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Level 5 Dexterity 8
Vigor 13 Intelligence 5
Mind 9 Faith 15
Endurance 12 Arcane 11
Strength 14    

Champion is a starting Class in Elden Ring Closed Network Test. The Classes only determine the starting Stats and Equipment of the player, but as the game progresses, players can freely change their build to their preferred playstyle. There are 5 Classes in Elden Ring that the player can begin the game with.


Equipped with a Sacred Seal and an Axe, the Champion can burn foes from a distance or take them head on in melee combat. They are ferocious fighters, who do not fear death.


Champion Starting Equipment for Elden Ring

This class starts with the following equipment:


Starting items for Champion in Elden Ring

This class starts with the following items:


Champion Builds in Elden Ring



Elden RingChampion Notes & Tips

  • Champions are one of two Classes that begin the game with Sacred Seals (Prophet being the other). This allows them to cast Incantations, which can be both offensive or defensive. They are also the only Class that starts the game with Dragonfire, so consider selecting this Class if you like this Spell.
  • The Finger Seal has better Faith Scaling than the Clawmark Seal of the Prophet, so it should outperform it if you're going for a Faith Build. However, Champions don't gain Beast Claw until they complete the demo, and they start out with considerably less Mind, meaning they have much less FP to cast with.
  • Dragonfire is very strong, and it has a much longer range than you might realize. Use it on horseback or on foot to take out large packs of enemies at once. You can hold down the cast button to keep spewing fire if you need to.



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