Battlemage Hugues Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 122 HP Cost -
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Summons spirit of Battlemage Hugues

Battlemage Hugues Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Battlemage Hugues Ashes are used to summon the spirit of Battlemage Hugues.

Battlemages can also be found as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Battlemage.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirit of Battlemage Hugues.

Hugues came from Sellia to study the Haima Conspectus at the academy, where he became a battlemage.
Haima scholars seek to quell conflict with cannon fire and the gavel, but Hugues developed a longing for it.


Where to find Battlemage Hugues Ashes

Where to Find Battlemage Hugues Ashes

  • Dropped by Battlemage Hugues (boss) located in the Sellia Evergaol. The best way to reach the evergaol is to travel south east along the cliff from the Dragonbarrow West site of grace. It will be on top of a plateau overlooking Aeonia Swamp. Elden Ring Map Link


Elden Ring Battlemage Hugues Ashes Guide




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    • Anonymous

      It's honestly so funny how random this guy can be. Sometimes he'll cast weak glintstone pebbles and then out of nowhere, he launches a tactical nuke.

      • This dude helped me beat Malenia with a strength build using a colossal weapon. He's a great summon, he kept Malenia staggered so I could land my hits and tanked a lot of hers even at only +9. He's amazing, don't underestimate him!

        • Anonymous

          If you're looking for a summon to tank he's second rate at best, however the Gavel and Cannon are perfect for bosses/enemies with low magic resistance, hold aggro for him and he can very easily rack up some hefty damage. However as with many of the Spirits AoEs will shred him.

          • Anonymous

            Played this game for 250 hours plus, thought I'd found everything, then stumbled on this evergaol, either it's a sneaky update or the game keeps throwing curveballs

            • Anonymous

              Huge Hugues is a super underrated ash. He's a decent tank summon that throws out magic explosions to draw aggro.

              • Anonymous

                I think the flame monk is better at crowd control because the flame monk is more tanky from my experience than the battlemage, plus the flame monk attacks faster and can do fire damage and use fire incantations that break enemy shields and can damage many enemies at once. I also found that the fire monk staggers less, the fire monk is also cheaper if that matters to you. The battlemage is still good but from my experience the fire monk does his job better.

                • Anonymous

                  This Ash is slept on: Can be gotten early (can easily cheese the boss and use some damage over time to kill him), Tanky as hell, shoots magic missiles to draw aggro, and has a giant hammer to smack down! Awesome summon, would 10/10 again.

                  • Anonymous

                    This ash here is very underrated this MF right here has mad poise tested 10+ versus NG +1 Larreta Boss at Caria Manor.

                    • Anonymous

                      Drops from Battlemage Hugues at Sellia Evergaol (it's not on the interactive map for some reason) southwest from Sellia Crystal Tunnel

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