Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear

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Type Crystal Tear
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Temporarily boosts dexterity in mixed physick

Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear is a Crystal Tear in Elden Ring. Crystal Tears can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick to enhance its effect.


A crystal tear formed slowly over the ages where the Erdtree's bounty falls to the ground.

Can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
The resulting concoction temporarily boosts one's dexterity.


Where to find Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear

Can be found at the top of a small island at Liurnia of the Lakes. Southwest of Boilprawn Shack. [Map Link]


Elden Ring Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear Notes & Tips

  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Dexterity +10
  • You can find Crystal Tears at the bases of Minor Erdtrees and elsewhere throughout the Lands Between
  • At sites of grace, you can mix two crystal tears in the Flask of Wondrous Physick (This will allow you to create elixirs with various custom effects)
  • Other Notes and player tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      Like all stats boosting buffs like radagon's soreseal or godrick's rune, it's stronger when you use it at a lower level. At 42 DEX boosting keen weapon at roughly around 20% dmg. At higher levels, there are better options because you would've hit hardcap at 60 where additional 10+ is useless.

      • Anonymous

        Rivers of Blood + Fire Scorpion Charm + Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom + Dex Knot + Flame-Shrouding + Flame Grant Me Strength... yeah, you can probably get pretty high damage while only meeting mostly required stats.

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