Boiled Prawn

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item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
status effect 27 elden ring wiki guide 44px Boosts physical damage negation for a time
attribute scaling elden ring wiki guide 18Scaling

FP Cost -
Duration 60s

Boiled Prawn is a Consumable Item and optional Keepsake in Elden Ring. Most Consumables grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.


Boiled prawn meat.
A prime specimen of plump and moist meat.
True connoisseurs know how to keep from over-salting.

Boosts physical damage negation for a certain duration,

The meat actually looks to have come from a crayfish. Not that it matters, it's delicious all the same.


Boiled Prawn Use in Elden Ring

Boiled Prawn boosts physical damage negation for a time.

This is a Body Buff and will not stack with other buffs of the same type.


Where to find Boiled Prawn in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Boiled Prawn Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 99 Boiled Prawn.
  • You can store up to 600 Boiled Prawn.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 50 Runes
  • You can select Boiled Prawn as Keepsake during Character Creation.
  • Boiled Prawn is a less powerful version of Boiled Crab.
  • Boiled Prawn increases your current Physical Damage negation multiplicatively. It is not additive.


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    • Anonymous

      This and the Boiled Crab both stacks with Opaline Hardtear. Wear Dragoncrest Shiles Talisman to get 40% physical DMG reduction for 60 seconds.

      • This is wrong (partially)
        Can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks for item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px600 Runes after turning in Blackguard's Bell Bearing.

        If you kill him (which you have to do to get the bell bearing) then the twin husks only have the necklace (but qty 0)
        apparently you have to purchase them from him at least once before killing him or you lose access for the rest of the game??!

        Kind of seem like an important point to bring up in a WIKI.

        • Anonymous

          Note: If you don't complete his questline, you cannot purchase the Boiled Prawns or the Boiled Crab.... not even after killing him and taking his bell bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks

          • What is the point of prawn when crab gives you an extra 5% for the same duration at the same price? I don't get it. It would make sense if the prawn was somewhat cheaper perhaps, but they both cost 600 runes, with one being a flat-out upgrade over the other. Makes me scratch my head.

            • Anonymous

              Do not have many of these on when summoning Mimic Tear. It will just obsessively use them and only sometimes attack. Happened to me with Astel and now with the Lake of Rot Dragonkin Soldier.

              • Anonymous

                Does not stack with incantation resistance buffs, if you're running faith, black flame protection is superior, if you're not, then these are S-Tier

                • Anonymous

                  Love fromsoft's design where you miss out on infinite supply of overpowered consumable because you didn't talk to Waldo.

                  • Anonymous

                    "Boosts resistance by less the higher your current resistances are." No it doesn't, it always gives 15%. Why is this site filled with misinformation?

                    • Anonymous

                      This ALWAYS does 15% less physical damage reduction (while the crab does 20%). For those that don't understand the math:

                      If you have 0% it brings it to 15%. Now you would think that if you had 10% it would bring it to 25%, but that's not how that works at all. Going from 10% to 25% is an ADDITIVE increase of 15%.

                      This works as a MULTIPLIER. How this works is that you take a multiplier of the DIFFERENCE to 100%. It works this way so you can never become invulnerable by hitting 100%.

                      The math is as follows, where each source of damage reduction is its own multiplier.

                      Total Damage Reduction = 1 - (1 - DR%) * (1 - DR%) * (...)

                      THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT HAS DIMINISHING RETURNS. There is a reason this sentence is in all caps, so I will repeat it once more: THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT HAS DIMINISHING RETURNS. I repeat this because this is one of the most misunderstood things about how this math works in every single RPG I have ever played.

                      To understand why you must first understand Effective Hit Points or EHP. This again is quite simple:

                      EHP = (Raw HP) / (1 - Total DR%)

                      You can substitute Raw HP with a value of 1 to determine (as a multiplier) how much your DR increases your EHP.

                      Some example benchmarks:

                      50% DR = 200% EHP
                      75% DR = 400% EHP

                      You may notice that it took half as much of an additive increase to provide the same amount of a multiplier to your EHP. This is the fundamental reason why multipliers do not create diminishing returns. Additive multipliers create EXPONENTIAL returns, while normal multipliers create LINEAR returns. This seems completely backwards, but it is in fact true. This must be ****ing mindboggling to some people because even when I show it clearly I'm sure somebody will not understand.

                      In short: this item is quite good, and the boiled crab even better. If you think damage reduction is useless in Elden Ring, I'm sorry but you don't know what you're talking about. There are many sources (for all types of damage) that allow you some serious damage negation. Pure Vigor for raw health is definitely a mistake. If you're really clever you can become insanely tanky with a low raw health pool because it drastically improves the relative effectiveness of healing and makes percentage based sources of damage deal less raw damage (such as BLEED and DARK FLAME which are quite strong).

                      Learning how to "git gud" is more than just muscle memory folks.

                      • Anonymous

                        FYI moves to northern small lake inside reyndell royal capital outer wall . sells new item upgraded "boiled crab" ... east of outer wall batleground site of gace, south of minor erdtree capital outskirts.

                        • Anonymous

                          So I didn't find Rya before Volcano Manor and I also never saw this guy before Volcano Manor. I went to talk to him and he just tells me to piss off. Is there no way for me to get his gesture/use him as a vendor now?

                          • Anonymous

                            Boil water and salt, add the prawns and cook for 8 minutes. While the prawns cook, melt butter in a saucepan and add minced garlic, salt, coconut milk and white pepper. Take the prawns out of the water and transfer them to a dish, pour the garlic butter over the prawns and serve. You can remove the shells before, or after cooking ^_^

                            • To make this available for purchase, you'll have to do this early before entering Volcano Manor. Head to the southern part of the lakes in Liurnia, if you have the map unlocked, your destination is the Birds Eye View Scope. An NPC will call to you from the Pagoda next to the scope. Agree to her request to retrieve a necklace from a thug at the Boilprawn Shack, a small distance northwest from the scope, past the sunken building. Hopefully you didn't kill this guy before, as you need to offer runes for the necklace to avoid a fight. Once you have the necklace, talk to him again and he will sell you prawn. If you leave and come back to purchase another one, you will recieve the "Spread Out" Gesture

                              • Anonymous

                                You can buy these from the guy at the prawnboilers shack in the Lake area if you dont kill him for that one lady's necklace

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