Carian Piercer

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Spell Type Carian Sorceries
FP Cost 17 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Impales foes with magical greatsword

attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires

Carian Piercer is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Carian Piercer spell is cast to create an offensive magic sword that thrusts forward. Updated to Patch 1.07.


One of the sorceries of the Carian royal family.

Conjures a magic greatsword to impale foes.
Charging lengthens the initial step in.

This sorcery forms a counterpart to Carian Greatsword.
Highly lethal when used against single foes riding alone.


Carian Piercer Location in Elden Ring

Carian Piercer can be found in the following location:



Elden Ring Carian Piercer Guide




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Elden Ring Carian Piercer Notes and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 


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    • Anonymous

      I just started pvping as a caster and this spell is honestly all i need. Im glad i didn't grind ranni for adulas

      • Anonymous

        from buffed this way too much. i can do 1400 damage on an uncharged cast and when charged upwards of 2000. no amount of vigor can save you from this spell.

        • Anonymous

          I think this is objectively the best sorcery in the game for both PvP and PvE. You can charge it, it knocks enemies over, comes out pretty wuickly, is also boosted by spear talisman. I think this is the best especially in skilled hands

          • Anonymous

            Carian Piercer is highly effective against foes your own size that aren't smart enough to dodge out of the way. You can cast this repeatedly for as long as your stamina bar can bear to give, knocking down a target over and over.
            If you run clear out of stamina, comboing Carian Piercer into itself becomes a lot more unstable. You have a very tight window of execution, and the spell will miss if the enemy pre-emptively uses a move that causes it to fly out of the way.
            — Courh the Explorer

            • Anonymous

              Fully charged Carian Piercer + Lusat Glintstone Staff + Carian Glintstone Staff (offhand) + Graven Mass Talisman + Magic Scorpion Charm + Godfrey Icon + Ritual Sword Talisman + Terra Magica

              • Anonymous

                Did this get nerfed? I've been trying to use this for nearly two hours now and the knockdowns and stuns are just about nowhere near worth it compared to comprabable spells like meteor for spells cruicible for incantations.

                • Anonymous

                  just here to complain that as much as i LOVE this sorcery, the recovery time is absolute aids. for example: if you hit melenia with this and she has hyper armor you get stuck watching her be about to smack you and then smack you for 3/4 of a second as you try to dodge and don't move because recovery time.

                  • Anonymous

                    Anti River of blood.
                    Use it charged while Rob is doing his thing and then follow up with pebble when rob is knocked down for extra disrespect

                    • Anonymous

                      Excellent spell, a must have for any caster for the times when you can't get away from things. The range is pretty good, and even if it doesn't hit that hard, it interrupts enemies' casts. Since it is quick to get off, it can easily stun-lock them repeatedly until they're dead.

                      • Anonymous

                        I wondered where this spell was. I blasted through this place as those big hands were no joke. I now know they hate fire though, so will just have to craft some fire pots and drag myself back again.

                        • Anonymous

                          Carian Shishkebab is The Spell for those pesky a) NPC's for its innate knockdown on full charge, b) even peskier shield+spear "pro pvp players" for yknow it still knocks down and makes the shield arm hurt by poise and stamina damage, and c) having a barbecue party at Farum Azula with a lot of half-breed meat on an icy dragon head shishkebab

                          • In PVE this spell has no purpose. Less range than Adula’s, marginally more damage (but no doublehit or ailment), less horizontal reach. This really needs a gimmick, maybe make it multihit, or improve poise break, or just plain make it deal more damage. It has such a cool animation, shame there’s no reason to use it.

                            • Anonymous

                              Good for stunlockimg, for example against Alecto or Crystalians. The damage is very good with respect to FP cost. Cand be spammed for stunlocking strong foes. Strongly recommended against bosses.

                              • Anonymous

                                Ironically, this is more of a surgical weapon than a powerhouse. The DPS relative to FP cost is low, and it doesn't have the ability to deal followup attacks like its Carian cousins. However it does have considerable forward range, and a good bit of burst damage. It is deal for taking out singular enemies that rush into you head on, as you can start casting it from beyond their melee range and often kill them in 1 hit. In a narrow corridor you can skewer many enemies at once. The large range also makes it a good horseback jousting weapon for hit and run attacks.

                                The low dps and bad FP efficiencies however means this is not an ideal "boss killer" spell. Use the Carian Slicer for that.

                                • Anonymous

                                  This spell is incredibly good in PvP and PvE. This isn't listed anywhere, but charging this spell up raises the range and recovery frames, aswell as the damage. Charging can also make people roll early on accident, leading to quick roll-catches. Very very good for punishing aggressive opponents.

                                  • This spell is pretty underrated, very few enemies are able to defend against it and the majority of those will all fall onto the ground allowing you to setup a charged attack.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Of note is the fact that in addition to increasing the forward range via a step-in animation, charging the Carian Piercer increases it's damage. Although if that slight increase is worth the extra charge time is worthy of debate.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Big damage and charging this spell all the way sends most enemies flying just like a greatsword's thrust, and it's equally easy to keep enemies on the ground with repeated full charges.

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