to farming (potentially for a while), the noble's slender sword, noble's estoc and lazuli glintstone sword are all much better options that also don't require you to level up.

      • Anonymous

        There's a tome in the Astrologer's portrait FROM, where is my tome so I can smack people with it?

        Give us justice for tomes!

        • Anonymous

          For the basement dwellers out here in the comment section, are we forgetting there's a whole entire gameplay loop based around MELEE magical abilities? Elden Ring is not a low fantasy game, as much as many of you want it to be, with your character only being able to swing a sword, we are playing a fantasy game and I want to do FANTASY things beyond swinging a sharp stick

          • Anonymous

            This class is so much fun. You struggle a lot in the beginning but once you find the meteorite staff, it carreis you all the way to when you get enough intelligence to use Rennalla's staff, and then you are unstoppable. Even though people claim this is easy mode, it has a lot of tweaks that you need to learn, like parrying is useless, so most people stop usign shields, and become literall glass cannons. This means you have to learn to roll quickly and essentially try to approximate a no hit run, so no heavy armors, and also you need to get really good muscle memory to spell with the left and sword fight with the right. IT is very fun and once you find Comet Azur and the moons, you become a literal god slaying bosses left and right. again, it is not stupid easy, you have to learn to roll your way out of any attack becasue literally every enemy will kill you in two hits.

            • Anonymous

              To be fair I always thought a mage playthrough is the opposite of a melee, extremely tough in the beginning and progressively getting easier as you move to the endgame. You basically start out with like 10 shots worth of mana (most of which will just get blocked by knights anyway) and when you run out you're left with a build with pathetic weaponry, health and defense to carry you.
              Once you manage to level your staff and get a few better spells, you'll become a literal death star, just firing lazers to melt everyone that oppose you.

              • Anonymous

                interesting how they kept the tradition of the "sorcerer class" getting less viable after each game - at ds1 the spells would drag you through the entire game, at ds2 you would eventually have to spec into some melee, at ds3 it was a half-carry at the beggining and then you would struggle like a damned soul, and finally here at Elden Ring it gets absolutely useless immediately after Rennala, being viable again only in rare ocasions, and of course in PvP before it gets nerfed yet again... i presume the next step is gonna be making every boss and enemy magic-resistant and able to perfectly dodge any attack that does not slowly seek the foe like a homing missile.

                • Anonymous

                  Level strength by two levels. Get a straight sword of your choice (Lordsworn / Long / Broad) and get the Beast Crest Heatrr shield. Chuck rocks at enemies or use Sqaure Off and stagger everything to death.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is it just me or does this background sort of confirm that the Tarnished comes from ancient stock? Like died originally long, long ago? Other lore notes about the astrologers seem to suggest so, as being the predecessors to the sorcery academies.

                    • Anonymous

                      many ppl say this class is the easy mode, but for me its a real struggle, cuz I always played melee classes with high VIG, STR and DEX + some FAI for buffs (I also played a Confessor and a Bleed-Build, but everytime I go into the close range combat and use more health than fp flasks). I start a new char with this class a few days ago and I'm still learning how to play with range combat (and I'm in NG+3 with my main DEX/FAI char for example). I understand what ppl mean with "easy class", cuz you can kill many enemies from range, but for someone who never played a ranged class (beside a Archer in an old MMO lol), its not that easy as it seems. xD

                      • Anonymous

                        Hey you may not develop the most skill if you pick mage as your first starter but it doesn’t matter it’s still fun!

                        • Anonymous

                          Did they do something to Mind Gain? Last Time i had to put 1 Point in Mind to cast 5 Rock Slings and now i start with 95 FP -_-

                          • After finally doing a magic run (always done melee in From games), now I understand why people say "you didn't beat it". Good lord this is easy mode. The hardest part was actually forcing myself to use the magic because it was so boring. I don't know how you people find this fun but I'm happy that you're happy

                            • Anonymous

                              Best starting class for clerics apparently lol I guess it makes sense a cleric be more intelligent than most other builds and be happy to use sorceries if they’re not heretical. A lot of the sorceries synergize very well with golden order incantations and provide solid covering fire to cast elden stars or heals in pvp. Anyways pick astrologer if you need dex or prophet if you need no dex at all. If you need sword night/flame then go astrologer.

                              • Anonymous

                                the only reason people pick this class is so that they don't have to farm the shield. MF's drop rate is low af.

                                • Anonymous

                                  anyone know why i cannot select memorize glintstone pebble and the carian slicer at the same time? It seems to always keep arc memorized regardless.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    night sorcerer is overpowered imo. this build requires learning mid range attacks and bloodhound stepping. no dodging needed. this build is also a stamina hog and requires management. 1 spell spam. melted malenia, astel void, all capital of ash and elden throne. do not need spirit ash with malenia.

                                    40 vigor. will have less than 1450hp due to primal glinestone blade
                                    40 mind
                                    30 endurance
                                    81 intelligence
                                    no points in anything else and didnt need to level more

                                    night comet

                                    staff of loss +25
                                    starter weapon non upgraded with bloodhound step

                                    carian filigreed crest
                                    primal glinstone blade
                                    graven-school talisman
                                    graven-mass talisman

                                    crystal tears:
                                    cerulean hidden tear
                                    magic shrouding cracked tear

                                    raging wolf set adjusted
                                    used starting armor until received raging wolf

                                    spirit ash:
                                    black knife tiche max
                                    did not use spirit ash until recieved tiche
                                    needs a serious nerf

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I feel like the community gives a lot of attention to feet while it sleeps on big noses.

                                      Cus damn that Astro girl's nose is purely divine. Truly a fitting nose for a queen.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Ok, after having tested both an Astrologer and a Prophet, Astrologer is miles ahead in the early game and I could see why it's recommended for beginners. For one, Glintstone Pebble and Arc are amazing skills to start out with compared to a long animation Heal, and while catch flame is quick and decent, you have to be in close range to use it. That's more useful for a Confessor but not so much the very frail Prophet. Both schools also have great spells you can find early game, but besides Lightning Spear (amazing incantation), I found the incantations have really long animations overall. It makes it so Black Flame and Flame Sling may have trouble hitting their target. I frequently just had it flying over an enemy that was charging at me and it missed.

                                        So overall, I find Incantations a lot more fun to use, but Astrologers are just miles ahead of the Prophet in the early game. So any beginners to mages, Astrologer is the way to go.

                                        • Only played From's Sekiro and finished it. I don't have experience with any prior soulsbornes but I too much want to play Elden Ring. Saw some videos and guides but am still confused about starting class. Want a built which will be good for both Magic and Melee. Should I start with this class or any different suggestions?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The Astrologer starts with two great early game spells in Glintstone Pebble for ranged single target removal and Glintstone Arc for crowd control. These two spells are efficient FP wise and are better than some of the more advanced spells in the game.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              So if i want a hybrid build of dex/int, should i pick this over prisoner?
                                              Moonlight greatsword is waiting lol

                                              • Anonymous

                                                > Surprisingly, the Astrologer is less stat-efficient than the Prisoner on pretty much any build that invests in Intelligence.

                                                Literally false lmao. Unless you want the increased strength + dex from prisoner you are wasting way more stats PLUS a higher starting level. What idiot wrote this

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I was not sure if i wanted a faith build or a intel build for my first playthrough but this class confirm that i want to play intel now ! :D

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