Death Rite Bird

death rite bird bosses elden ring wiki guide
Location Mountaintops of the Giants

Liurnia of the Lakes


Liurnia of the Lakes:
7,800 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
23,400 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18  Runes (NG+1)
Ancient Death Rancor

15,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
Death's Poker

Mountaintops of the Giants:
77,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
154,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes (NG+1)
Death Ritual Spear

Consecrated Snowfields:
220,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes

440,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes (NG+1)
Explosive Ghostflame


Liurnia: 6577

Caelid: 7952

Mountaintops: 16059

Snowfield: 17625

Strong VS
Immune to
Weaker to

Death Rite Bird is a group of Bosses with the same name in Elden Ring. Death Rite Birds are skeletal bird-like creature found in various locations. These are optional bosses as players are not required to defeat them in order to advance in Elden Ring, but they do provide useful items and Runes upon defeat.


 In the time when there was no Erdtree, death was burned in ghostflame. Deathbirds were the keepers of that fire. The birds are graveyard fire keepers; it is said they rake out the ashen remains of the dead from their kilns.

Elden Ring Death Rite Bird Boss

Death Rite Bird is a Boss found in multiple locations.

  • Death Rite Bird is an optional boss.
  • Death Rite Bird is a Field-class boss.
  • Closest Sites of Grace: Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank (Elden Ring Map Link)
  • Is multiplayer allowed for this boss?
  • You can summon Spirit ashes for this boss, depending on location.


Elden Ring Death Rite Bird Location

The Death Rite Bird can be found in multiple locations:

  1. Caelid: Directly east-southeast from the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank site of grace, across the road. It drops the Death's Poker. [Elden Ring Map Link]
  2. Liurnia of the Lakes: just south of Gate Town North Site of Grace at night. It drops the Ancient Death Rancor. [Elden Ring Map Link]
  3. Mountaintops of the Giants: Found by crossing the bridge northwest of Stargazer's Ruins and then heading down the snow-capped cliffs. This encounter is NOT night-only. It drops the Death Ritual Spear. [Elden Ring Map Link]
  4. Consecrated Snowfield: Found at the head of the frozen river, just southeast of the Apostate Derelict at night. It drops Explosive Ghostflame. [Elden Ring Map Link]


Death Rite Bird Combat Information

  • Health: NG (??), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (??)
  • Defenses do not change between phases.
  • Deals Standard Damage, Pierce Damage and Magic Damage. May also inflict Frosbite.
  • undead icon 40px Undead type
  • Parriable: No
  • Can have its stance broken, allowing for a critical attack. Poise: 120.
  • Weak spot: Head



The absorption numbers are the % of your damage that gets blocked. For example if an absorption is 60. 40% of that damage by that type will go through and 60% is absorbed. Bigger number= less damage. An absorption of 100 means no damage goes through, and a resistance of -100 mean the enemy takes 2x damage from that source. 0 means damage goes pretty much as is.


The resistance numbers is the buildup amount to trigger it. For example if a resistance is 100 you must deal 100 points of whatever aux buildup to trigger it. Note that these go down over time, and increase each time the effect procs.


Elden Ring Death Rite Bird Boss Guide

Death Rite Bird Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Death Rite Bird Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Death Rite Bird:

  • Death Rite birds are extremely weak to Holy Damage. The ones encountered early on in particular will crumble before 2-3 Holy Pots with high enough faith, especially when player targets their head.
  • The lingering ghostflame can knock you off horseback. Use your mount only if you're engaging it from afar; mounted close combat is very risky.
  • Blind spots include right under the Bird or behind it, but ghostflame can limit the amount of safe footing to get up close.
  • Use locking onto its head with care, as it can easily disorient the player due to its mobility. Only lock onto it to hit its head with magic or melee attacks.
  • Caelid: above the gate on the road to Sellia, there is a pot-throwing Troll. If you bait the Death Rite Bird into the range of the Troll, the pots he throws deal significant amount of damage.
  • In medium/late-game (or NG+) Fallingstar Beast Jaw skill (Gravity Bolt) is very effective at breaking Death Rite Bird's poise, especially with lock on their head.
Melee Users

It is advisable not to fight the Death Rite Bird on horseback, as most of its attacks will still clip you even at full sprint on Torrent. Using a Faith build helps, because this boss is weak to Holy damage, and having the Cipher Pata, Coded Sword, or any Faith-scaling weapon will help out a lot in dealing significant damage. Additionally, make sure to add any of the Holy damage Ashes of War to your weapon (the ones starting with 'Sacred'). Try sticking to its legs and dodge rolling its attacks. When the boss flies away and disengages to attack you using either the Black Pinion Barrage or Rain of Spears, you can quickly use Torrent to run away and avoid the attack, then get close to the boss and dismount your horse. 

Magic and Ranged Users

Many of its abilities can one-shot you if you don't have high HP. Many more deal death-magic chip damage even if you block, or cause some AOE death-magic effect in large areas that track over and through light cover. Combined with its expansive ranged AOE attacks, many of which persist for a long time, allows it to close rapidly and attack again even as you dodge, meaning that ranged attacks are difficult to time. But because of those AOE and magic damage effects, fighting the Birds like the gargoyles (up close under the legs) is also a risky proposition. They can easily hit you while you're mounted, and they have relatively high HP.

For the Central Mountaintop of Giants one, at least, the terrain makes all the difference. To the right side of the arena there's a sort of valley that you can move to the top and bottom of to exploit the horizontal limits to his relatively flat hit-boxes. If he's either significantly above or below you, most of the physical components of his attacks miss, making dealing with any AOE much easier and giving you time to get in hits. It also can help with some of his AOE ranged attacks, like the Black Pinion barrage. If you get a good summon out before you engage, take it slow, and quickly move to keep him on a different level from you, this becomes a significantly easier fight.


Death Rite Bird Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Overhead Smash The Death Rite Bird slams its rod in an overhead strike in front of it. It can also perform this move from a jump/flight. Dodge sideways.
Flying Sweep The Death Rite Bird flies backwards, before charging and sweeping its rod to attack its target. Dodge forward. It can be easily dodged by running towards it and then dodging.
Low Sweep The Death Rite Bird pulls its rod to the opposite shoulder, charges up for a second and then unleashes a low sweep in a wide arc in front of it. It can combo this into a second sweep in the opposite direction, finishing off with an overhead smash. This attack can be dodged through as the bird's weapon swings across. Otherwise, maintain distance or dodge backwards.
Stab The Death Rite Bird rears back with its rod held in the opposite shoulder and then stabs forward quickly. Pay attention to how it holds the weapon. Dodge sideways.
Ghostflame Ignition The Death Rite Bird summons a ghostly ball of fire with its rod. Depending on the distance, it will execute one of two moves. If the target is far away, it swing its rod horizontally, sending a trail of ghostflame towards the target. If it is within melee range, it will slam the rod down, causing a devastating explosion. Avoid the ghostflame trail by dodging to the side. The explosion can be dodged by rolling forwards.
Peck The Death Rite Bird pecks downward once or twice, dealing moderate damage. Block or dodge backwards.
Spearcall Ritual The Death Rite Bird disengages by flying away from its target. It then releases dozens of spears to rain down upon its target. More spears land in a denser formation closest to the bird and at the beginning of the attack, while they are more spread apart the further away you are and towards the end of the attack.  Sprint away from the telegraphed landing spots. These look like glowing white circles on the ground. Alternatively block with shield for potentially manageable chip damage.
Ancient Death Rancor The Death Rite Bird releases dozens of its black flame-engulfed feathers, sending them flying towards its target. The feathers have decent tracking and the bird usually uses this move following the Spearcall Ritual. Sprint sideways and dodge any incoming feathers that happen to be in your path. Getting hit by any feathers can stagger you, causing you to get hit by subsequent feathers.
Explosive Ghostflame The Death Rite Bird holds its rod upright, charging it with ghostflame. It then slams the weapon into the ground, releasing the flames in a large radius around it. This attack leaves trails of fire on the ground, dealing damage when stood in. Maintain a medium distance away from the bird and then watch out for patches of flame on the ground. Ranged players can use the charge-up time to get a few free hits in.
Leaping Grab The Death Rite Bird leaps back and releases a screech, before quickly lunging forward. If it lands, it grabs you and pecks you repeatedly on the ground. Quickly dodge out of the way once you see it scream.
Death Screech Releases a scream up to two times, dealing small amounts of damage and building up Death Blight. Move Away.

Death Rite Bird Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • The Ravenmount Assassins worship these creatures, modeling their armor after them.



Death Rite Bird Image Gallery

death rite bird 1 elden ring wiki guide death rite bird 2 elden ring wiki guide death rite bird 3 elden ring wiki guide 
death rite bird 4 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      The Perfect Strategy for them:
      Two Ruptured Crystal Tear in the flask, Sacred Scorpion Charm, Golden Vow annnnd go

      Thank me later

      • Anonymous

        OK, forget range with bow (maybe Rock Sling is OK). I went in at lvl 37, 6 red flasks, 1 blue AND a Lordsworn Greatsword lvl 2 + Sacred Blade. The range attack from Sacred blade did mediocre damage, but R1's were greatly buffed. I killed it with 0 flasks and a sliver of life left.
        I really recommend melee: only lock-on to it's torso and roll in towards his waist the whole time. Summon Torrent LATE during the Spearcall Ritual as it gives you iFrames and spam the sprint button then jump in again to wail on the legs and torso.
        I hate this boss, but on my 2nd melee attempt I got him and with my lack of skill that means anyone looking for the Death's Poker can beat him easily.

        • Anonymous

          The Caelid variant DOES NOT have 252 Rot resistance at all. It took almost 16-18 rot arrows in quick succession (not Barrage) to rot that piece of sh*t and after 40 total the 2nd rot affliction did not even proc (at which moment it totally squashed me :P). each arrow counts for 50 buildup minus the depletion between hits so say 40 min per arrow. 7 arrows should have done the job on the 1st proc, not 16. I'm sure it's 500+ res. At least the Caelid version.

          • Anonymous

            I have estimated guys and I have finally come to a conclusion that these things do 999999999999999999 damage per hit.

            • Anonymous

              The wiki forgot the deathrite bird in weeping peninsula southwest of the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.

              • Anonymous

                lol the one at Liurnia of the Lakes killed me, went up into the air and just ****ing died. Looked so stupid as well.

                But hey, I ain't gonna complain, a soul for a soul; was about time you bosses get to feel how we feel when we get stunlock oneshot. Too bad I couldn't fight it properly but at least I don't have to fast forward to nightfall anymore.

                • Anonymous

                  Bubble shower its head with the large or giant envoy horn. Almost always poise breaks and does huge damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    I swear to god I'm done with all night bosses. I'll just skip them all. Everytime I die , I have to wait for the night time on grace. I know that it doesn't take that long but it's SUPER FREAKING ANNOYING. I would prefer walking(even without Torrent) a long distance between the grace and the boss, like we used to run from the closest bonfire to Taurus Demon in DS1. Maybe it's because we were sprinting through enemies from the bonfire to the boss, instead of looking at stupid intro screens. So, while sprinting through enemies, there was still some action going on. Instead of looking at intros while doing nothing. So boring.

                    • Anonymous

                      Welcome to typical bosses and areas rating system developed by FS community:
                      - if boss is very easy its a shitty boss
                      - if boss is quite easy, not that hard, provides some challenge but not too much - its a good boss
                      - if boss is challenging but not too hard - its a great boss
                      - if boss is very hard - its a sh tty boss again

                      You all saying this boss is bad cause he's beating the sh out of you.

                      • Anonymous


                        but in all seriousness, just run into that chicken crotch ;)

                        • Anonymous

                          Don't despair if you're not a Faith build. I have 9 Faith, and I just slapped Sacred Blade (Holy affinity) onto my +25 Uchigatana, and one use of the ranged projectile part of the Ash of War took off around 15-20% of the Consecrated Snowfield bird's HP. No damage boosting talismans, no buffs.

                          • Anonymous

                            While on horseback, if you circle them outside of melee range most of their ranged attacks won't hit you. Very helpful for healing, reapplying buffs, etc.

                            • Anonymous

                              For the Consecrated Snowfield one: Halo Scythe +9, Marika's Soreseal, Sacred Scorpion Charm, Shard of Alexander, and Godfrey Icon. Run far away with Torrent then spam weapon skill. For Physick flask I used Faith tear and Bubble tear. Over 1700 damage per projectile with 57 faith.

                              • Anonymous

                                Honestly not too hard for pure melee if you take some time to learn when to dodge. I managed it relatively easily by just being really aggressive and constantly approaching. A surprising amount of its attacks won’t hit you if you just roll into its torso

                                • Anonymous

                                  I'm glad that this is one of the few bosses that's weak to holy damage, because good god these things are a massive pain in the ass without that.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The death rite bird fight at consecrated snowfield feels like its difficulty has been turned all the way up to 11 resulting in a real dirty mother f**ker of a boss. Holy water pots and 50 FTH didn't help much because it was killing me before I could get any advantage from its weakness to holy damage. It killed me eight times one after the other, every time I tried for a holy water pot head shot or got close enough to cast litany of proper death it was hammering me.

                                    After dying eight times I'd finally had enough so I put the golden land AoW on my great hammer and resorted to the tedious tactic of target locking its head for the golden darts then putting as much of the cliff face between it and me as I could, it was doing pretty decent damage but still took a good while to kill it with hit and run, I only stuck at it for the explosive ghostflame it drops.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I thought it couldn't get worse than stormhawk birds. Then this mf ambushes me in mountaintops and two shots me with my 53 vig, cleanrot knight armor and dragoncrest shield charm...

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Consecrated Snowfield Death Rite Bird felt hard for Samurai Rivers of Blood build with minimal investment in faith (and therefore not much access to holy weapons). Even with 50 vigor, with my initial max damage setup (white mask, talismans that boost damage), I was getting one-shotted by the bird a lot. Ended up beating the bird without respeccing by changing my gear a bit to optimize a bit better for damage mitigation. I ended up using great jar's arsenal and equiping the highest physical damage mitigating armors i could find in my inventory while still being medium roll, spelldrake +2 talisman for magic mitigation (i think some component of the bird's attack are magic), pearldrake +2 talisman (also for more magic dmg mitigation), and mottled necklace +1 (stalwart horns can also work but i didnt have it) for robustness and therefore frostbite resistance. for buffs, I used golden vow ash of war in my left hand weapon for golden vow buff (defense and attack buff), flame give me strength for attack buff, and stamina speed recovery flask plus bubbletear wonder flask, offense was simply rivers of blood corpse piler (which is not optimized for bird given immunity to bleed, but that was the only strong weapon i had). with this setup, seems like i could tank any hit at least once (but obviously you need to dodge most still), i think often i took 2 or 3 hits before needing to flask heal, which allowed me to slowly chip the bird down to death with melee. Other huge thing I noticed was that rolling forward underneath the bird's legs was almost always the right dodge no matter what the bird's attack was, and being underneath or slightly behind the bird is almost always the best spot to be unless you need to recover a lot of hp or fp (in which case i tried to get a ton of distance and heal up). final tip is that it was useful to equip the anti-freeze boluses for my item slot, as sometimes the frost was building up close to max so its a nice easy fix. hope that helps those of you that are too lazy to respec just to beat this crazy bird!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I've seen a few people comment about it and warning messages left by other players about holy damage"try holy" but I was still surprised by just how much damage a direct hit from a holy water pot does to its health bar they really do shred the death rite birds, and it doesn't take a shed load of direct hits to do it.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Try respeccing for a faith weapon with holy damage, then stay under it and use jumping attacks with the claw talisman to go for its head.

                                            Run away if it charges its staff for a ground slam, run forward if it shoots out a rain of feather-spears, run sideways if it fires a swarm of death orbs.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Some advices:
                                              - The bird has two lock-on points, the head and the torso. Even though it's often worth targeting the head of beasts with similar posture, you definately only want to lock onto the torso if you're melee. The head will give you vertigo and you'll vomit your screen from the absolutely horrendous camerawork I really hoped will be gone by now
                                              - Always try to roll towards him when dodging, underneath the head. I know it looks more dangerous, but in my experience, the farther you're away, the weirder things he does.
                                              - If he does the peck attack, he usually follows it with two more. If you dodge the first to the side, that's your best opportunity to heal or get hits in since he can't turn with you that fast while in that animation
                                              - It can be bled for some reason. Takes quite a couple of hits, but it is possible for high-arcane characters.
                                              - If you roll underneath it while it prepares for the grab, and dodge the death scream, he'll actually cancel out the entire animation. Be aware! You don't get free hits in cause he won't try to grab you and follows up almost instantly with whatever it feels like
                                              - Whenever it flies, the lock can switch onto the head automatically. Instantly lock off when you see that! Once he starts flying, that'll make your camera goes absolutely crazy. Just freeaim, wait for it to attack and dodge right underneath him again to lock back onto the body.
                                              - Holy is your friend here. If you use a faith character, you have a bit easier time
                                              - Since its AOEs hit like a wrecking ball, group spirits aren't that effective. Most of them can't follow the bird's erratic movements, especially when it flies. Lhutel the headless stil does wonders and works as good as ever, but Latenna is also a powerful one you shouldn't ignore. Her being an automatic stationary turret can really help you out. All you need to do is attract aggro while Latenna unleashes her arrow sniper onto the bird

                                              • The more I play this game the less patient I have for bullshits like this, now when I see bullshit designs I just switch to range weapons, summon mimic tear and bullshit it right back. It's not fun to just click attack from a safe distance without worry about dodging and punishing with your ash tanking everything, but neither is having to deal with the bullshit lingering aoe damage that denies half of your punishing opportunity against a stupidly tanky boss whos attack have lingering damage effect and can two shot you, with a shitty camera gives you vertigo everytime the bird inevitably moves forward and you find yourself under its crotch.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  The Death Rite Bird's Explosive Ghostflame attack is, bar none, the single most damaging attack in the entirety of the Lands Between. No other foe has a single move capable of locking you down and killing you with not even the explosion itself, but the dribbling embers left behind by the attack afterward, covering huge, vast swathes of land.
                                                  No amount of armor, health, magic, or even the mighty Opaline Bubbletear can save you if you get caught in the early parts Explosive Ghostflame. Although, if you add in defensive aromatics, you might just have a chance...
                                                  If you dare to challenge a Death Rite Bird, keep one eye on the ground, and never step in its cold fire. Beware.
                                                  — Courh the Explorer

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Falling Star Beast Jaw +9 ash of war stun locked it until it was stunned for the riposte then heavy attack until it was dead.
                                                    It never even got an attack off.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Going against these guys as a pure melee fighter, they felt like possibly the single most powerful non-Malenia enemy in the game. Going against them as a faith/melee hybrid, they melt like butter.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Worst thing about this fight is having to remember to pass time till nightfall at the grace each time you die. Tedious garbage.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Shouldn't be tough at all for magic users. Loretta's greatbow can hit them from far enough away that if you keep kiting on horseback you shouldn't take a scratch.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Everybody seems to be worried about the Consecrated Snowfield one, but I think people are stuck too much in their own builds. I'm not very good at this game, but I hit it with a few Sacred Blade AoWs and it went down no problem. Seriously, the first one hit its head and did 7k damage. 50 faith, 40 strength, Knight Greatsword+25.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Death rite bird, that doesn't use death blight? Wtf!

                                                              I mean if he has "DEATH" in his name and he uses a stat, then why not be accurate!?!?!?!

                                                              this f you bird! Should be called "the ex girlfriends, heart birth"

                                                              Becease just like the weapon art he uses in his boss fight it's "COLD AS F*CK! "

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                These guys and dragonkin soldiers have the coolest designs in the game, devs really went the extra mile on details for them

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Harder than any required actual boss in the game, this field boss is so OP it makes me want to uninstall and walk away.

                                                                  The absurdly extensive notes on how to even stand a slight chance against this PoS enemy should be an indication of how far outside of “reasonably difficult yet balanced” this thing is.

                                                                  Experienced souls player with Meta-level (> 200) on first playthrough and I can’t even get the damned one in the Consecrated Snowfield past half health.

                                                                  This is sadism.

                                                                  • For the Consecrated Snowfield Flavor:

                                                                    Okay fellow 10000% justifiably frustrated tarnished: This is by far the hardest nighty time birb in the game. I was trying melee with shield and it just was nigh impossible due to frostbite everywhere, and on a whim I tried something and it seemed to work amazingly well, so here's what you can do if you can cast founding rain of stars or something similar:

                                                                    From the nearby Apostate Grace, get on Torrent and head down to the end of the river where birb spawns, once its enemy healthbar appears make a bee line while still on Torrent directly down the river in the opposite direction of his spawn point til you lose aggro (be forewarned it will take a while...).

                                                                    Now, once he starts backing up / heading back to his spawn point, you run back on Torrent as if you are heading straight back to the Apostate Grace, only instead of entering that chapel, stand on the lip of the ledge that is directly above birb but to the right and safely away from the giant octopus stuck to the cliffside so you don't get unwanted company.

                                                                    Birb will attack but poor birb cannot fly that high, so turn your camera to birb's eye view and cast stars or any spell that might be able to track (but I found stars most FP and dmg cost effective). I literally took no damage and felt like Chucky Cheese on a Cheddar Bender, naturally, but it is a lot better than wasting your night screaming at this thing. Hope this helps!

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      I know the halo scythe is ridiculously hard to farm but if you’re lucky enough to get it then know that the weapon art absolutely destroys these things. When maxing out my holy damage I was able to do upwards of 2300+ dmg per cast with only 40 dex/faith, just mash the WA button as soon as you see it fly in and watch as its hp bar disappears

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        For the one near Castle Sol, I was able to just snipe him from the cliff above his spawning area. His attacks (mostly) can't reach you. Night Maiden's Mist was particularly helpful, as he likes to hug the base of the cliff trying to get to you. Be warned, he does have one attack that has a chance (albeit slim) of hitting you, so backing up a bit when he's freaking out is advised.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          One way I was able to win was use my +10 skeleton Militia, infuse a horseback friendly weapon with holy, and just hit and run on horse back. Mind torrents health, use some heavy attacks when Death Rite Bird is in an attack animation and do your best to try and kite DRB away from collapsed miltia when they are downed in order to keep them in the fight.

                                                                          When it goes well it's not too bad, but in case anyone wanted a method that did not want to wedge DRB into some rocks or push it off a cliff, this was a pretty solid approach for most Mele focused builds.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            You can cheese the C. Snowfields one by getting it to spawn then running to the cliff side beside the town. then run back down and hug the right side of the valley and it will get stuck between the rock wall and a large stone. Then just holy pot and Silura Tree is to death

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Terrible design, impossible to fight fairly in melee, ranged attacks clip through terrain and in melee in creates persistent AOE flames that prevent you from punishing. Horrible hitbox will also make you miss.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                "Can summon depending on location" is pretty misleading. The only one you can summon for is the one by Castle Sol, probably bc it spawns regardless of whether its night.
                                                                                Also the advice about not using torrent is not super great, at least in my experience. Granted, I am a int/fth caster build so I can't speak for melee builds, but torrent saved my bacon countless times against these guys. The only one I didn't use him for was the one by Sol, but I had the bloodhound step aow to make up mobility and my summon to pull aggro. You have to learn how to get around its attacks, and maybe bring an extra crimson flask in case he goes down, but his speed and maneuverability is well worth it. Especially in caelid, his double jump is a godsend in that terrain.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Actual garbage. The one in Caelid has such uneven terrain you can't roll 2 times without getting stuck in some clump of mushrooms, giving the bird the chance to stunlock you with a bs ghostfire AOE attack that spreads unpredictably. And every time you die it AUTOMATICALLY sets the time back to day so you have to spend like 3 minutes setting stuff up so you can fight it again.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Deservers every last bit of cheese you have. I cheesed the one in the snowfields with rotten breath. Trigger the fight and go on top of the mountain on the west. He won't follow and will just jump around on the bottom, trying to attack. When he is close enough you can poison him and enjoy his slow death.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Snowfield cheese: Get on top of the mountains. Let him follow you. Ride fastly to the side and jump safely down, he will then kill himself by jumping down to you.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        The only way I can kill them is to use the Golden Land ash of war on a fully upgraded weapon. The homing holy projectiles are really effective on actually hitting them, which I can hardly do with melee. I also summoned Tiche to help at Castle Sol as she can also deal holy damage.

                                                                                        • Boss spawned infront of Castle Sol, got stuck in a cliff behind the arena tho. I went back after resting and it didnt even bother spawning. One way to beat the boss, i guess

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            while the damage is definitely overturned, I think my only issue with the boss is the flame particles left on the ground, particularly in the 2 in the snowy areas. Not only do they tick a hell of a lot for good damage and frostbite, as well as the fact that there are so many of the damn things, they can also be really hard to see bc the camera is looking up most of the time, and they blend in with the snowy ground

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              don’t get me wrong, while I love the death weapons and spells, i feel like the normal Deathbirds’ drops are better from a pure quality standpoint, at least for most builds. 2 talismans, one of the best medium shields in the game, and the only weapon i can think of with a natural FP steal mechanic. These, however, are much cooler

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Cheese solution to this OP POS for consecrated snowfield is cliff plus founding rain of stars. it will keep pummeling the mountain side below you while you melt it with arrows from the heavens on the cliff above. Use its hyper-aggressive AI against it to you advantage. either this or realize that because there is no defined boss arena for these they have a tether range outside of which they won't follow you.

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  the Death Rite Birds take increased damage from the GO holy spell Litany of Proper Death like undead enemies. the spell sucks against anything else but can do upwards of 3K damage against these

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Head seems to take +50% damage, at least to Holy. Took 746 damage from Holy water bomb normally and 1120 in the head with only 10 Faith.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      If you're not on a holy damage build bloodhounds step really helps in dodging the big area attacks and creates openings. I'm usually on a greatshield but went halberds power stance with bloodhounds against the one in snowfields.

                                                                                                      • These things can really pack a whollop if they hit you dead on. I always fight them at range on horseback. Despite being so large, their weird skinny body shape and wonky moveset makes them accidentally dodge projectiles quite a bit. This variant is worse than the other since it has the addition of huge aoe moves and the ability to unceremoniously dismount you from your horse.

                                                                                                        • These things can really pack a whollop if they hit you dead on. I always fight them at range on horseback. Despite being so large, their weird skinny body shape and wonky moveset makes them accidentally dodge projectiles quite a bit. This variant is worse than the other since it has the addition of huge aoe moves and the ability to unceremoniously dismount you from your horse.

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            god forbid you are in anything other than the perfect position and don't react immediately and aren't swinging your weapon or making any other kind of input when it decides to use the giant explosion

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