Dodging is a Combat mechanic in Elden Ring. It allows you to evade enemies' attacks or even pass through them without getting hurt.

Dodging in Elden Ring

Dodge Basics

medium roll
  playstation logo colour.svg xbox blank white mouse
Backstep B Space
Roll Move + ⭘ Move + B Move + Space

Rolling is the most common way to dodge, since it allows you to cover a fair amount of distance in the direction of your choice. Not only that, it gives you a large number of invulnerability frames, also called "i-frames". During these frames, you can't be damaged by incoming attacks—they'll just pass harmlessly through you. Making good use of i-frames is crucial to getting comfortable with combat in Elden Ring.

Backstepping is less common, because it covers less ground than simply rolling backwards and doesn't provide any i-frames. However, it's much quicker and can be followed up with a Lunge Attack, so it's worth keeping in mind.

Dodge Details

The precise details of your dodge roll and backstep depend on your Equip Load. (All frame data below is for 30 FPS.)

Weight Ratio Roll Backstep Recovery
I-Frames Recovery
≤ 29.9% 13 8 Fast
30.0% - 69.9% 13 8 Medium
70.0% - 99.9% 12 16 Slow
≥ 100.0% Cannot roll or backstep

See also Recovery Frames and Dodge Distance below.

Boosting Dodges

drinking physick dodging

There are also a couple items that add additional i-frames after the normal ones. These don't stack with one another, nor do they apply to dodge skills.

Effective Dodging

dodging effective dodging

Dodging is a powerful tool, but it can take practice to get the most you can out of it. Here are some tips to get the most out of your dodges:

  • Roll In: When you're in danger, it's always tempting to dodge away from the enemy. After all, you're dodging to avoid danger and the enemy is the source of that danger! But it's often better to dodge towards the enemy instead. Not only will this put you in position to land a few attacks, it'll often avoid naturally avoid follow-up moves that are intended to punish people who roll away.
  • Roll Through: It may seem counterintuitive, but when you see an attack incoming it's usually best to roll into the attack (in other words, roll in the opposite direction of the attack's movement). The attack won't hurt you as long as you have i-frames for every frame you intersect with its hitbox, so you want to overlap with it for as few frames as possible to ensure that it's not still touching you once your i-frames expire.
  • Be Patient: Many bosses in Elden Ring wait just long enough to let their attacks fly that, if you roll when you first see them winding up, the attack will actually land when you're out of i-frames. This is known as "roll catching", and it's there to teach you patience. Don't roll just because you feel threatened, roll when you actually see an attack flying down towards you.
  • Born to Run: Once you're comfortable dodging, you might want to use it for all your get-out-of-danger needs. But don't forget that you can hold the button to run as well! Although running doesn't give you any i-frames, it's faster and consumes much less stamina than repeated dodges. Once you're out of an enemy's range, running is a much more effective way to put distance between you than dodging.

Jump Dodging

You can also dodge some attacks by jumping over them.

  playstation logo colour.svg xbox blank white mouse
Jump A F

Jumping only gives you partial i-frames: you're invulnerable from the waist down, but your head, chest, arms, and even hands can still be hit by attacks. This makes it useful specifically for dodging attacks that slash horizontally or erupt from the ground. In exchange for only giving you partial invulnerability, this invulnerability lasts much longer, covering 25 frames of the jump animation with only 5 frames of recovery afterwards (at 30 FPS).

Other I-Frames

Various other actions you can perform provide i-frames as well. While these won't be your primary means of dodging, they can be very useful in a pinch.

Dodge Skills

Several Skills found throughout the Lands Between provide alternate ways to dodge, at the cost of a modest amount of FP.

  • FP indicates how much FP is consumed when you use the skill.
  • Delay measures how many frames (at 30FPS) elapse between pressing the skill button and becoming invulnerable. Lower is better.
  • I-Frames measures how many frames (at 30FPS) you are invulnerable to damage after the delay. Higher is better.
  • Recovery measures how many frames (at 30FPS) elapse after the i-frames end but before you're able to roll again. See also Recovery Frames below. Lower is better.
Name FP  Delay I-Frames Recovery Description

ash of war quickstep elden ring wiki guide 200px

3 0 15* 6 - 12 Dash in a direction, or circle around a locked-on enemy.

ash of war bloodhounds step elden ring wiki guide 200px
Bloodhound's Step

5 0 16* 5 - 11 Dash a long way very quickly in one direction. Repeated Bloodhound's Steps are the fastest way to move on foot.

ash of war vow of the indomitable elden ring wiki guide 200px
Vow of the Indomitable

20 4 30 1 A standing dodge that grants the longest continuous i-frames in the game, as well as a very short recovery window.

ash of war raptor of the mists elden ring wiki guide 200px
Raptor of the Mists

14 0 - - Unlike other dodge skills, this doesn't grant you i-frames. Instead, it automatically dodges the next single attack that would hit you.

bloodhounds fang curved greatsword weapon elden ring wiki guide 200px
Bloodhound's Finesse

12 58 20 25 After using the skill, press Heavy Attack to dash forward for a follow-up attack. You're invincible only during this dash, but when used effectively it can dodge through incoming attacks.

bloody helice heavy thrusting sword weapon elden ring wiki guide 200px
Dynast's Finesse

5 0 20 9 The first activation dodges backwards, which you can then follow up with one or two additional attacks.

*: If you use Quickstep and Bloodhound Step multiple times in a row, uses after the first have 2 fewer i-frames (unless you're using Quickstep and you have a light Equip Load, in which case it's only 1 fewer). Also, if you're out of FP, they only ever have 5 i-frames.

Recovery Frames

Different actions take more or less time to perform after a dodge, and sometimes even depend on which direction you dodge in or your Equip Load.

Name Roll Skill Attack Guard Quick Item Item Walk
Right Left
Roll Light 8 6 5 6 12 6 7 9
Medium 8 7 7 7 12 7 8 9
Heavy 16 11 11 11 14 15 15 18
Quickstep Forward 10 7 2 6 10 7 12 14 
Back 8 6 1 6 9 6 10 12
Side 7 6 1 5 8 7 11 10
Forward 12 9 4 6 12 9 14 16
Back 10 8 3 5 11 8 12 14
Side 7 6 1 5 8 7 11 10
(Repeated, Light Load)
Forward 12 9 4 6 12 9 14 16
Back 8 6 2 3 9 6 10 12
Side 9 8 3 5 10 9 13 12
Bloodhound Step Forward 9 7 1 5 8 6 11 13
Back 7 7 1 5 8 5 9 11
Side 6 6 1 5 7 6 10 11
Bloodhound Step
Forward 11 11 6 7 12 8 13 15
Back 9 11 2 7 12 7 11 13
Side 8 13 2 6 11 8 12 13
Vow of the Indomitable 1 10 1 1 1 1 5 10
Bloodhound's Finesse 25 - 30 34 36 29 34 39
Dynast's Finesse 14 9 19 22 22 20 22 23

Dodge Distance

Different dodges can also cover more ground, allowing you to more easily get out of the way of incoming attacks. How far you roll frequently depends on your Equip Load. The numbers below measure in-game meters covered during the invulnerable portion of a dodge.

Name Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Overencumbered
Roll 4.09 3.21 2.66 0.51
Quickstep 4.09 3.77 3.77 3.77
Bloodhound's Step 5.27 4.77 4.77 4.77

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    • Anonymous

      Let me start off by saying I am not a part of the bloodhound ultra hate train but damn it makes me sad. I love using it and prefer quicker, dodge-centric play styles in general.

      The thing is though is I can never shake the "dominant strategy" voice in the back of my head. Its not just the I frames it has but also the superior distance, the recovery speed, that oh so sweet blood borne aesthetic and arguably one of the best (and most slept on) aspects of it being acess to the far superior backstep attack movesets.

      I don't even think it really needs to be nerfed ( in PvE ). There's so many incredibly strong ashes of war that dominate every major play style buts that a different topic.

      The issue with bloodhounds step is that there is hardly a viable alternative. You can sacrifice so much to be light weight and use the talisman that increases your I frames at the cost of 30% more damage taken and still not even measure up to BH step.

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