Cleanrot Armor

cleanrot armor elden ring wiki guide 200px
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 14.6
VS Strike 13.4
VS Slash 16
VS Pierce 17.5
Magic 12.6
Fire 12.8
Ligt 11.4
Holy 13.5
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 63
Robustness 67
Focus 28
Vitality 32
Poise 27

Chest Armor Wgt. 15.0

Cleanrot Armor is a Chest Armor in Elden Ring. Cleanrot Armor is part of the Cleanrot Set Armor Set, and it was a chestpiece worn by Malenia's vowed knights. Cleanrot Armor is an armor piece worn over or around the player's torso to obtain an increase of defense and resistance. It also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


Armor of the Cleanrot Knights, celebrated for their undefeated campaign in the Shattering.

The Cleanrot Knights vowed to fight alongside Malenia, despite the inevitable, if gradual, putrefaction of their flesh. Their acceptance of their fate made these battles fiercest of all.


Where to find Cleanrot Armor in Elden Ring

The Cleanrot Armor Chest Armor can be found at:


Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Cleanrot Armor Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 200 Runes
  • Can be altered to Cleanrot Armor (Altered)
  • There's a cleanrot knight right outside the Prayer Room site of grace in the Haligtree
  • Poise Updated to patch 1.07


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    • Anonymous

      I don't wanna be rude, and maybe it's because my Arcane is so high (aarc/dex build) but I managed to get 3 of the pieces from the Cleanrot Knights in Swamp of Aeonia in about 5min of farming. I just rested at Aeonia Swamp Shore and farmed them. All I need now is the head piece.

      • Anonymous

        I was trying to farm for a Cleanrot Knight's Sword at the Swamp of Aeonia. With 110 discovery I ended up with 2 x Cleanrot Helm, 4 x Cleanrot Armor, 1 x Cleanrot Gauntlets, and 4 x Cleanrot Greaves before I got a sword and stopped farming. The rates are about what I would expect based on the drop statistics given on the wiki.

        • Anonymous

          The armor description is so freaking badass. They were also known as the strongest army of the shattering in 1.0 version of the game.

          • Anonymous

            So, question: Is the CleanRot armor actually a thousand times rarer than all the other pieces in the set, because I have about ten each of the other pieces, but no main armor. The only other explanation I can think of is that the game is somehow monitoring which pieces I already have, and skewing the drop roll to ensure that I never pick up the last piece.

            • Anonymous

              I picked up 3 of these while killing knights in the Warded catacombs. I can't wear any of them though - my game crashed whenever I put it on. All other items of the set don't cause this problem though.

              • Anonymous

                Everyone seems to have made this harder than it needs to be. There's a cleanrot knight right outside the Prayer Room site of grace in the Haligtree. Farmed him for about 1 minute, got it.

                • Anonymous

                  Best place to farm is the one at the bottom of Elemer's Tower in Shaded Castle after you beat Elemer. Coming down the lift it even sets you up for an easy backstab to start the fight. Just make sure you don't send the lift back up if you want to loot as the knights WILL walk into the pit.

                  • Anonymous

                    So, everyone's complaining about the horrible RNG, but I don't think they're truly stressing how bad it is. I farmed for 2 hours, got 7 helms, 1 pair gauntlets, 4 greaves, 4 swords, 1 spear and 2 scythes before finally getting the chest. This is with 16 arcane and I used multiple fowl feet.

                    • Anonymous

                      Surprisingly weaker to the Banished Knight chestplate when comparing the weight, though it does look pretty cool and that's what counts. You can alter the armor and remove the cape if wanted.

                      • Anonymous

                        It took me about an hour and a half of farming the knights to get them to drop the full set. I had 2 helms drop, 1 chest, 2 hands and 1 leg piece drop in that order, with arcane at 9. Hope that helps

                        • Anonymous

                          I got 6 of each of the other pieces, not one of these so far. Has to be the worst RNG i’ve ever seen for an item in a souls game. All of the other armor sets in the starting areas look goofy af. Thanks fromsoft

                          • Anonymous

                            Can confirm after an hour of farming the cleanrot knights with ~120 discovery and a silver crow's foot active that this DOES drop from the cleanrot knights outside of the heart of aeonia.
                            I'd wager it has a smaller drop chance than the weapons. Two scythes and four swords, 5 helmets, 2 hands and leg pieces dropped for me before the chest piece did.

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