Blessing of the Erdtree

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Spell Type Erdtree Incantations
FP Cost 60 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
status effect 134 elden ring wiki guide 44px Grants greater blessing to self and nearby allies

attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires

Blessing of the Erdtree is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Blessing of the Erdtree spell grants a blessing to the user and nearby allies. 


One of the ancient Erdtree incantations

Grants a greater blessing to the caster and nearby allies, gradually restoring a large amount of HP.
Hold to continue praying and delay activation.

The Erdtree once flourished with abundance- yet it was only for a fleeting moment. Such is the course of all life. 


Where to find Blessing of the Erdtree

Where to find Blessing of the Erdtree:


Elden Ring Blessing of the Erdtree Guide

  • Erdtree Incantations
  • Regenerates 12 HP per second for 90 seconds
  • Heals 1,080 HP Total (18 HP per FP)
  • Benefits from Old Lord's Talisman, healing 1404 HP total over 117 seconds (23.4 HP per FP)
  • Stamina Cost: 50
  • Does not scale with Faith
  • Charing this incantation delays its activation. Heal and duration are left unaffected.
  • Works on cooperators, NPCs and spirit summons
  • This is a Health Regen Buff and will not stack with other temporary buffs of the same type.




Builds with Blessing of the Erdtree






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    • Anonymous

      just noticed that the HoT effect will not trigger if you're shield poking, but once you let go the poke, HoT will be back. LOL

      • Anonymous

        Unsure if this has been noted, but the other bonus to using this over Blessing's Boon is that Blessing of the Erdtree has a much wider range than it visually seems to. You can easily test this by casting the spell on a merchant or even NPC's in Roundtable Hold from varying distances. The range on this seems comparable to Erdtree Heal. Though more expensive, the description of the 'Erdtree' Incantations implies that they're Fleeting, but also apparently more Potent.

        • Anonymous

          This Erdtree Blessing does stack with Crimsonburst Tear Crystal... Overlapping the HP healed over time. ( With Old Lords talisman Erdtree Blessing heals for 1404HP for 117sec , 12HP per sec/tick ). Crimsonburst heals 7HP overlap for 3mins for a total of 1260HP.... This means 2664HP within 3minutes healed , and 19HP per second untill 2mins is done the rest 60seconds are healed 7HP per sec.... ( Note Dew Talisman also stacks overlapping the gained Healing , this means 12HP then immediately followed by 7HP from Crimsonburst , then 4HP from Dew for total of 23HP a second eventually ). It appears the Highest Amount of HP per tick is firstly activated , just like i said... Erdtree Blessing being the 1st and the rest will Overlap immediately after the prior tick. So its just basically a Minor pause between ticks as it appears when i tested. ( Same goes to the Heal Shield and Heal Ground Ashe of War ). Technically you can overlap stack Heals so long as Erdtree is the best compared to Bestial Constitution , and Boon of course.

          • Anonymous

            I feel like the true value of this incantation is with the Ritual Shield Talisman. Taking 30% reduced damage while on full HP is great, but limited by requiring you to heal consistently and you can lose the full HP effect from taking small amounts of damage frequently. This spell especially when combined with other dmg reduction effects and/or healing effects starts to become monstrous. It might be the least FP efficient regen spell, but it's all about the heal rate when trying to stay on full HP.

            • Anonymous

              This plus the blessed dew and old lord talismans gives you 14 HP a second for 117 seconds, or 1638 HP over the entire duration. If you use the icon shield, that number jumps all the way up to a whopping 1989 HP, more than the total HP of a 60 vigor character. Combine all of that with any of the amazing defensive incantations and you become effectively immortal for two minutes in a game where most fights will end in less than one.

              • Anonymous

                Queens's Bed chamber cut content is a big boobed giant goddess.

                Fans will know (ds1) but millenials will say stop this isnt resident evil 8 village. SMH.

                • Anonymous

                  Has anyone tested whether this counts as a body buff, i.e. whether it gets cancelled by incantations like Flame, Give Me Strength?

                  • Anonymous

                    Simply not worth it over Crimsonburst Crystal Tear, especially in PvP, and cheaper healing options unless heavily invested into faith for other reasons. Don't go deep into faith just for this, alone.

                    • Anonymous

                      Kind of disappointed this doesn't heal more both in per tick and in total compared to blessing boon. Considering its cost. Ill just stick with blessing boon and dew talisman

                      • Anonymous

                        So let me get this straight because it says it for everything else but this, does this or does this not stack with blessing boon? aka can you pop both of them and heal people for even more? If not how does it work if you use both does whatever the most recently used one get put on and it removes the other effect?

                        • Anonymous

                          It says it stacks with no regen except Blessed Dew, but what if someone is wearing the deathbed companion armor? Would its stack?

                          • In addition to using this thing as a weapon against certain cursed undead, I've noticed that this thing has some unusual vertical range to it. If I'm a floor above or below my misshapen enemy, I very well might still hit it. It also seems to reach around obstacles and the corners of walls pretty well, as if it targets the whole cylinder around the caster.

                            • Anonymous

                              - try using your FP to healyourself its more efficient because:
                              - Blessing´s Boon is at 24HP pro 1Fp and BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE is at 18 HP per 1FP spend.
                              - By extending the duration of the Blessing Spells with OLD LORD'S (30% longer) TALISMAN to 117 Sec and reducing the Cost with PRIMAL GLINTSTONE BLADE (25% less cost ) down to 23FP and 45FP. You can reach a FP spend for HP gained ratio of 40HP per 1FP on Blessing´s Boon and a ratio of 31HP per 1FP spend for the BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE
                              - For comparison a avarage non regen insta heal spell has a ratio of: incantation-scaling (of your talisman) multiplyed by the ratio of the spell 1.148 for the urgent heal spell (60 Faith ERDTREE SEAL +10 has a Incantation Scaling of 273 and the avarage HP per FP ratio of Healing spells is about 18-20. Great Heal is the most efficient with 20+ HP per FP with 60 Faith and more second only to the Erdtree Heal.) Thats kinda all you need to know about regen and healing.
                              - Flask of Crimson Tears +12 with 15 Flask of Crimson Tears heals for 810 (972 with CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN) for a MAX HEAL of 12150HP (or 14580HP with the CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN). While your max FP Flask heals 220 but i recomend get 180FP MAX. You can heal using the tricks above to regen heal about 5616+ HP per Flask of Cerulean Tears. Using the Bleesing of the Erdtree 4 times per 180FP Bar. So a total of 84240 HP and Blessing Bone would be even better...
                              - This makes Flask of Cerulean Tears about 570%+ better that using Flask of Crimson Tears and IT HEALS YOUR ALLYS ON TOP OF THAT !!!!

                              • Anonymous

                                This spell will cause a damage over time effect on some undead mobs, the ones that uuse a bell to cast that blackish yellowish homing projectile.

                                • Anonymous

                                  It lasts for exactly 90 seconds, if anyone was curious. (at 40 faith, not sure if that matters but too lazy to test it)

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