Crystalian Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 101 HP Cost -
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Summons Crystalian spirit

Crystalian Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Crystalian Ashes are used to summon the spirit of a Crystalian.

Crystalians can also be found as Bosses in Elden Ring. For more information, see Crystalians.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirit of a Crystalian.

Spirit that wields round crystalline blades, both big and small. Its sturdy body, itself hewn from crystal long ago, is hard enough to blunt its opponent's blades, but blows from bludgeoning weapons can shatter it easily.


Where to find Crystalian Ashes

Where to Find Crystalian Ashes

  • Sellia Hideaway: Once you reach the first large room, walk across to the other end of the room, staying on the top level. You'll soon enter a tunnel with a Stake of Marika in it. As soon as you reach the end of this tunnel, hug the right wall closely, and you'll pass 3 giant purple crystals on your left almost immediately. Walk up the third crystal, drop to another crystal facing south, then drop to a third crystal facing south-southwest. This crystal leads to a tunnel in the far wall. In that tunnel is a drop that leads directly into the room with the chest containing these ashes, protected by 3 sorcerers.
  • The entrance to Sellia Hideaway is located north of the Church of the Plague site of grace. Look for a small graveyard with a sorcerer wielding a staff and club. Behind the headstone where that sorcerer spawns there is an illusionary wall that hides the entrance to the dungeon.


Elden Ring Crystalian Ashes Guide

  • His poise is 350, what makes it the highest value of that type in Elden Ring (bosses including)
  • Very strong versus opponents, that does not deal Strike Damage.



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    • Anonymous

      I got this to +7 on the strength of what I'd seen from crystalian enemies. I only summoned it once for Mohg the Omen. All it did was levitate around the room while Mohg tore me a new one, it didn't make any attempt to attack Mohg, not once. Yeah, proper tanky summons when it isn't anywhere near the fight.

      • Anonymous

        i have noticed that after a while of getting hit (not poise broken) the damage resistance just dissapears

        does anyone else notice this?

        • Anonymous

          This thing does amazing when you're fighting literally anything without strike damage. In NG+ she only took around 500 damage from Placiduax's nuke.

          • Anonymous

            Possibly the worst item location description I have ever read..

            You to jump up on the crystals in the large room BEFORE the tunnel to the boss room

            • Anonymous

              I upgraded this to +4 as soon as I found it, I thought it would be a good spirit ash for strong enemies or bosses that didn't do strike damage. I summoned it for Mohg the omen to get to the frenzied flame proscription and I'm not exaggerating in saying all it did was serenely levitate around the boss room doing absolutely f**k all while Mohg battered the s**t out of me. It was a waste of glovewarts and runes upgrading it.

              • Anonymous

                I've got a feeling the spirit summons have been somewhat nerfed in the last update. Go to banished knight Oleg's wiki and read the comments, then summon him at impassable great bridge in Caelid and see if what he does matches up to the impression you got from reading his wiki. I summoned him at the blood-filled lake at +6 and his damage from a single attack only once or twice got into the low hundreds.

                I'm saying this here because this is the last summons I tried at impassable bridge, with no upgrades she hardly took any damage. She wasn't exactly hitting hard herself but at least she did her job to distract the enemies from all coming after me at once. I think it would be a mistake to overlook this spirit ash.

                • Anonymous

                  Fun fact- Marigt does a better job at fighting this than Morgott, since the former does blunt damage and the latter slash

                  • Anonymous

                    this is guy is probably the best tank in the game. if he dealt much more damage then i think the would be the best summon in the game. almost soloed morgott for me

                    • Oh my god this is THE anti-Malenia ashes. My crystal boy tanked 3 separate scarlet Aeonia bombs straight to the face and didn't even flinch. I don't think there's another summons in the game that can take the kind of abuse this guy can, so if you're looking for a borderline cheese-level strategy to take Malenia this is your summons, right here.

                      • Anonymous

                        So, there's two caves in that room before the boss. The obvious one, with what I assume is the empty chest (looted it a long time ago if anything was in there), and another one that is very dark. If you don't drop down, it's not the right cave.

                        • Anonymous

                          Best tank vs enemies that don’t use a lot of blunt attacks - good against dragons if you’re a more ranged play style but less so if you’re up close.

                          • Anonymous

                            durable enough to make godskin duo easy by easily holding its own against the godskin apostle while you shred the redditor, thank you rock wife

                            • Anonymous

                              It's a great tank except against enemies with blunt weapons. Wide number of AoE attacks and couple of short distance ranged attacks. Great damage to groups.

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