Cure Poison

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Spell Type Two Fingers Incantations
FP Cost 7 Slots Used 1
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Cures Poison ailment and reduces poison build-up.

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Cure Poison is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Cure Poison spell  is cast to cure the Poison status ailment from the player.


Incantation of the Two Fingers' faithful.

Alleviates poison buildup and cures poison.
This incantation can be cast while in motion.

The Two Fingers has high hopes for the Tarnished; that even if they should be wounded, even should they fall, they will continue to fight for their duty.


Cure Poison Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Cure Poison:


Elden Ring Cure Poison Guide

  • Stamina Cost: 10
  • Low Cost Sorcery (7 Focus Points per cast)
  • Uses only 1 Memory Slot
  • Requires Low Faith (10)
  • Cures Poison ailment and reduces poison build-up.
  • Cast Speed is slow
  • Can be chain-casted as long as player has enough FP
  • Will have no effect if not poisoned
  • Can be cast while moving




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    • Anonymous

      One big advantage this has over Lord's Heal or Flame, Cleanse Me is the ability to walk while you're casting it. For Lord's Heal, your character has to kneel down, and for Flame, Cleanse Me, they stop when they beat their chest. Believe it or not, simply walking away from an enemy substantially increases your chance to survive. Whereas the other two will immobilize you, often leading to your death, Cure Poison is also useful during boss fights.

      • Anonymous

        Did some patch mess this one up (PC version)? It seems to work as a normal heal spell, not a poison cure...

        • Anonymous

          As expected, extremely useful for many areas. There are great many deal of enemies who inflict poison (sometimes in a single nasty attack). And instead of wasting resources to alleviate that, you can simply cast this and enjoy the day again.

          Later in game might get outshadowed by "Flame, cleanse me", as latter one removes both poison and scarlet rot, which will be abundant later on.

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