Blackflame Monk Greaves

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damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 7.7
VS Strike 6.5
VS Slash 8.4
VS Pierce 7.4
Magic 5.8        Fire 7.4
Ligt 4.5
Holy 5.8
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Leg Armor Wgt. 7.3

Blackflame Monk Greaves is a Leg Armor in Elden Ring. Blackflame Monk Greaves is part of the Blackflame Monk Armor Set, and are Heavyweight Greaves that strike a good balance between Physical and Magical defense. Blackflame Monk Greaves protect both of the player's legs and feet by applying various defensive properties. They also change the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


Black iron greaves featuring a flame motif.
Attire of the Blackflame Monks.

The Blackflame Monks, enthralled by the god-slaying black flame, became traitors, abandoning their posts as guardians. The seduction of a taboo is never easily spurned.


Where to find Blackflame Monk Greaves in Elden Ring

The Blackflame Monk Greaves Leg Armor drops from Blackflame Monks. They can be found at:


Blackflame Monk Greaves Set in Elden Ring



Elden Ring Blackflame Monk Greaves Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18100
  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.


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    • Anonymous

      Spent over an hour and gotten over 200k runes without using gold scarab OR gold fowl and haven’t got it, to the point where I came here to see if it even does drop. Same problem with the regular fire monk greaves.

      • Anonymous

        These pants ****ing ELUDE me.

        To be fair I do have 109 discovery, RL35 so no silver scarab. But I've been farming the dude in the Caelid Basement for hours. At least over 300k runes in total now.
        All I've gotten so far is:

        -7 hoods
        -10 robes
        -9 gauntlets
        -erdtree knows how many butterflies and blossoms
        -still no pants

        I know they can drop as my first character has a pair, but man it does not feel like a 3% drop rate.
        I've been able to snag pumpkin heads and a mad dumpling before, but this is the first time I've had this much trouble getting an item.
        Is this my punishment for making my first proper dex build?


        • Anonymous

          Wtf…? I’ve killed this guy like 100+ times over the past 2.5 hours. I’ve gained 3 levels at levels 106-108, wasted every single fowl foot, every single silver fowl, I’ve gotten every single piece of armor like 5 times each, EXCEPT I have not got one single set of the Black flame monk greaves. What’s the deal here?

          • Anonymous

            Can confirm these are available on Xbox One. (Reference to comments below)

            Farmed mine from the blackflame monk at the Divine Tower of Caelid: Basement. Drop rate does seem very low though

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