Blood Grease

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Coats armament, inflicting blood loss
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Blood Grease is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. Blood Grease coats an armament, inflicting blood loss.


Solidified grease made from a mixture of blood-red materials. Craftable item.

Coats armament, inflicting blood loss.
The effect lasts only for a short time.


Blood Grease Use in Elden Ring

Blood Grease coats the right-hand armament, inflicting Blood Loss.

  • Attacks cause buildup of Blood Loss (30)
  • Lasts for 60 seconds
  • Bleed Damage = Max HP * 0.15 + 100


Where to find Blood Grease in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Blood Grease Crafting Guide

To craft Blood Grease you need the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [6] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Blood Grease Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Blood Grease.
  • You can store up to 600 Blood Grease.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 100 Runes
  • Alternatively, see Drawstring Blood Grease for a shorter duration, but higher potency grease.


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    • Anonymous

      Damn, how can people still fail to realize even after a whole year, that the Blood Grease will always be the superior choice for non arcane builds, whenever you need some occasional bleed status effects?

      Why? Because Blood grease doesn't scale with Arcane at all, but it is a static buff.

      While Bloodflame Blade NEEDS to scale over Arcane for being effective.

      Perfect for non arcane weapons which already have bleed, like the Bloodhound Fang or whatever Keen Katana.

      • Anonymous

        i'd like to see this buffed at some point, even with the scaling from the ripple weapons it just doesn't cut it compared to a normal blood weapon

        • Anonymous

          Interesting tidbit, but Bloodflame Blade is almost always the better choice in terms of a buff when compared against this, which usually isn't that surprising since spells buffs are typically better than their consumable counterparts. There is 3 cases though where Blood Grease does outshine BFB though, namely on Varre's Bouquet, Ripple Blade, and Ripple Crescent Halberd. Reason for this is due to the fact that all 3 of these weapons are Arcane scaling weapons which allow for weapon buffs, and in turn Blood Grease is able to take advantage of the Arcane scaling to rise above 30 Bleed. For the Ripple weapons, this doesn't matter too terribly much to begin with though, as other weapons from within their weapon classes have base Bleed and can take advantage of BFB. The same cannot be said for Varre's Bouquet though. This weapon at 80 Arcane already reaches a rather high amount of Bleed, and with the 30 Bleed which scales you can consistently 2-hit proc Bleed on other players. Does it make Varre's Bouquet good? Not really, but it turns a terrible weapon into a decent Bleed application tool. All things considered though, running BFB on Varre's Bouquet is still decent as well, and will most likely Bleed just as consistently as Blood Grease, with the added bonus of applying pressure through rolls in PVP.

          • Anonymous

            A good combo I use is, Blood Grease + Bloodhound's Fang Curved Greatsword. And DANG it inflicts lots of blood loss. Very reliable in PvP.

            • Anonymous

              how good is this with a naturally arc scaling weapon? i tried it on the ripple axe and the buildup didn't seem that good

              • Anonymous

                30 is just too low. seppuku is just way better than this... Unless you want to do a classic bandit knife gameplay, since seppuku can't be used on daggers... which is also a strange restriction.

                • Anonymous

                  I just wish the greases lasted a little longer. Giving us two minutes instead of only one would hardly have been game-breaking.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you have an arcane weapon that can be buffed (such as the Ripple weapons), it does scale.

                    So for a Ripple build, use the halberd for regular combat/exploration and use the axe with Blood Grease and Wild Strikes for bosses.

                    An occult weapon with innate bleed and seppuku is still infinitely better though.

                    • Anonymous

                      For early runes, grab some of this (took 6 for me with the astrologer starting sword which should be worst case but YMMV), take the portal near the Third Church of Marika, head south across the bridge, down the path, *left* around the minor erdtree, and up the sprintspring. From here you're behind Elder Dragon Greyoll and you can just go to town on her back legs, greasing your weapon whenever it runs out, and eventually kill her for 75k (~20 levels or so) without ever really fighting anything

                      • Anonymous

                        Slather this on the great stars war hammer, stack your poise to the heavens, slap wild strikes (heavy) on it and just hold R2 to let there be blood.

                        • Anonymous

                          Grease adds somewhere between 25 and 30 bleed.

                          To test, I hit giant poisonpuffs.
                          With 45+grease, it took 3 hits to proc.
                          With 69 bleed affinity, it took 4.
                          With a non-bleed weapon+grease, it took 9.
                          So since we can confirm their threshold is less than 276, but more than 207 (or else three hits with 69 would have worked), we can confirm that grease adds between 25 and 30 bleed build up. So if you have enough + that Blood affinity adds at least +30 build up, it's guaranteed to bleed at least as well as base+blood grease.

                          • Anonymous

                            How much blood build up does this increase? Anyone tested a blood affinity weapon with arcane stats vs a keen weapon with inherit blood build up and blood grease?

                            • Anonymous

                              Does it scale with arcane? I don't know if I should put this on an inherent bleed weapon or just go for a bloody ash of war

                              • Anonymous

                                Can someone pls tell me, if you use a blood grease on a blood weapon does the bleed build up increase, something like Uchigatana + blood grease = faster bleed?

                                • Anonymous

                                  How much blood buildup does it inflict? Adding blood affinity to my weapon adds the passive effect "Causes blood loss buildup (60)" and I'm not sure if that's more or less than using blood grease

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Blood grease + Great knife + power stance Reduvia melts bosses. Crazy how people dismissed Bandit as one of the worst classes to start, but with hemorrhaging now scaling with Arcane might make it one of the best.
                                    Aka the hollow build from Dark Souls 3.

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