Bandit is a starting Class in Elden Ring. The Bandit has High Arcane and Dexterity. It starts the game level 5, with a dagger, parrying shield, bow and arrows. The Classes only determine the starting Stats and Equipment of the player, but as the game progresses, players can freely change their build to their preferred playstyle. There are 10 Classes in Elden Ring that the player can begin the game with.


A dangerous bandit who strikes for weak points. Excels at ranged combat with bows


Bandit Starting Equipment for Elden Ring

This class starts with the following equipment:



Starting items for Bandit  in Elden Ring

This class starts with the following items:


Bandit Builds in Elden Ring




Elden Ring Bandit Notes & Tips

  • The bandit is the "stealth" or "assassin" option for players.
  • The Bandit is ideal for Dexterity/Arcane hybrid builds with less than 12 strength. With 12 strength or more, they tie with the Samurai class for stat optimization.
  • Comes equipped with a Buckler shield. Due to its unique skill, Buckler Parry, players who pick Bandit will immediately have one of the best parry tools once they start playing.
  • Recommended only for veteran players, as the Bandit starts off squishy and their equipment is not well-suited for head-on, aggressive combat.



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    • Anonymous

      Ignoring daggers/claws/fists, here are some min/max (base str/faith) Bandit melee things with acceptable range:

      2H Eleonara’s Poleblade (phys/fire)
      2H Regalia of Eochaid (phys/magic)
      2H Antspur Rapier
      2H Ripple Crescent Halberd (with grease)
      2H RoB

      Powerstanced Thorned Whip (strike damage type).
      Powerstanced Shotel and/or Scavenger’s Curved Sword.

      Spectral Lance on 2H Celebrants Rib Rake.

      Faith-knot Crystal Tear grants access to incantations: lightning spear, Flame Grant Me Strength, fire breath, rot breath, etc.

      Essentially there are a lot of situational things in your toolbelt, which is thematically fitting IMO.

      These options also have low weight, so you can even reach for the recently-buffed “light roll”, which feels amazing both defensively and offensively.

      • This is better than samurai for Dex/Arc builds that have low strength so it's ideal for daggers, whips, claws, and certain curved swords. When you hit 12 strength or more, you would tie with the samurai for best builds.

        • Anonymous

          Also the best class for the bleed whips (uncluiding Blood Urumi) no matter if you wanna go mostly dex or full arcane.

          • Anonymous

            Honestly I don't understand why people insist so much on talking about Hero here.
            If you're looking at this class it's because you want as little strength as possible because fast attack weapons that scale well with dexterity and arcane use a maximum of 9 to 10 strength.
            Even weapons like Rivers of Blood and Eleonora's Poleblade can be used as long as they are held with both hands...

            • If anyone wants to start an arcane build slot and have a good build at 125; unless you ONLY want to use low str weapons like daggers, Hero is a better class in most cases.
              Hero starts with 16 str which is required for weapons like cross-naginata, bloody helice and 14 for morgott's cgs.
              In a Dex/Arcane build you are going to need a bit of strength and Bandit doesn't really have an advantage over hero in that regard.
              Also hero is a much more versatile class, having the best point allocation for PURE strength build, Strength/Arcane or Strength/Faith builds.

              • Anonymous

                For players running a low str dagger playthrough, i recommend leveling a warpick sub weapon for strike damage. Easy to pick up in the early game and would help with stone foes.

                • Anonymous

                  1 - Start with the best shield for parry
                  2 - Start with the best dexterity scaling dagger in the game (if you're not going to invest in strength)
                  3 - Start with the best short bow in the game (if you're not going to invest in strength)
                  Translating if you are going to embrace this class focused on dexterity and arcane here is my tip
                  Take the Reduvia dagger (right hand) and use it in conjunction with your starting dagger (left hand) for quick bleeding.
                  Take the Ash of War: Poisonous Mist and put it on your starting dagger to poison your enemies and for the arcane status to affect it
                  Pick up Serpent Bow to hit enemies from great distances and poison them with 2 Mighty Shot with poison arrows
                  Use your short bow to fight enemies that move a lot (ex: Night's Cavalry)
                  Remember that the crafty is your best friend and buy items from the merchants when necessary (common arrows, throwing daggers, etc.)

                  • Anonymous

                    Arccane actually helps you survive holy damage, not just for loot discovery increase. This class is good for agile and evasive fast attack playstyle.

                    • Anonymous

                      A great start for critical hit oriented builds or those who like running out in a good looking shirt and pants with [insert stabbing instrument of choice here] in hand. Also it starts with the best parry shield ever.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you know what build you're doing or what weapons/spells you're aiming to use, just Google a class optimizer. The RPG aspects are interesting enough but arbitrarily comparing base stats or painting in broad strokes like "for [singular stat] builds, ..." doesn't accomplish much in a game of this scope

                        • Anonymous

                          Samurai is a better bandit in every way, >>unless<< you don't plan to level dex, they have the same attributes in casting (9-8) and samurai can level up arcane to fill the gap + dual uchigatana...But i love bandit. If you plan to build for bleed build you can also consider Prophet (for two incantations related to bleed needed 14 faith) who is really srongh with 7 int, the trade off is confessor with 9h and 14 faith, up to you if you think you'll need more int or faith.

                          • Anonymous

                            You don't even need heavy armors, just use bloodhound step + 2 claws or 2 daggers, then side step enemies like NBA.
                            So far my favorite classes are single wield Samurai, longsword Vagabond, spam Astrologer, and elusive Bandit.

                            • Anonymous

                              Does start with buckler and a quickstep weapon, so if you want to try to Parry everything like this is bloodborne this is probably for you

                              • Anonymous

                                Not a great starting class, all things considered. Very mediocre gear and well... there's not all that much use for Arcane early on. Sure, there's some spells and and exactly one sacred seal and staff each that require and scale with Arcane, but most of that stuff isn't accessible early and even if it were, you also got INT and Faith requirements to worry about which the bandit doesn't meet. I'd probably just go Prophet instead. Catching up on Arcane is gonna be easy enough and getting a seal and high faith is gonna be more useful early on.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Will make this as my second character, first has to be a mage. I did enjoy playing as a stealth archer in Skyrim.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Looking to respec, I focused too much on strength not understanding this character at first, but now I really like a Rid**** build I have in mind...

                                    • Hero is probably a bit better min max wise for an arcane build. Depending on your strength and mind needs, you could be saving 4 points. I kind of regret going with bandit, but it's too early for me to know for sure if those points won't be utilized with bandit or waisted if I went with hero. Something to consider.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Only true gamers play the class with a focus on the stat that other chumps consider a dump stat for their first blind playthrough

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Bandit dex/arcane build will be my first playthrough, can't wait! It's gonna be interesting making this build as we don't know everything about arcane yet. I hope that it will affect bleed/poison/occult.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Seems very similar to the Thief class from Dark Souls. Starts with dagger & buckler, and the Arcane stat boosts item discovery.

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