Crystal Release

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Spell Type Crystalian Sorceries
FP Cost 38 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Scours area with violent rain of crystal shards

attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires

Crystal Release is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Crystal Release spell bombards a large area with projectiles.


Sorcery of the mysterious Crystalians.

Creates a mass of crystal, then shatters it to scour a wide area with a violent rain of crystal shards.

This sorcery is used by high-ranking adepts among the Crystalians. Some also call this sorcery "the Crystal Sun."


Where to find Crystal Release

Where to find Crystal Release:


Elden Ring Crystal Release Guide

  • Crystalian Sorceries
  • Can be boosted by Crystal Staff and Rotten Crystal Staff.
  • Stamina Cost: 26
  • Deals magic damage
  • Has a long initial casting animation during which the caster glows blue and has increased resistance to stagger (making it easier to not be interrupted during the initial casting animation). Afterwards, the caster raises his arms, losing the blue glow and increased resistance, and a crystal ball appears above his head launching crystal shards downwards around the caster (short-range).


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    • Anonymous

      I really want this make use of this but it just doesn’t feel like it has consistent damage. Things like magic downpour also aren’t super consistent but at least for that you aren’t stuck in place. I’m just not quite sure what to use this for. If it was supposed to be used when you get surrounded it needs a larger number of crystals and probably more stagger damage. If it was supposed to be like a stronger magic downpour but with extra downsides it should probably last longer after you finish the animation

      • The spell keeps shooting even if you get staggered out of it by bigger attacks. You can technically tank a hit on purpose to get it off and maybe the boss will end up fully under it and you animation cancelled to maybe do another one as it's going. Does good damage when it works.

        • Anonymous

          oh my god I can't believe after so many tries I actually cought somebody with this spell in pvp. Some overly bloodhound stepping guy got around 500 dmg and he dodged quite a lot of it. Ok, my duty's done, never gonna use it in combat again, only for praise the sun purposes.

          • Anonymous

            I was kind of disappointed this spell wasn't an upgrade to Magic Downpour. Like, looking at the spell icon you'd think it'd be a faster version of Magic Downpour while it machine-guns crystals everywhere, but alas it's not.

            • Anonymous

              Spell has been buffed as of 1.04 even tho it’s not in the patch notes. Faster casting speed and also has poise when casting. Even if hit the Crystal will continue firing

              • Anonymous

                It's got good potential as an Invader with the protection you get at the start, start with this and give yourself some breathing room or kill them if they think they're strong enough. Not as big AoE as Founding Rain but it only takes up one slot.

                • This spell seems broken to me and will quickly lose favor to other more versatile spells in its range and type. Im just a completionist and had to get it.

                  • Anonymous

                    Does decent damage actually but you have to stand still to use it, and the range is short. It’s like a vertical shotgun essentially.

                    • Anonymous

                      Would be nice to see this get a buff to cast speed and maybe number of projectiles to give it the utility of a ‘get out of my face button’

                      • Anonymous

                        I already messaged Bandai NAMCO support team about the absurdity of this spell. It would be great if our body is engulfed with crystal armor while casting it, giving the caster 200% bonus dmg negation from all sources.

                        • Anonymous

                          I casted it only one time in my playtime, figgting against that a$$holes perceptors with dozens of noble sorcerers. I casted it and that was soo awkward standing with hands up for eternity doing absolutely 0 damage to anyone. Even perceptor stopped shooting me with his magic greatbow, he was like "what the f man, is this a timeout?" Never felt NPC being embarrased for me befofe.

                          • Anonymous

                            If you are higher the range is bigger. For example, if you cast this while riding torrent it will hit a wider area.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you could cast this and then roll out as soon as it deploys it would be usable but as it is you are risking death being locked in a LONG animation right next to enemies for damage that isn't better than things you can cast at a safe distance.

                              • Anonymous

                                It's not good. Long casting and the range is close to melee.Plus,it works best when surrounded, which a mage shouldn't be.

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