Crystal Torrent

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Spell Type Crystalian Sorceries
FP Cost 24 (6) Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Creates crystal mass that fires stream of crystal shards

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Crystal Torrent is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Crystal Torrent spell fires multiple Crystal masses out in a very narrow cone in front of you. It seems to be an upgraded version of Crystal Barrage.


Sorcery of the mysterious Crystalians.

Creates a mass of crystal, then fires off shards in rapid succession. Hold to continue firing shards.

The wrath of the Crystalians encapsulated in sorcery. Each shard is of substantial size, making even a stray blow capable of inflicting a severe wound. 

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Where to find Crystal Torrent

Where to find Crystal Torrent:


Elden Ring Crystal Torrent Guide




Crystal Mage Written Guide



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    • Anonymous

      Better than comet azur if you care about actually killing things and not how big the numbers on the wiki are.

      • Anonymous

        Great spell. Basically a slightly weaker comet azur that costs half the FP and only takes up 1 memory slot.

        • Anonymous

          Damage per second is extremely high and personally I find it much easier to land damage on close to mid range enemies with this compared to comet azur. How useful that is depends on the arena in which you use it but I find that comet azur tends to get stopped by small bits of geometry just before making contact with a boss so the entire cast ends up being a waste, while with Crystal Torrent you still land most of your outgoing damage on your target. Both spells are good but this one is more flexible in terms of how it deals damage and how many slots it takes compared to comet azur.

          • Anonymous

            I struggled with the 3 crystal bosses so I went and finished wardead catacombs for redmane Ogha ash and I turned out lucky. His arrows smack the crap out of them and give you a nice reprieve from there onslaught. He especially targeted the mage one which helped a ton. I leveled him to +10 so this definitely helped too. Id recommend trying it out if you're a faith build like me.

            • Anonymous

              With the crystalian staff (boosts crystalian sorceries) in the off-hand this used with the infinite fp physick isn't far off from the damage of comet azur and only takes 1 slot to use. If you are really committing to the boss cheese and using lusat staff + azur head piece then this won't be able to match the raw damage but if you want to have the cheese option and NOT take up 3 slots it's a solid channel with crystalian staff. Would avoid it until you get that staff however as the damage output without it just isn't quite there IMO

              • Anonymous

                Caster remains static and won't rotate whule channeling this spell, unlike its lesser varient of which the caster can rotate.

                The Crystal Torrent can be redirected using lockon, unlike Comet Azur which is static when cast.
                This spell is more useful for clearing mobs in this regard.

                • Anonymous

                  Honestly, disappointed that the animation is similar to Azur. Unique spells like that shouldn't be so similar.
                  Also disappointed this spell makes caster static. It's lesser version you can track target.

                  • Anonymous

                    this spell is pretty powerfull and gets pretty close to comet azure with the craystal staff, basicaly the lower investment version.

                    • Anonymous

                      For any sorcerers struggling with the Putrid Crystalian bosses, I used the Night Maiden’s Mist spell you can buy from Gowry. This spell deals damage directly to their health without the need to break their shells.
                      The general strategy I used involved dropping the mist on the staff crystalian while kiting around the room. Once that one was dead, I moved on to the ringblade, and then the spearman from there. The spearman is pretty mobile, so you might need to kite him back and forth through the mist.
                      I should note, I died a few times while getting the strategy down, so don’t get discouraged. Once even a single crystalian dies, the remainder of the fight becomes much simpler from there.

                      • Anonymous

                        You get this from a little outpost next to the bridge of sacrifice closer to beginning area where the sorcerer you would learn from when obtained the scroll (requires some parkour) run this back to the sorcerer in the ruins with the flowers give it to her to learn this and one other glintblade sorcery

                        • Anonymous

                          I found it in Sellia Hideaway just Southwest of Fort Faroth behind an illusionary wall guarded by a mage off of the three Putrid Crystalians boss.
                          The description reads
                          "Sorcery of the mysterious Crystalians.

                          Creates a mass of crystal, then fires off shards in rapid succession.
                          Hold to continue firing shards.

                          The wrath of the Crystalians encapsulated in sorcery. Each shard
                          is of substantial size, making even a stray blow capable of
                          inflicting a severe wound."

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