Demi-Human Chief

demihuman chief boss enemy elden ring wiki guide
Location Dissenter's Cave
Drops 900 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
HP ??? (FOE)
Strong VS
Weak to

Demi-Human Chief is a Boss in Elden Ring. Demi-Human Chief is part of the Closed Network Test and is found in Dissenter's Cave, Limgrave. This is an optional boss as players don't need defeat it to advance to the Legacy Dungeon.


 The darkness of Dissenter's Cave hides a den of those who may look almost human, but are certainly not.

Demi-Human Chief Boss in Elden Ring

Demi-Human Chief is a Foe Boss found in Dissenter's Cave.

  • This is an optional boss
  • This is a "Foe" type boss
  • Closest Site of Grace: Dissenter's Cave
  • Multiplayer is available for this fight
  • Spirit Summons are available for this fight
  • This Boss guards the way to Church of Dragon Communion


Where to find Demi-Human Chief in Elden Ring

Demi-Human Chief can be found by exploring Dissenter's Cave, South-West from the Church of Elleh. Players must defeat this boss to access the beaches on the other side of this cave.



Demi-Human Chief Boss Guide for Elden Ring

Video Guide for Demi-Human Chief Boss

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Demi-Human Chief Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Demi-Human Chief:

  • Clearing the other Demi-Humans around him first with ranged attacks or Magic Spells can make this fight much easier.
  • He staggers easily, so make sure to hit him with repeated strikes
  • Be wary of attacks that come from overhead, as they can often hit over the top of your Shield, even if you're blocking
  • Using Summoning Spirits can make this fight much easier.
  • You can sneak around the bushes on the left and hit him while he's sleeping to begin this fight if you want


Melee Strategy

Before engaging the Boss, try to wait for the other Demi-Humans to come to you so that you can either pick them off via Stealth, or chop them down before the Boss wakes up.

When facing the Boss, you can Block most of his attacks easily enough if you have a decent shield, but you'll have to watch out for some of his combos that strike repeatedly or you won't have enough Stamina to do so. Block the first attack, and then Dodge out of the way if you can.

Wait for him to do overhead attacks that result in him plunging his weapons downward. This is your opportunity to strike. Remember that he staggers easily, so make sure to keep up the assault for at least 3 or 4 swings, as long as you have enough Stamina to get away afterwards. Rinse and repeat.


Magic and Ranged Strategy

Use your Magic or Bow to range down the smaller Demi-Humans quickly or try to get them from Stealth if you prefer. Once they are down, you'll need to keep your distance from the Boss in order to cast or use your Bow. You can use the large stone pillar on the left to kite him until you can create some if you need to.

It's not a bad idea to keep your Shield in one hand and your catalyst in the other so that you can Block attacks if needed, if you're playing a Mage Build. His attacks have wacky timing, so it's not always easy to dodge every attack.

If you use a Spirit Summons you can range down the Boss while he focuses on it for an easy time.


Attacks & Counters

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Elden Ring Demi-Human Chief Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

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