Clayman Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 77 HP Cost -
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Summons two clayman spirits

Clayman Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Clayman Ashes are used to summon the spirits of two claymen.

Claymen can also be found as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Clayman.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirits of two claymen.

Bowed with age, these spirits are sluggish but hard to stagger.
The warped remains of priests who searched for revelation in service of the ancient dynasty, they employ two sorceries that produce smaller and larger bubbles.


Where to find Clayman Ashes

Where to Find Clayman Ashes

  • Located on a corpse in Ainsel River, Lake of Liurnia which is south from the Uhl Palace Ruins. Easiest way to reach these is ashes is while doing Ranni's questline (the portal you enter from Renna's Rise will take you near the ashes). After entering Ainsel River proceed south along the tunnel entering into the next main room with enemies, proceed southeast while hugging the left edge until you reach the waterfall, it can be found on a corpse on the right side of the ledge. Map Link
  • Video Location

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    • Anonymous

      i expected them to be kinda tanki but they only really got high poise, nothing special when you compare it with the tanki side of other summons sadly

      • Anonymous

        Description is terrible.

        Start from Ainsel River Main grace. Head south, hugging the wall on your left until you reach the waterfall in the southeast corner of the Uhl Palace Ruins, behind the Madness Miranda Flowers. It's on the waterfall's ledge.

        • Anonymous

          I love the bubbles these guys cast so I went ahead and +10'd them -- they are about as bad as one would expect. They don't move much, their damage is low and inconsistent and their tankiness doesn't do much since they don't hold aggro at all. The threat of hostile Claymen out in the world tends to be their high poise and swarm tactics, but this ash summons only two of arguably the worst variant of them. Shame there isn't a summon for the spear or dagger wielding ones; I'm sure they'd be much stronger.

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