Dirty Chainmail

dirty chainmail elden ring wiki guide 200px
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 11.4
VS Strike 8.8
VS Slash 11.9
VS Pierce 11.4
Magic 8
Fire 8.8
Ligt 6.1
Holy 8
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 25
Robustness 50
Focus 21
Vitality 21
Poise 18

Chest Armor Wgt. 8.8

Dirty Chainmail is a Chest Armor in Elden Ring. Dirty Chainmail is part of the Albinauric Set Armor Set, and is a medium weight chainmail armor. Dirty Chainmail is an armor piece worn over or around the player's torso to obtain an increase of defense and resistance. It also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


Chainmail worn by young Albinaurics.
The appearance of a protruding belly provides no benefits worthy of note.


Where to find Dirty Chainmail in Elden Ring

The Dirty Chainmail Chest Armor can be found at:

  • Dropped by the Second Generation Albinaurics that are visibly wearing the chest piece.
  • An easily farmable group of 6 is located near the Academy Gate Town site of grace in Liurnia of the Lakes. Head northwest from the site of grace until you reach an L-shaped building with a small tower at the corner. There will be 2 on the left sloped roof, 2 near the tower and 2 immediately upon jumping off the North side of the building.


Dirty Chainmail Set in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Dirty Chainmail Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18100
  • Poise Updated to patch 1.07


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    • Anonymous

      Being a little nerd here, but the protruding belly actually does provide benefits, instead of the weight of the chainmail going directly to your shoulders, it spreads the weight out more to your waist, making it more comfortable to wear.

      • Anonymous

        This chest piece is great if you wanna be a slightly rotund knight but still look like you have decent protection

        • Anonymous

          10 arc, silver tear mask and silver scarab talisman. Three dropped before I'd even found the 'L-shaped building', killed around 12 albinaurics on the way. Either I was fated to wear this particular armor or they've adjusted drop rates

          • Anonymous

            not like anybody cares about armor stats but this has unusually low elemental resistance. the only armor pieces that are worse are the aristocrat's garb, fur rainment, and malenias armor. even the normal chainmail armor is better in almost every way for some reason.

            • I can confirm this still is hard to get (and reading the albinauric page i can absolutely believe the drop rates) at patch 1.05.
              It took me about...an hour i think to get this armor, using white scarab and white foot (about 230 discovery). Before getting this, and also killing other albinaurics around for their drops (the club and maybe they drop even the wooden shield if i recall right), i got mostly albinauric blood (or whatever it is), about 10 i think, then about 5 or 6 albinauric shields, 2-3 crescent halberds and FINALLY, when i dropped the chainmail with the last 2 albinaurics, both of them dropped it.
              After 6 runs where i farmed for weapons and i'm farming now for armors, i can absolutely confirm myself drop rates often in Elden Ring are ridiculously low (wondering why, there's no point in it) and ALSO, it seems to me when you get some drops it will be easier to get more from then on. It's not always like this but it feels about like this.
              Yesterday i farmed the mausoleum knight outside Black Knife catacombs to get shield and set and i got 1 armor, 1-2 gauntlets, 4-5 knight greatswords, 8 shields and 1 greaves (the latter was the last missing). Today i farmed the Leyndell knight at the Artist's shack and i got at least 6 greatshields, 2-3 helms, 1-2 armors and 1 gauntlets and 1 greaves (and greatswords perhaps but i don't remember now).
              If you ask me, seems like the drop system has an algorhythm not only improving the drop rate once you already got a specific drop, but also tends sometimes to randomize the pool of drops you're missing to try and give you what you're missing. It's not absolute, since it's still RNG and as i said i got 8 Eclipse greatshields before getting Mausoleum Knight greaves, but still today i got Leyndell Armor, then Greaves, then Greatshield, then Helm, then before getting the rest i got some duplicates of the previous drops. It can seem a coincidence, but it's not the first time i go farming and i get all items quite in a row.
              So...farming specific drops in Elden Ring is a bi*ch indeed but also feels a little...strangely good...meaning, it's not like the desire sensor in DS2 where the game tends to improve drop rate for what you already got and worsen the drop rate for what you're still missing! I hope future patches will improve drop rates for enemies but allow me to firmly doubt about this XD

              • Anonymous

                231 item discovery and I got 1.3M runes before getting this item to drop using the "easy" farm listed in the wiki above. Get ready for the grind boys.

                • Anonymous

                  After farming for an hour I got 2 in a row I swear this games drop rates go up alot once you already have whatever item in your inventory

                  • Ugh, I spent hours crafting a Howl from Howl's Moving Castle character only to have this dirty chainmail drop from the first Albinauric I encountered. Does that mean I'm being led by grace to become a swamp fella? I suppose I have no choice but to hide my beautiful face and don the mantle...

                    • Anonymous

                      OK 1st off 3+ hours and around 60 drops i know because of the clubs and bloodclots they drop. this is with 284 discovery most of the time and i still have not got it i do not believe that it drops

                      • Anonymous

                        The red Albinaurics don’t seem to drop these armor pieces despite wearing them. Been farming them with 198 discovery (Godrick’s Rune + Silver Tear Mask + Silver Scarab) and the only thing they drop is their bloodclots or ripple crescent halberd.

                        • Anonymous

                          Can also be farmed due East of Ordina, Liturgical Town. There's a few chainmail-wearing Albinaurics amongst the wandering ones and a few more by the cliffs west of the minor Erdtree. More than 4 total, but the run back to the site of grace can be a bit long if you're using the silver feet.

                          • Anonymous

                            Took me 50 mins to farm this from the 4 Second Generation Albinaurics that are just North west of Academy Gate Town grace. My item discovery was 115 with wearing the Silver Tear Mask. While I'm sure there will be someone out there that will get the armor on the first kill, I was amazed how ridiculously long it to took for 'me' to get the drop. I would've given up after 30 mins if I wasn't an weapon/armor completionist.

                            • Anonymous

                              North west of Academy Gate Town grace there is a half sunken building with about 7 of these guys took me about 20 min to get this

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