Azula Beastman Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 102 HP Cost -
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Summons two Azula beastman spirits

Azula Beastman Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Azula Beastman Ashes are used to summon the spirits of two Azula Beastmen.

Azula Beastmen can also be found in as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Azula Beastman.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirits of two Azula beastmen.

Spirits of beastmen from doomed Farum Azula, the slowly crumbling ruins in the skies. These ruins are said to be the remains of a giant mausoleum enshrining an ancient dragon, guarded by chosen beastmen who wield weapons clad in lightning.


Where to find Azula Beastman Ashes

Where to Find Azula Beastman Ashes

  • Crumbling Farum Azula: Found at the bottom level of the Dragon Temple. Begin at the Dragon Temple grace site, then jump down to the west onto the stairs. Do not go up the stairs; turn east and jump down again. There is an entrance door to the east with stairs going up which leads to a crypt with several sarcophagi and three Banished Knights. One static, one patrolling, and one staring off in the area to the right. The ashes can be found on the furthest sarcophagus in the back. [Elden Ring Map Link] Video Location


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    • Anonymous

      Has anyone had any trouble with this item not being in its pick up spot? I'm on 2nd playthrough and it never spawned for pick up and I only have 1 and none in storage....

      • Anonymous

        for anyone confused with the description, here is how you find this: from the dragon temple grace, look in the direction you came from, down below you can see some stairs, run and jump down below. now turn arround behind you, right under the grace there is another drop down point, drop down there and you got it. there is a dude standing there and another one that will ambush you from the right, so wait alittle bit until he comes into the room from afar and snipe him with magic to be safe. also this will give you access to another grace right before the next bossfight, however i dont think its that good to approach the fight from there since they will both spawn right ontop of you. a safer method is to take the normal route and enter the fight with black knife armor and unseen form active, the bosses wont even see you, stand still and you can just charge up a cerulean hidden tear comet azur and basically instant kill them safely.

        • Anonymous

          Decent DPS ashes, but you get them so late they are not really useful for anything except for maybe Gideon and newgame+.

          • Anonymous

            "i dont have time for this... security, please deal with these guys" -> procceeds to summon the two big bodyguards.

            • Anonymous

              These Ashes are over looked for some reason - these 2 Guys are PURE TANKS at +10....

              1). Mimic Ashes
              2). Azula Beastman
              3). Tiche

              • Anonymous

                These guys absolutley thrash and look cool to boot. Both are about as tough as a mid-tier hero ash, and because there are two they can really staggerlock an enemy.

                Another big plus is that they look like Rahzar from TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze.

                • Anonymous

                  Worth picking up and upgrading before going into ng+, these bois are agressive as hell and hit pretty hard to boot

                  • Anonymous

                    very aggressive, hits through shields cause lightning, staggers like a beast, and does well overall, I primarily use this all the time unless I need mimic

                    • Anonymous

                      Kamikaze squad. Dies fast but does a lot of damage. Not a lot of discussion since this is a pretty late game loot.

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