Type Base Stats
Effect Determines how often items drop from defeated foes

Discovery is a Base Stat in Elden RingDiscovery is a Base Stat that governs likelihood of finding items on the corpses of defeated foes. Stats determine the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Stats can be increasing by spending points to them after leveling up. It is advised to be wise at the moment of spending this points, and you spend them according to your character class and your playstyle.


Discovery Elden Ring Guide

  • The % chance of each enemy's item drop is multiplied by the player's item Discovery.
    • Note that each item drop is calculated independently and sequentially. Each item in an enemy's drop pool can be rewarded consecutively from one kill. Although enemies may have up to 10 items in their drop pool, only up to 6 items may be rewarded from one kill.
    • The formula for calculating how a base item percent chance (P) is affected by item discovery (D) is as follows:
      • Where the original chance of the item dropping was P / 100, we need to find (P+X) / (100+X)
      • X = ((P*D)/100) - P
      • Chance = (P+X) / (100+X)
      • Example: 8% base drop chance with 160 discovery
        • X = ((8*160)/100) - 8 = 4.8
        • Chance = (8+4.8) / (100+4.8) = 0.122 = 12.2%
      • Link to Calculator:

How to increase character Discovery in Elden Ring

  • Discovery can be increased by: 
    • Investing points in the Arcane Attribute
      • Discovery starts at 100 and increases by 1 for each Arcane level
    • Using the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable item to boost item Discovery +50 for 3 minutes
    • Equipping the Silver Scarab Talisman that increases item Discovery +75 while worn
    • With 99 Arcane and these two items, the maximum item discovery at a given time is 324


Related Equipment & Items in Elden Ring for Discovery

You can use the following Equipment and Items to increase your Discovery rate:


Elden Ring Discovery Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here.


Stats in Elden Ring
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    • Anonymous

      Took me 2.5 hours to farm 2 of those blades at 274 discovery. Got 14 Man-Serpent shields in the meanwhile, a whole mine worth of volcanic rock and a bunch of Albinauric Bloodclots (you can agro face eater by making noise while riding elevator up).
      This item has only 1% drop chance at 100 discovery. So it is very hard to get. . .
      Tips to make a special farming build before NG+ to farm rare drops:
      - Silver Tear Mask (+8 arcane)
      - Grafted Blade Greatsword (+5 arcane from weapon art)
      - Rune arc + Godric Great Rune (+5 arcane)
      ------ Total +18 arcane from gear and 81 arcane of your own.
      Silver Pickled feet for +50 discovery to run at maximum 324 did not seem viable, since they cancel out with fast travel. To keep foot buff you would need to travel down the elevator towards the grace. This saves you seconds on resetting the elevator, but then you loose much more traveling back. Just did not seem viable in the long run.
      Now I got the blades which I probably will never use, LOL :D
      Good luck farming everyone!

      • You know how Greirat in DS3 would increase his stock by going out and looting places? What if there was an NPC you could pay to go get all the farmable items from an area and sell them to you (not unique drops or materials)? It would be pretty expensive but you get plenty of runes by farming for an item anyway.

        • Anonymous

          Using the godric great rune with an ark rune can help increase discovery near 300 or something i cant remember,i just with gravel stone wasn't so prevalent.

          • Anonymous

            By the way, before trying to farm an item try asking on some online forum like reddit if someone can trade the item with you. You'll have infinitely more success than trying to luck out with this garbage item drop system.

            • Anonymous

              For all of you guys trying to justify the drop rates im sorry to tell you that the souls bourne series's drop rate have always been terrible and elden ring is no different possibly worse even if you guys use all the drop rate items like silver scarab etc. It still doesn't escape the fact that some items are harder to get for example godrick soldier armor its probably one of the easiest to get but the black fire monk armor the haligtree knight armor the fat lady armor and the cleanrot armor are just way harder to get you might get lucky but not everyone is and this isn't even weapons or even crafting items they also have somewhat of a problem too

              • Anonymous

                Discovery is also in creased by
                Marais Mask +1
                Mask of Confidence +3
                Albinauric Mask +4
                Silver Tear Mask +8

                These are the ones I know of

                • Anonymous

                  Got the first one after 10 minutes, nothing for 50 more minutes, then I just turned on Wemod and cheated.

                  • Anonymous

                    I highly doubt the formula is correct here. Because if something has a hypothetical droprate of lets say 40%, and you have max Discovery of 324, you get 0,4x324=129.6%. That doesn't make any sense. A formula like this might work, but you have to be sure all drop chances are below 100/324 or 30.8641975% to never get above 100%.

                    I've also done a small test with farming the 8 Guillemots at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. With 25% base chance for Four-Toed Fowl Foot to drop from Guillemots, this will be increased to 81% with 324 Discovery (0.25x324=81%) according to the formula above. I killed 95 of them, and got 53 Four-Toed Fowl Foot.
                    So 95x0,81~77 Feet is the estimate amount I should have got, yet i got 53 which is really low. Now it might be possible I was very unlucky here, but I think you can see very easily while you're farming, that these things don't have a 81% drop chance. This farming run took 9m25 seconds btw.

                    I've done some datamining for Bloodborne. How drop chances are calculated for example, is that an enemy can drop a set of items, which all have a certain rarity value at 100 Discovery. If that item's droprate can be increased by Discovery, the rarity value of that item gets a multiplier of Discovery/100. Then, the actual drop chance for an item is the updated rarity value for that item divided by the total updated rarity values from all items that can drop.

                    Now, we know this might not work the same in Elden Ring, becaue it is possible for multiple items to drop at the same time. Therefore the drop chance for an item is most likely not dependent on the other items that can drop, like it is in Bloodborne. Maybe when the formula above goes above 100%, multiple drops can happen?

                    • Anonymous

                      Aye, I’m just throwing this out there. So I’m trying to 100% all the gear.

                      On my main I didn’t even try to farm, I have 11 Arc and managed to get all the Aristocrat gear except the Slender sword.

                      This character has 34, and I’ve been farming for like 4 hours and have almost nothing still but somehow got 3 Eso and 3 swords.

                      I honestly don’t think discovery does anything for gear. Just items. Like 700 berries but no gear, and the gear that does drop is repetitive. 8 shoes, 3 coats, 4 hats, all the same.

                      Worried about people over leveling in areas, but get 100k runes because nothing drops.

                      • Anonymous

                        remember kids, unless the game secretly goes above base 199 discovery with 99 Arcane, only level up your arcane to 82 arcane if your going to use arcane boosting items (Marika's soreseal, Godrick's great rune, silver tear mask. all together give +18) for your maximum farming needs.

                        • Anonymous

                          Magma Blade? Less than 20 kills.
                          Lazuli Glintstone Sword? Dropped on my 5th kill.
                          Mausoleum Knight Greaves? Farming for over 4 hours, still nothing.
                          ****ing drop rates...

                          • Anonymous

                            I am confused, as I don’t believe there is a specific formula identified. But this is my belief-

                            The percent of a creature dropping something is multiplied by Arcane times 0.01. For example, having 60 arcane and the silver scarab mask gives 235 discovery, so a 1% chance of acquiring an item is turned into 2.35%

                            This is all speculation, please tell me if someone knows anything about the specific formula

                            • Anonymous

                              If im correct the Arcane increase from marikas sorseal and silver mask adds 13 discovery. So a ×1.13 modifier to drop rate. If youre farming a rare item, say 1% drop, you now get a whooping 1.13% drop. Counting the starting arcane and assuming a build without any extra you go from about 1.1% (lowest arc being 7, highest 14, depending on class) to 1.23% drop.
                              So ish 1 in 81 (80.3) up from 1 in 90 chance. Seems kinda pointless to go out of your way to get the items. Use em if you have tho.
                              Counting the scarab and silver foot thats 1 in 43 (42.55) to 1 in 40 (40.3) so make sure to get those. The 125+ you get more than doubles your initial discovery.

                              It seems to change amount dropped as well.

                              • Anonymous

                                The women aren't cheering in glee.
                                They're jeering at me because I've farmed 5 cleavers, two rakes, 3 sets of their armor, and zero sickles ;(

                                • Anonymous

                                  I have very mixed results with Discovery: it seems I get 3 rare drops on one kill occasionally with 80 arcane, while also getting absolutely no drops over 15 mins of farming occasionally.

                                  I think the reality is an 80% increase of a 1% drop is still a 1.8% drop. You're not 80% more likely to find items, just 80% more likely to find THAT item.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I may be wrong, but does it also boost the chance of enemies appearing that drop bonus runes? Or is that just coincidence on my end?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      For those of you that are curious, Discovery is actually represented as f * 100. For example, at 10 Arcane you will have 110.0 Discovery in the Status menu; however, the real value is 1.10. When you increase your discovery the effect is additive. The addend for Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot is 50 (0.50), so, after using the item you will see 160.0 (1.60).

                                      The disassembly looks like...

                                      xorps xmm8,xmm8
                                      movaps xmm7,xmm8
                                      addss xmm6,xmm7
                                      maxss xmm6,xmm8
                                      movaps xmm0,xmm6

                                      ... where xmm7 is the addend, xmm6 is temp storage, xmm8 is ??? (seems to always be 0.0), and xmm0 is Discovery.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        A think to note: Any equipment that increases Arcane will not increase item discovery if you are already at 99 Arcane. So there is an important distinction to make between an item giving "item discovery" (regardless of your Arcane) like the Silver Scarab, and an item giving "Arcane" (not giving a straight increase to ID) like the Silver Tear Mask.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          There is a helmet called "Silver Tear Mask" that increases Arcane (and b extension - Discovery) by 8. It can be found in Nokstella, Eternal City during Rannis questline

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Does Discovery affect number of materials gathered from the wild? For example sometimes you can get multiple Rowa fruit from a single bush. Does Discovery increase the chance for that?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              just saying the marika's seals talismans both boost arcane which in turn boosts item disovery though only but 3-5 points

                                              • Anonymous

                                                There is also a silver scarab talisman. Its kinda hard to find. Its in the secret lift to the consecrated snowfield along with another mimic tear boss fight giving a death root. I recommend just looking it up on YouTube but there's an invisible bridge you can jump on

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  godrick great rune helps too +5 to all stats includes arcane-- not much but if u are farming without dying than it is a free boost

                                                  marika's scarseal also boosts arcane

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Drop rate of items feels significantly higher as you go up with little diminishing returns. One silver foot consumable makes a heap of a difference, and the buff does not expire upon resting. Ideally, i'd make an arcane build just to see what drops from everything but the consumables are plenty. Worth checking to see if item discovery increases odds of four toes for crafting

                                                    • Noticed I had the discovery up icon when erdleaves started falling, and it disappeared when the leaves stopped
                                                      Makes me wonder if other weather events have an effect on your character

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Item drops DO increase with discovery, was reluctant to invest any points. Spent 6 points on it and immediately noticed a difference.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Hoping that discovery actually makes a big difference in the final game because i would love to make a build that focuses on crafting items and spells

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