Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid)

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The Cathedral of Dragon Communion has long been destroyed, but those who seek to commune with draconic power may yet access its power

Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid) is a Location in Elden Ring. The Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid) is found in Caelid, by following the road South and then venturing further south as it turns east. It is a separate location from Limgrave's Church of Dragon Communion.


Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid) Map

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion is found in Sourthern Caelid by following the road south after accessing the area from Mistwood. See it on the map here

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All NPCs and Merchants in Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid)

  • There are no NPCs in this location
  • Players can interact with the dragon altar to obtain incantations by performing the Ritual of Dragon Communion. The altar is a bowl with a red flame atop, next to a dragon's corpse.

church of dragon communion altar



All Items in Elden Ring's Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid)

Gather & Farm Items


Upgrade Materials

  • There are no upgrade materials in this location 


Equipment and Magic

  • All Incantations and their requirements are listed above.


Unique, Ashes and Keys


Elden Ring Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid) Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies


Field Bosses and Bosses


Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid) Walkthrough

  • Miquella's Lily can be found west of site of grace, behind a Banished Knight.
  • Some players may experience a bug preventing them the use of the altar. If that is the case, you only need to rest in the site of Grace just near the altar, pass time and then go back. Do not fight the knight spawning in the entrance, it seems the altar only works if you haven't performed other action before.


Elden Ring Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid) Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      The banished knight here drops an unaltered banished knight helm, banished knight's greatsword, and banished knight shield, dunno if it drops anything else

      • Anonymous

        This lists no items, but there is an Ancient Dragon Apostle's Cookbook [3] on a corpse near the site of grace.

        • Anonymous

          Important for anyone interested.
          The blood eyes you get by becoming a knight of Mohg in the white mask questline will overwrite your dragon eyes (in my experience forever).
          I went to the mirror to remove the blood eyes and there just wasn’t an option for if I wanted one or the other. So if you like the dragon eyes more do the Mohg quest first if you want THEN do the communion.

          • Anonymous

            I just noticed that my character also got the draconic yellow eyes which I believe is from consuming more than 5 dragon hearts through getting incantations. Because beforehand I had only spent 5 hearts for 3 incantations and upon getting another my character motioned as if eating something, a squelching sound played and my eyes had become draconic.

            • Anonymous

              Currently I have every known Dragon Communion Incantation unlocked. I did not buy the lower ranked Ice, Magic, or Rot breaths. Only the names ones. I have 6 Dragon Hearts remaining, which if I bought the lower ranked breaths would leave me with 3 hearts. The Roar cost 3 hearts. Am I crazy for thinking theres one more incantation that costs 4 hearts with another dragon out there?

              • Anonymous

                Why I cannot see the option to buy Dragonice or Rotten Breath?? Is it a bug? There is only Dragonfire, Dragonmaw and Dragonclaw available.

                • Anonymous

                  Are there two more dragon hearts than required to get all the spells? I have all the spells on this page and 2 leftover

                  • Anonymous

                    To those who can only unlock 3 spells at the altar in Limgrave: There's another altar in the South West of Caelid, called Cathedral of Dragon Communion. That one should offer all spells (unlocks spells depending on which dragons you have hunted).

                    • Anonymous

                      Eating dragon hearts will make the player character's eyes change to dragon eyes : they glow yellow with a vertical slit.
                      Or at least i do believe that's the reason for my character's eyes going from red to yellow. Can't see any other reason.

                      • Anonymous

                        can somone tell me wich dragon incantation lets you shoot a freaking LASER BEAM i just met somone who did that to me but i cant find anything on wiki?

                        • Anonymous

                          For anybody who's getting the bug where the Altar prompt says "examine" and you hold your hand up to it and nothing happens: this happens if you visit for the first time with a dragon heart already in inventory. Put the dragon heart in your chest at the nearby Grace, come back, and open the menu. Then you can go pick the dragon heart back up and use it.

                          • Anonymous

                            I couldn't access the inventory during the day(maybe raining), when I skipped time to Nightfall I could finally access it.

                            • Anonymous

                              I could only use the church of dragons after leveling my arcane so maybe you need to level it more for the cathedral?

                              • Anonymous

                                There is a bug that interacting with the altar won't do anything, supposedly it happens when you have 1 or more hearts, just store them in the chest at the grace, interact with the altar, then get the dragon hearts out of the boss and it's fixed

                                • Anonymous

                                  Im not 100% sure, but i believe if you buy enough ( or to many ) dragon incantations your eyes change

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Occasionally seems bugged where my character raises their hand when I activate altar, then just stops and the menu never comes up. Fast travelling to the nearby grace fixed it.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      No dragon spells have been unlocked for me - except for the 3 starter ones - and the only relevant boss left is the Frog :-/

                                      • Anonymous

                                        There is a glitch with the cathederal, If you haven't visited before you have killed a dragon you cant use it and it just says examine and wont do anything.
                                        So if you have a dragon heart in your inventory when you first visit then it wont do anything.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I fought the Banished Knight here around 15 times with Silver-Pickled fowl foot ( to boost item discovery ) and received 2x Banished Knight's Greatsword, 1x Banished Knight Armor (Altered) and 1x Banished Knight Gauntlets. Will continue to see what else he drops.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I killed 2 Dragons so far (Flying Dragon Agheel & Greyoll) neither provided me with any dragon stuff despite the game telling me "New Power at CATHEDRAL OF DRAGON COMMUNION" seems like a bug?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              admins remove links else i would try and show where the cathedral is, but starting at the impassible greatbridge, head west going uo the mountian, you will prolly pass soem crows and giant dogs, tucked behind the peak of the mountian is the cathedral

                                              • Anonymous

                                                its right here:

                                                starting at the impassable greatbrigde south, follow to the left tryiugn to go upwards you might come across giant crows and dogs, and the ruins are kinda tucked behidn the mountian top but the ***zo shows you where (assuming admins/bot dont remove this)

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