Crimson Seed Talisman

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Weight 0.8
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status effect 74 elden ring wiki guide 44px Boosts HP restoration from the Flask of Crimson Tears by 20%

Crimson Seed Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Crimson Seed Talisman boosts HP restoration from the Flask of Crimson Tears by 20%. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


A crimson-colored talisman patterned after an Erdtree seed.
Boosts HP restoration from the Flask of Crimson Tears.

The Erdtree was once perfect and eternal, and thus was it believed that Erdtree seeds could not exist.


Crimson Seed Talisman Effect In Elden Ring

Crimson Seed Talisman boosts HP restoration from the Flask of Crimson Tears by 20%.


Crimson Seed Talisman Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Crimson Seed Talisman:


Elden Ring Crimson Seed Talisman Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      Want to play NG+ at 50/60 Vigor? You either buffer two/three healing inputs every time you want to heal or you equip this. Kind of a bad gameplay loop but it's workable.

      • Anonymous

        Why do I feel like they scaled the sacred tear effects to counteract the healing buff given by this talisman?

        Unless you're RL1, this talisman is basically as critical as upgrading your weapon.

        • Anonymous

          This talisman is specifically meant for invading players in PVP, but does it stack with Guardian Full Bloom armor?

          • Anonymous

            Time for Albinauric Mask plus this for +4 Arcane and +10 percent Crimson Flask boost! :D
            Elden Bling Baby!

            • Anonymous

              Does this talisman also increase healing from other sources such as healing and healing over time incantations, on death or on hit healing from weapons and arts of war, and so on?

              • Anonymous

                Isnt this just infinetly better than the crimson amber medallion (+2 Variant (+8%HP))? I see so many invasion builds with the latter, but this one gives you 2,5 times the hp. And if you dont need drinks during your fight, you wouldn't need either of them. Exception is duels of course.

                • Anonymous

                  Since the Estus Ring I have always liked to use these flask boosting items. As soon as I got it I left it equipped. PvP or PvE this is an underrated talisman, imo. It’s not flashy like some others but getting more health back is never a bad thing.

                  • Anonymous

                    One of the most powerful talismans in the game imo.
                    Others have pointed out it basically adds 2-3 flask charges worth of HP at endgame.
                    It also either completely or almost completely makes up for the Black Flame Protection's debuff of -20% HP flask charge in favor of a 35% physical damage negation.
                    So, in PvE, with Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Bull-Goat Set, Black Flame's Protection, and Rallying Standard, my character has around 74.418% physical damage negation which basically means they're taking close to 1/4 of the damage they normally would.

                    • Anonymous

                      Liek DS3 Estus Ring this is likely one of the best rings in the game during PvP since many other rings get downgraded during PvP. Comparable to an extra flask or more depending on number of flasks you have. Just don't waste the extra healing with over-heals.

                      • Anonymous

                        Tbh by the time you get this talisman, you’re more than likely not running through the problem of your flasks not giving enough health. This talisman would’ve been great if it was placed somewhere in limgrave or in caelid.

                        • Anonymous

                          So few comments, huh. This is easily among the most powerful talismans for boss fights.

                          Let's say your melee character has some 1800 HP at endgame with 13 health flasks. That's total max HP of 12330 with all flasks effectively used. This talisman gives 2106 health on top through healing raising your total HP by 17% in the case of effective flask use. 17%!

                          Sure max HP pool boost given by some talismans is nice and allows for more survivability and longer windows for attacking. But those bonuses are too small and the % of total health they give (factoring in the flasks) is laughable.

                          The only things that compare to this or surpass this are either niche (like 20% to dmg after bleed, wide niche though) or couple of legendaries like Dragoncrest.

                          Instead of this bad boy in the charts we see Soreseal adviced as "one of top X talismans" - Soreseal, which is simply a harmful item already at NG endgame.

                          • Anonymous

                            A simply wonderful item to have out of combat, as you can just toss it on, drink a potion, and remove it once more.

                            • Anonymous

                              Is this going to end up being as powerful as the estus ring in DS3? It seems like almost a must equip for longer late game boss fights.

                              • Anonymous

                                At +12, the flask heals 972hp with the talisman and 810 without it.

                                Therefore, it seems this talisman increases healing by 20%.

                                At 14 healing flasks that's an extra 2268hp worth of healing.

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