Boc the Seamster

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Location Limgrave
Role Garments Adjuster and
Quest NPC
Voiced by Calvin A. Dean

Boc the Seamster is an NPC in Elden RingBoc is a Demi-Human who is capable of advanced communication. Boc is initially met by the player in the form of a small tree.

Once you have completed Boc's questline, he appears at Graces in the Altus Plateau, and allows you to Alter equipment without paying the standard 500 rune fee. Boc does not provide any new or different alterations. 


Boc the Seamster, at your service.
Ready to make adjustments to your garments.


Boc the Seamster Location in Elden Ring

Boc the Seamster can be found in multiple locations:

  1. Boc the Seamster is first encountered east of the telescope that is south of Agheel Lake North Site of Grace in Limgrave. He is disguised as a small tree and will call out to you upon approaching. [Map Link]
  2. After meeting him the first time, Boc will move to the Coastal Cave in western Limgrave. You will find him on the ground right next to the Site of Grace. [Map Link]
    • After giving Boc the Seamster the Sewing Needle at this second location, he will be able to appear at the following remaining four locations, depending on furthest Site of Grace that the player has rested at. Resting at any of the Site of Graces listed below, will make him appear there, in ascending order. 
      • At all the following locations, he will now offer his service of altering garments.
      • At all the following locations except Lake-Facing Cliffs, Boc can be given the Gold Sewing Needle, if you're carrying alterable boss armor (e.g. Radahn's Lion Armor).
  3. He can be found kneeling by the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, north of Stormveil Castle in Liurnia of the Lakes.  You have to rest at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace for him to appear. [Map Link]
  4. He can be found kneeling by the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace (southwest most point of the Bellum Road). You have to rest at the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace for him to appear. Map Link
  5. He can be found kneeling by the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace in Altus Plateau. You have to rest at the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace for him to appear. [Map Link]
  6. He can be found kneeling by the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell Royal Capital. You have to rest at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace for him to appear. Map Link
  7. The questline now branches in one of three ways. You can either:
  8. After choosing the "You're Beautiful" branch, telling him he's beautiful when he asks and making progress in Leyndell, Boc relocates to the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace.


Boc the Seamster Questline: How to complete Boc the Seamster's Quest

First Encounter

Upon first encounter,  northwest of the Murkwater Bridge, Boc is disguised as a tree and calling for help. If you perform an attack on the tree, the spell breaks and Boc returns to its original form. He will then narrate how he was expelled from his cave and had everything he owned taken, humbly rewarding you with x10 Mushrooms, which is everything he currently has. However, he states that if you wait, he could sneak back into the cave and retrieve some of his belongings, which could make him useful to you.

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Second Encounter

The second encounter with Boc is at Coastal Cave, within a few steps into the entrance tunnel, right besides the Coastal Cave Site of Grace. [Map Link] He is lying on the floor as he's been beaten up when trying to recover his belongings. In order to help him you must venture inside the cave. But beware, however, as there are many Demi-Humans ahead, and these creatures tend to attack in groups.
At one point in Coastal Cave you'll reach the Demi-Humans' settlement, where you will encounter even more enemies and two Demi-Human Chief bosses. Upon defeat, these Bosses will drop Boc's belongings:

Go back to Boc The Seamster at Coastal Cave's entrance and deliver the tools to him. He will thank you and after you move, he'll no longer be at that location.

NOTE: It is also fine to defeat the Demi-Human Chiefs first and then encounter Boc by the Murkwater Bridge afterwards. Exhaust his dialogue and then return to the cave to give him the sewing materials.


Third Encounter

You can later find Boc The Seamster at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes. He is glad to see you and offers to make adjustments to your garments. 

  • From now on, he will be able to alter the garments of the player.
  • Some armor pieces can be changed to an alternative design. This service is free of charge. This will lower the stats of the affected armor piece, but for the most part is cosmetic as the stat drop is generally very minor. (This function basically removes the cape from armor pieces.)

His quest can be continued if these three conditions are met:

  1. Retrieve the Gold Sewing Needle from the Church of Vows on the east side of Liurnia of the Lakes.
  2. Buy at least one piece of legendary boss armor that can be altered from Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold. Note that only demigod armor counts as "legendary", so armor such as Briar Armor won't work despite being alterable and sold by Enia. 
  3. You have spoken to Melina about Boc at the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace.

This enables the option to give him the Gold Sewing Needle, which makes it possible to alter legendary armor as well. If you do not have the option to give him the gold sewing needle then, either:

  1. You do not have the Gold Sewing Needle in your inventory
  2. You do not have legendary armor that can be altered in your inventory. Remember, like all the other (non-boss) armor found in the game, not all of it can be altered. Same rule applies to Boc and the gold needle. In addition, only armor worn by demigods is considered legendary.

NOTE: You can skip seeing him here and still find him at later at different locations, depending on progress.


Fourth Encounter

Boc will leave the Lake-Facing Site of Grace after Accessing Raya Lucaria Academy and move to the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. After speaking with him here and resting at the Site of Grace, you will then have the option to speak with Melina, who will remark on Boc.

NOTE: You can skip seeing him here and still find him at later at different locations, depending on progress.


Fifth Encounter

He can be found at Altus Plateau at the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace.

NOTE: You can skip seeing him here and still find him at later at different locations, depending on progress.


Sixth Encounter

He can be found at Altus Plateau next to the East Capital Ramparts Site of Grace.

If not done at this point, this is the last location Boc the Seamster will appear and stay at, until giving him the Gold Sewing Needle.

If he now (or at any other possible location before) received the Gold Sewing Needle, his quest will continue and he will remark about his ugly appeareance and asks your opinion on it. He will imply his desire to be rebirthed by Rennala.

You have different choices how to proceed:

  • You can give him a Larval Tear, and upon resting, he will move next to Rennala. He will be reborn into a human form, and he will not respond when talked to. If you rest again, he will die.
  • Alternatively, you can perform the "You're Beautiful" Prattling Pate in front of him (found in Hermit Village at Mt.Gelmir), then discuss it.
  • Using the Prattling Pate in front of him removes the option to give him a Larval Tear. Choose either to give him a Larval Tear OR use the Prattling Pate.

Dialogue in Elden Ring: Boc The Seamster


  • "Oi! You there! Could you help us out, cully?
    You, yeah, you there! Stop pretending you can't see me".
  • "Why won't anyone look me in the eye?
    I'm not that ugly".

If attacking the tree in which Boc was turned into

  • "Ow! What'd you go and do that for!
    Hm? Oh, yes, I remember. Some clod turned me into a tree.
    You were just breaking the spell, weren't you.
    Thank you. The name's Boc.
    I was pushed out of the cave. Told not to come back, not ever.
    Then I ended up as a tree.
    Lucky you came along, really.
    Boc the seamster, at your service, Master".
  • "Oh, what a shame.
    When they threw me out of the cave, they took everything I owned, and so this is all I have to express my thanks.
    I hope you can forgive me".
    [Hands over x10 Mushroom]
  • "Or, if you can afford to wait for a while, I could sneak back into the cave, and bring back something of actual value.
    Then I'd be of some real use to you, I reckon".
  • "Right, but I'll need a moment.
    I-I'm frightened of them... So I have to gather myself.
    My knees start knockin'...just thinking bout that god-awful cave on the shore".

At Coastal Cave

  • "Oh... It...hurts..."
  • "Oh, what are you doing here?
    You must leave this place at once. They'll rush in and beat you to a pulp.
    You'll end up just like me".


  • "Boc the Seamster, at your service.
    Ready to make adjustments to your garments".

Giving the Sewing Needle

  • "Wait, is that what I think it is? You got it back for me? My sewing needle!
    What made you go and do a thing like that....
    My mum was a seamstress...and that sewing kit was all I had to remember her by.
    I always wanted to be just like sweet old Mum.  Then, I suppose I-I can't just curl up and die, can I?"

After receiving the Sewing Needle

  • "Thank you. You're very kind".

At Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace

  • "Good to see you! Master. Do you remember me? Boc, the demi-human. You helped me before, and retrieved my sewing needle.
    Please, master. Allow me to serve you, as your seamster. I can't make nothing from scratch, but...
    I'm happy to make adjustments to your garments".
    • [Don't tell me...]
      • "Master, I was wondering... Do you ever...make adjustments to your garb yourself? I would, well, rather you let me do the job when possible, please. I don't ask anything in return, you know, and, well... I am your personal seamster, after all!".

Did you see it? At East Capital Rampart

  • "Master, did  you see it? Th-the Erdtree? I, oh, I don't really have the words for this...But I was so dazzled, I felt something stir, in my breast. The Erdtree is waiting for you, Master. I know it, I do. I feel it in my bones". 


  • "Oh, going so soon? Please, do be safe on your journey".

I'm sorry...

  • "Your wardrobe includes the garb of old demigods, and I'm afraid I can't make adjustments to them.
    My mum told me once. That a royal seamster would do them up in a jiffy.
    Just wait, master. Before long, I'll be that good, too!"

After receiving the Gold Sewing Needle

  • "Thank you kindly. But what on earth could it... Oh!
    Amazing! I've never seen a golden needle, not in all my life! With a spectacular royal crest, to boot...

    Are you certain that this is for me? Oh, I can hardly believe it.
    Have faith in me, Master! I'll polish my craft enough that I deserve this golden gift!
    I'll be the golden seamster, Boc! Now I'll be able to sew anything, even the threads of the demigods!"

I have a favor to ask

  • "Would you mind if I called you lord? I heard that you and the other Tarnished seek the throne of the Elden Lord.
    Well, I know that you will be the one, and you'd make just the manner of kind hearted lord that I'd wish for.
    So, please, if you would. Allow me to call you lord."
  • (If you say yes): "M'lord, m'lord, m'lord! Please become Elden Lord.
    And please, let I, Boc the seamster, remain at your side."
    [You receive the "My Lord" Gesture]

Surely she'd be happy for you?

  • "That I'm as good as any royal seamster, now. Oh, it's still not enough.
    I need to learn how to sew from scratch, like her."

Have you ever thought so?

  • "Well, they say that Rennala of Raya Lucaria has the power to help people be reborn.
    Oh? Me? Reborn? Oh, look at me. When you're this ugly... well being reborn? It would hardly make a difference, I'm afraid."

What do you really think?

  • "In all honesty, what do you think of me? Am I fit to serve a lord such as you, in all my ugliness?
    Must I be reborn, no matter what ill fate awaits me?
    Oh, I'm such a fool. I don't even have answers to the simplest of questions"

After receiving a Larval Tear

  • "Oh! Oh! It can't be... For my rebirth? But these are precious, are you certain that it's for me?
    Oh... M'lord how did you know? It was my only wish, that I might honour you with a decent appearance."

Please wait

  • "I'm off to see Rennala of Raya Lucaria. I'll be reborn, fresh and new."

After hearing the Prattling Pate "You're Beautiful"

  • "Thank you very much. Mum was always the only one who said I was beautiful.
    And now, my dear lord let me hear her voice. Please, if I may dream, just once...
    Do you feel the same way my mum did m'lord? Do you think I'm beautiful, despite these looks?"
  • (If you say yes): "M'lord, my dear lord...
    I, Boc the seamster, am forever in your service. May the throne of Elden Lord be yours."
  • (If you say no): "No, why on earth would you? It was silly of me to ask. Please, forget that I did. But I beg, don't renounce me for my appearance. One day, I'll look every bit the servant."
    • [The voice was mine.]
      • "Master... kind Master... I, Boc the Seamster, am forever in your service."

When attacked

  • (Before starting his quest) "Mum... I've... I've let you down"
  • (Warning) "Ow! M-m'lord? Is something wrong? It's me! Boc, the seamster!"
  • (Combat) "Oh, my... M'lord, is that the truth, your heart of hearts? My, oh my... Ah... aaah!"
  • (On player kill) "M'lord... What have I done?"

Upon defeat

  • "M'lord... I've failed you... please, forgive me."


Elden Ring Notes & Trivia for Boc

  • Voiced by Actor Calvin A. Dean
  • Boc was featured in the Elden Ring Network Test at the same location.
  • Boc wears the Aristocrat Hat and uses the Great Knife during combat.
  • Boc can be killed with one hit. Once killed, Boc will not respawn, even after using Celestial Dew.
  • Despite Boc's questline involving you turning over the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools, you are still able to perform alterations at any Site of Grace, as the Tailoring Tools will stay in your inventory. Boc will offer the same services, simply as an alternative.
    • The advantage of alterations done by Boc over a Site of Grace is that Boc will not charge you for altering clothing. Using the Tailoring Tools at a site of grace will cost Runes each time an alteration is made.
  • Once you obtain a demi-god armor set, you can ask Boc why he does not offer altering demi-god's garments with the "I'm sorry..." option. He will then provide input as to why he doesn't alter those garments due to what his mother used to tell him, and that maybe he may become good enough to do so someday.
  • Thanks to the latest Patch, he is easier to find in Limgrave, now that his voice triggers from a farther distance from before. An Arteria Leaf was also placed near him to lure players to hear him.

What Garments can you Alter in Elden Ring?

Specific Helmets and Body Armor pieces in Elden Ring can be altered when have the required Items for altering. You will need a Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools to be able to perform alterations to your basic garments. The Gold Sewing Needle is required in order to be able to alter demigod armor pieces.

Both Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools items can be obtained from the Demi-Human Chief, located in Coastal Cave, western LimgraveMap Link. This is a boss encounter. Defeat the Demi-Human Chief and it will drop these items. With these tools you can now rest at any Site of Grace to access your options and you should have the option to Alter Garments. This should display your Armor pieces before and after Alterations. Select which garment to alter. Altering will also cost runes, so make sure you are happy with the alterations before confirming. Altering your garments with Boc, however, will be free, but you will need to progress through his questline before this action is available. 

To gain access to Boc's altering services, go through his questline until he moves to the Lake Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. You will first need to locate him northwest of the Murkwater Bridge, Boc is disguised as a tree and calling for help. If you perform an attack on the tree, the spell breaks and Boc returns to its original form. You will then need to give him the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools. He will be at the  Coastal Cave. After giving him his supplies he will then move to Liurnia of the Lakes where the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace is. He will now offer his seamster services to you for free.


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    • Anonymous

      Boc: “I wish I could be reborn so I can be a tru pro seamstress!”
      Me: “ O wait, I know a lady who can do that, I go to her regularly! Here have this” hands larval tear.
      Boc: you’re the best! A tru boss.
      Me: goes to Rennala , expecting to see Boc. Spots an underdressed pale man, mute and blank expression but still holding that pos almost out instinct. At that moment remembered that only I had the perfect rebirth rune and the lore of Rennala.

      “Well Sh!t”

      • Anonymous

        I discovered you can advance to the ending of his quest by using the Prattling Pate “You’re beautiful” in his presence without first having had all the conversation about his wanting to meet with Rennala. I did this because I misunderstood some of the directions here.

        • Anonymous

          Aww, I wish we could take him to the Roundtable after performing the "You're Beautiful" pate. Give him a nice warm roof over his head.

          Yeah, it's gonna need lots of TLC after we burn the Erdtree, but it's better than the Ashen Capital, right?

          • Anonymous

            aww he´s just like me. Short, ugly, anxious, gets beaten up, 1 friend who he talks to once a month whenever they remember he exists and a not that useful set of skills. I hate him.

            • Anonymous

              I gave him the tear and then he shows up as human looking near Rennala. He no longer talks though and you can see no interaction, he looks like he's praying to Rennala.

              • Anonymous

                Worst npc in the game, leave him as a tree for both your sakes. Not even worth engaging with , I can sort my own clothes out thanks.

                • Anonymous

                  I never gave him the Larval Tear because I figured that wasn't the way I wanted to progress his quest, but I didn't really know what else to do. Eventually while exploring Gelmir, I found the prattling pate and immediately went "Wait that's it! I gotta find Boc!" But I couldn't find him anywhere. I eventually just found him dead outside of Rennala's room while doing Sellen's sidequest. I'm sorry I failed you buddy, I really wanted you to be happy.

                  • Anonymous

                    I was stuck unable to give him the gold needle because I had already altered Radahn's chest piece myself. I had to UNALTER it and then speak to him again to progress.

                    • Anonymous

                      “Ranni dearest, I need to do something before we depart.”

                      *Goes to collect Boc & Zoraya*

                      I could never leave them two behind.

                      • Anonymous

                        Bro literally became the perfect twink and then died. He lived the dream of like 1/3 of Twitter's userbase.

                        • So, I got into the Ashen Capital, made my way to the grace where Boc usually is, forget to finish his quest (didn't give him the larval tear/ use the prattling pate) and explored the zone. After a while I teleported to Rennala for a quick respec and found him dead at the entrance... Don't be like me, spend a minute with the goodest boy in the game and tell him he's beautiful :(

                          • Anonymous

                            Ah man. I gave him the tear, I knew it wasn't perfect but I didn't think he would *die*.

                            I know I was stupid, but man, every time I get a character I like killed it makes me want to keep playing a little less... Just wanted to help my man out :(

                            • Anonymous

                              The biggest tragedy of his quest is how useless the modify garments feature is, still, I keep him alive because I'm not a monster.

                              • Anonymous

                                So if you accidentally take the trapped door to the capitol after giving him the needle in coastal cave, he doesn't appear in liurnia? That's a whack bug.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Tell him he's beautiful then hit this sycophantic hamster with the Giant-Crusher charged R2 for maximum funny.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Boc can not be killed with one hit. He will fight and attack the player.

                                    Also, Boc is the same height as the Tarnished. He just looks small because he is always hunched over and on his knees. If you kneel down next to him, sit with him, lay next to him in the Coastal Cave, or even get him to attack you; you can see he’s the same height.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      If you accidentally give him Larva Tear, you could still use "You're Beautiful" Prattling Pate to make him stay before resting at the grace

                                      • Tried this quest end game. The capital is already ash. Can’t find him anywhere after i gave him the needle at coastal cave. Too late to finish or am I missing something?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          even though his behaviour might seem pathetic, this is one of the very few trustsome NPCs who actually treat you decently from the start without the need of licking someone else's boots, along only with Roderika, Rya & Alexander, also being the very first one to acknowledge you as a lord even before you actually procceed to become one, he shows concern for your wellbeing from the very start as he intended to "save you" from the demi-human cave, and then shows immense gratitude after you succeed, despite his rather pitiful-sounding behaviour, which me and most people just shrug off because, much like Alexander, Roderika & Rya, the guy is a real one, unlike most NPCs which are all either male simps (i.e Seluvis & Blaidd), female simps (i.e Fia & Tanith), untrustsome sneaky bastards (i.e Gostoc, Patches & Ensha), generally unlikeable unethical outlaws who also treat you terribly and act cocky (i.e Blackguard Big Boggart), bipolar weirdos who decide to attack you for seemingly no reason, out of nowhere and all of a sudden (i.e Bernahl, Diallos & Edgar), egocentric fools who expect you to "earn" their "respect" after not having completely underestimated, disregarded, mistreated and not trusted you at all, on top of ALSO acting cocky (i.e "great" Kenneth Height & Hewg) or people who blatantly manipulate you from the very start for their own selfish goals or to lick someone else's boots instead (i.e Varre, Corhyn, Sellen, Shabribi, Melina, Rann, Gideon Ofnir, etc), and the other ones are EXTREMELY forgettable, plain blank characters with not much to them (i.e Diallos, Iji, Irina, Nepheli Loux, D Hunter of the Dead, Yura, Latenna, etc).

                                          so ngl, it actually boggles my mind that so many people seem to dislike Boc this much only because of his "please mother forgive me for existing" behaviour when he is one of the very few characters that treat you decently just for the sake of doing it, unconditionably, while manipulating, smug, egocentric, cocky bastards like Melina, Ranni, Blaidd and even Patches get the praises.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            It was my intention thst he's be the most likable npc in the game. He is based roughly on someone I used to know - the best possible version - and that is why everyone else is as bad as they are. I've never based a personality on anything in rl apart from him, so I guess he is the most realistic character in all of literature, and Elden Ring the most realistic setting. The theme tune for Elden Ring is 'Sleeping On Trains'.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Worst feeling in the game, I thought I would accomplish something good ny giving him the tear, now Im in tears. From please dont kill all the innocent people☹️

                                              • Anonymous

                                                If you're having trouble progressing Boc's questline: I got stuck on altus plateau and could not continue questline until I found out, after the tree burns, you have to reactivate eastern rampart capitol site of grace. This site of grace can be found by heading east from Lyndell capitol of ashe site of grace. Boc will not move until this site is reactivated!

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  After exhausting dialogue options related to the (demigod alterations step) I was stuck on altus highway junction site of grace, after web hunting I found that you can warp to leyndell capital of ashe and head east to reactivate east capital rampart, then poof he finally relocates yay no longer stuck

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I love this little guy so much you don’t understand. I’m on my first playthrough, and before I met him I had never heard a Demi-human make a human noise, never mind speak a tongue I could understand. From what I’ve gathered, he seems to be one of the few NPCs you can grant a happy ending (?) so I’m going to go out of my way to make sure he knows he’s perfect as he is ToT

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I innocently clicked his "what do you think of me" dialog before I had the "you are beautiful" pate. Now he's dead outside the academy library. NOOOO! MY FRIEND AND ONE OF THE FEW CHARACTERS THAT ISN'T TRYING TO MANIPULATE ME IS DEAD! NOW THIS CRUEL WORLD MUST BURN! ...jk, I was going to do the frenzy ending before I messed up his quest line. I feel like we should be allowed to introduce Boc to Kenneth since he's clearly able to communicate with and make peace with the demi humans. Maybe Boc would finally find a place where feels like he belongs. His kind and only family attacks everyone on site. No wonder he thinks he's trash.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        if you dont respond at all to giving him the larval tear or use the prattling prate and go past the capital, he dies, his body is just outside rennalas door.

                                                        • As bleak, dreary, and pessimistic as these games can be, it's always nice to know there are some people that can be saved. I made damn sure that Boc wouldn't die. He just wants to help and feel like he belongs. You don't have to change for me, dude! We'll be friends no matter what.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            There's two choices with Boc. One is feeding into his delusion, product of his distorted self-esteem, and give him the larval tear so he willingly embraces his perdition by fulfilling his childish fantasy. The second one is lying to his face and make him a slave whose very life depends upon the whims of his lord; with his attachment problems, consequence of his distorted self-esteem once again, this may be even worse than the first option.
                                                            Since you can't tell it to him straight so he can own up to it and have the freedom to become whatever he wishes with a sane, unclouded judgement, the most humano thing to do is to simply put this poor thing out of his misery.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              One of the few people in the Lands Between who's not actively trying to hinder or compete with you, and even supports you every step of the way, yet there are so many who despise him. That attitude is why some of y'all are still maidenless.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                yes, Im sure most ppl will figure this one out withouth the help of wikies
                                                                It DoeSnt gRaB uR hAnd

                                                                • No valuable reward for doing his quest. Still it's imo the best npc quest in the whole game. So wholesome and beautiful. I always feel the urge to hug this little chad. 10/10

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Larval Tears are pretty useless (and you have like 10 anyway), but him dying, not even getting some final words and no option to even confront Rennala is just infuriating.
                                                                    RIP Boc, you were a nice guy.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      If, by mistake, you have given him a larval tear, use the "you're beautiful" pate and dialogue soon after, before you die or rest. This will change his mind and he won't pursue rebirth anymore.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        In a game were I'm supposed to challenge the very will of the gods, I never would have thought one of the most compelling quest would be turning into a psychological counsellor for a monkey with body dysmorphia.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          I must question whether the people calling this quest pointless are even interested in these games. the quest is beautiful for many reasons

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Thanks for making me lose a valuable Larval Tear on this completely pointless quest FromSoft! Worst part is he dies after rebirth, so my reward is feeling bad after trying to help him...

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              What they should of did with Boc is let him custom your armor. Like change color and to change the color you have to trade certain items. Like for green trade 5 Cave Moss for gloves, 20 for body, 15 for legs, and 10 for helmet. That way he's useful and put a little more use to having so many crafting items.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                I know his uselessness gets him a lot of hate but to me, he is so pathetic, it makes him lovable. Plus he is tied to Daedicar's Lore (Loving Nympho who banged everything under the sun and had a ton of kids Big Mom Style (from One Piece). The turtle lore in the game basically alludes to people not having much sex anymore cuz of the Erdtree's death/life cycle. But this Champs mom was having none of that nonsense. She was doing EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Plus, she was still a good mom it seems.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  If you went past leyndell to mountain top and talked to melina there, u will not get the prompt to talk to her in east capital rampart but the quest can still be completed though

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Wait so there is zero reward for this quest, regardless if you use the emote or give him a tear? Seriously wtf is the point of this dude? Most pointless and useless NPC in any souls game, maybe even any game I’ve ever player. Should’ve just killed his ugly ass from the beginning.

                                                                                    Such a massive missed opportunity to implement transmog, you know since you gave quite a few (ugly as ****) pieces of armor some rather good perks/benefits.

                                                                                    Really hope Boc gets some usefulness come DLC, and transmog is implemented.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      I don’t know if it’s changed in a recent patch but Boc is alive and well after I turned the capital to ash and I was able to complete his quest line.
                                                                                      I arrived at the Capital of Ash SoG and walked back to the East Capital Rampart SoG and reactivated it. Boc was there. I had yet to give him the gold needle so I continued his quest line successfully from there.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        The way I see it, holding the rune of the unborn perfects rebirth for the one -being- reborn, not the one doing the rebirth ritual. This makes it work from an in-game lore perspective: Rennala never tried to rebirth herself, only the pile of creepy children surrounding her, and they need rebirthing every 5 minutes at the point of you showing up to battle her for the rune. She had it the whole time beforehand, and look at what's left of what were presumably fully-functioning adult sorcerers to begin with. You're the only one who comes out of being reborn not saddled with all manner of problems and a shortened lifespan, and you're the only one to have ever been holding the unborn's rune at the point of being reborn via that egg thing.

                                                                                        So, Boc dying from the larval tear option isn't specifically down to you stealing the rune of the unborn IMO; that would've happened anyway even if he'd have been allowed to be reborn without you ever going to the Raya Lucaria academy and taking the rune. It's just a deeply flawed process, as several item descriptions point out throughout the game.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          I wish we could send him to scavenger stuff (ingredients) for us.

                                                                                          this would make him more useful than just altering armor you can make yourself for 500 runes

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            please give us an option to let Boc go get scavenger loot for you, for example when you first meet him he gives you 10 mushrooms and honestly this is incredibly useful as you use mushrooms to make ALL bombs

                                                                                            i know its kinda cute he wants to be only your Seamster but let's be real, its kinda useless since you can do that by yourself and only costs like 500 runes and to get for free you need to travel ALL the way to find boc to talk to him just to save measly 500 runes

                                                                                            come on, give the poor guy a better use

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              So I looted the golden needle first and then did the Coastal Cave step... I gave him the basic one and now he is nowhere to be found ..

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Well, gave this little **** a highly valued larval tear just for him to go off and DIE

                                                                                                No more Boc. You're a terrible fashion designer and you need to learn the value of self love. Changing what you are is never going to change WHO you are.

                                                                                                From now on, in successive playthroughs when ever I meet this little pish stain it's nothing but fully charged R2s.

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  I used the "Your beautiful" Praye but I couldn't discuss it with him. I've gone all around him doing this for an hour but he says is "..." I sat at the site of Grace and suddenly he's dead. Wtf I tried so damn hard and he does wtf game development

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Does anyone know the exact trigger that causes him to be dead outside of the library? I’m pretty confident it’s after beating Morgott but I don’t know if it’s just beating him or entering the forbidden lands/mountaintops of the giants

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      When he asks you permission to call you "lord", what if we refuse? I mean i never regard Boc as a servant or underling, he's my friend, deserves more than mere servant.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        How the **** is anybody supposed to know to use those shrunken heads in front of him? And giving him a larval tear - which does turn him human - makes him also die? How comes up with this ****?

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          What the hell triggers him to leave East Capital Rampart to go die? He was there for sooo long, just to die the day after I finally find the prattling pate

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            I had the prattling pate but gave Boc a larval tear because I thought he’d live happy…only to read that he dies afterwards. I genuinely feel terrible.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              I can confirm that Boc doesn't leave in 1.05 and 1.06, even if you go the Frenzied Flame route. Did exactly the same on new playthru as the first one, yet he's missing in 1st playthru, and I believe he got broken because of an older patch.

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