Burred Bolt

burred bolt elden ring wiki guide 200px
attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack Power
Phy 30
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
passive effects elden ring wiki guide 18Passive
Causes blood
loss buildup (65)

Bolt Pierce

Burred Bolt is an Arrow in Elden Ring. Burred Bolt is a thorned bolt, designed to increase damage upon impact. Ammunition can be used in ranged weapons such as Bows and Crossbows, so players can deal ranged damage to Enemies and Bosses.


Bolt covered in thorns. One of the most horrific weapons used in the Shattering. Afflicts with blood loss.

Diffcult to remove once buried in flesh, causes appalling damage to the body


Where to Find Elden Ring Burred Bolt

Burred Bolt can be found at the following location:


Elden Ring Burred Bolt Notes & Tips

  • Deals Ranged Damage.
  • Causes blood loss buildup (65)
  • Pierces enemies' armor
  • Sell Value:  runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 10 Runes.


How to Craft Elden Ring Burred Bolt

To craft Burred Bolt you need the following materials:

  • Burred Bolt is a special ammunition that cannot be crafted.


Elden Ring Burred Bolt Moveset & Videos

  • Videos for the Burred Bolt Coming Soon


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    • Fun fact: use of these is a war crime, if we apply the Geneva Convention logic to a video game. Weapons crafted in such a way that causes unnecessary suffering (as in, extra spikes on a projectile to make it harder/more painful or damaging to remove) is a violation.

      200 runes apiece is also pretty cheap for some unjust cruelty with the boys! :D

      • Anonymous

        Is this more effective at causing bleed than the bloodbone bolt? It only does 5 more damage so it’s definitely not worth it just for the damage alone and it gets quite costly while it’s free to craft the bone version.

        • Anonymous

          I don't normally like to kill merchants, but this one I would recommend doing so since he's a pain to get to due to the sanguine nobles spawning next to him. Sells infinite burred bolts, dwelling arrows AND blood roses so that you can craft your own arrows as well. I also cackled when he died because he says "what did I ever do... (ELMER FUDD LAUGH)"

          • From the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint grace, run up the stairs, past all the undead. Once you reach the entrance to the mausoleum, hug the left wall until you reach one of the enemies that crawls out of the ground. To that enemies immediate left is a merchant who sells: 3 Rune Arc, 3 Stanching Boluses, 10 Festering Bloody Fingers, infinite Bloodrose, 1 Stonesword Key, 1 Lost Ash of War, Infinite Dwelling Arrows, and Infinite Burred Bolts.

            • To give people some specifics, if you go into the cave there is a small tunnel, its on your left when coming through the first time, with one of those bleed rapier guys spawning in the entrance to the tunnel. If you kill that guy behind him is the merchant playing his instrument. Took me FOREVER to find it.

              • Anonymous

                Does not seem to be affected by arcane, with 20 arcane and 50 arcane, takes the same amount of hits to bleed a troll. I didn't do any extensive testing so I may be wrong.

                • Anonymous

                  this is sold by the merchant in the dark cave with graves in Mohgwyn, u get there after the blood lake and going up the long path with like 1000 enemies that do not attack u. The zone is still almost empty on the interactive map

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