Fall Height Damage Taken
Up to 15.99m  None
16m 30% of maximum HP
19.99m 50% of maximum HP
20m Instant death regardless of HP

Fall Damage guide for Elden Ring. Falling beyond certain distances in Elden Ring can result in the player losing health or dying. The damage taken is a percentage of the player's maximum HP, so leveling up Vigor does nothing to make falls more survivable.

The table shows the various breakpoints at which Fall Damage occurs, though there are a few items and modifiers than can negate, diminish, or increase the damage taken.


Dexterity and Fall Damage

Leveling up Dexterity can reduce Fall Damage.

  • Dexterity begins reducing fall damage at 21 and above, though the overall effect is minor.
  • Fall Damage is reduced all the way to 99 dexterity, where the damage reduction maxes out at 20% (e.g. a ~19.9m fall now reduces 40% HP instead of 50%).
Dexterity Damage Multiplier
20 or less 1.0x Damage
35 0.9x Damage
99 0.8x Damage


Equip Load and Fall Damage

Your Equip Load can increase Fall Damage.

  • Light and Medium Load have no effect on fall damage.
  • With a Heavy Load, characters start experiencing minor increases to Fall Damage, at a little over 70% Equip Load, reaching a 10% increase at 100% (e.g. a ~19.9m fall now reduces 55% HP instead of 50%).
  • Overloaded characters experience further increases to Fall Damage, capping at a 30% increase at 150% Equip Load (e.g. a ~19.9m fall now reduces 65% HP instead of 50%).


Fall Damage Negation

The following items and spells can negate Fall Damage. However, they do no alter the threshold height at which lethal damage is taken.

While riding Torrent, Spiritsprings will negate fall damage if the player lands near the base of one.


Invulnerability Negates Fall Damage

If the player can enter an invulnerable state during their fall, such as when initiating a Critical Attack, they can negate the associated Fall Damage (including lethal falls).

It is possible to initiate a critical attack at a ledge, suspending the player and their enemy in the animation until reaching the ground, to negate Fall Damage.

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Stamina Loss

At falls of 4 meters and above, 25 Stamina is drained upon landing.

At falls of 8 meters and above, 50 Stamina is drained upon landing.

  • This can only be experienced during combat.
  • These are fixed breakpoints that do not scale (e.g. a fall of 7.9 meters still only drains 25 stamina).
  • These amounts are unaffected by your stats, and this also has no impact on HP loss.


Falling for Too Long

If the player gets stuck in a falling animation they can't escape from, a hidden timer set to ~12 seconds results in death. The length of this timer may be shortened to ~3 seconds in some out-of-bounds locations. If the player does manage to land before the timer completes, the extra time spent falling won't increase Fall Damage nor change the height of a lethal fall.


Torrent, Double Jumping and Fall Damage

While riding Torrent, fall damage is reduced by a multiplier of 0.7, but the breakpoints for damage and death are still at 16 and 20m falls, respectively. However, there are a few quirks to consider:

  • Double-jumping doesn't make falls any safer or more dangerous, as the game only considers the vertical distance between the ledge you fell from and the ground you ultimately end up on. This means you cannot double jump slightly before landing to protect yourself from a lethal fall.
  • The ability to double-jump after falling is lost at around 20m and beyond.
  • Wielding certain weapon classes while mounted on Torrent will require you to jump off of a ledge in order to double-jump at all, making it so that walking off of a ledge doesn't allow double-jumping. This is likely a bug, and it applies to the following weapons: Greatswords, Colossal Swords, Heavy Thrusting Swords, Curved Greatswords, Greataxes, Great Hammers, Colossal Weapons, Spears, Great Spears, Halberds, Twinblades, and Reapers.
  • Landing on uneven or sloped surfaces while riding Torrent and then immediately jumping again will sometimes cause the game to not register a short instance of being on the ground. If this happens, the game will continue to use your initial falling location for the height calculation, so be careful when descending cliffs or structures while riding Torrent.

Scripted Locations and Kill Boxes

Certain locations are scripted to allow for greater falls without suffering damage. These are often in the form of floor breakaways, such as the drop that leads to the lesser Crucible Knight in Stormveil Castle, and a few spots in the Divine Tower of Caelid.

  • The player does not need to trigger or make contact with the breakable floor surface first. As long as they land on the piece of ground that's considered safe, the fall will not be lethal.
  • As of Patch 1.03, jumping attacks will no longer cause the player to die from an otherwise safe fall.

Kill boxes and death planes are areas which cause instant death if the player passes through them, disregarding the height of a fall. These are often used in places where the players is not expected to recover from their fall (e.g., high cliffs, elevator shafts, and bridges).

Occasionally, these areas are not properly implemented and can trigger the "deathcam" (a top-down camera view) while the player is still alive. During this state, certain systems in the game are prone to failing (e.g., fog gates are missing).


Fall Damage Notes & Tips

  • Jumping off of a ledge as opposed to walking off of a ledge, while walking or riding Torrent, does increase the height of a given fall by a little bit. It's recommended to always walk and fall from the lowest point you can, unless jumping will get you to a landing location that is higher, to reduce your total fall distance.
  • Using a light attack as you are falling will cancel the normal landing animation and allow you to recover more quickly from medium to large falls, at the cost of the Stamina used to attack (if the player is currently in combat). This is similar to rolling immediately after landing in the previous Souls games, though it will not reduce the loss of stamina or health.
  • With a Rainbow Stone, the player can test if a fall is a guaranteed death (longer that 20m). If the Rainbow Stone shatters mid-air, then the fall is deadly. Note that Glowstones do not share this property, despite their similarity.

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    • If anyone is wondering, the Future Press guidebook has different information, claiming a 10% HP loss at 16m instead of 30%. This is likely older info they were working with but it is neither accurate to the game at launch nor the latest patch. It also renders their data on an 18m fall incorrect as well (claiming 25%), which I don't believe is a valid/ existing breakpoint that needs to be there. The table here was changed to match the guidebook, but I changed it back (keeping the format changes). While I'm sure the vast majority of content in the official guidebook is accurate, mistakes and older info sometimes find their way into these publications and shouldn't be trusted above community testing.

      • Anonymous

        Rolling affects height. I tested this in castle morne at the ladder passed the pumpkin head. Rolling off results in damage and walking off does not.

        • Anonymous

          I've tried testing this to the best of my ability and I cannot agree that jumping instead of walking off a ledge actually increases your fall distance. I believe the calculation is made from the last point where you made contact with the ground rather than the height you reach after leaving it, for similar reasons as to why you can't leave a bloodstain in mid-air.

          • Anonymous

            I could’ve swore sometimes I am 100% okay from a certain height drop, and other times it looks a little bit less, and I totally die.

            I know depth can be slightly tricky to perceive at times, so I figure it’s just that.

            However, are there quite a few areas where there is an increased height at which you take no damage when going down?

            • Anonymous

              I can oversee any flaw of this game. Every not do good designed boss and all of that, it is still a great game.

              The fall damage in this game breaks me. There's either nothing happened, die almost and die. I don't like that.

              • Anonymous

                Let's be honest, IF Assassin's Approach, the Longtail Cat Talisman, and Soft Cotton increased the distance at which you could fall, then they would be truly great items. Sadly, they're useless.

                • Anonymous

                  Finally a game where you won’t fall to your death while attacking.

                  This is also a way to test a drop. Attack towards it, and if you fall off - it won’t kill you.

                  That doesn’t mean you won’t survive if you jump. Just that it’s definitely safe.

                  • I just added a section on stamina loss and it's pretty stange. It's just two breakpoints for 25 stamina lost at ~4+ meters and 50 stamina lost at ~8+ meters. These don't seem to scale or be affected by anything like your stats. What was funny to me is how the fall damage breakpoints must be using "≥" calculations, where the breakpoints really are precisely 16 and 20 meter falls, while the stamina loss breakpoints are instead using ">" calculations. They require another centimeter, so they actually occur at 4.01 and 8.01 meters. I'm not even going to bother explaining this in the article above, though, because of how unnecessarily specific that is. Plus that is completely imperceptible in-game.

                    Oh also, I suppose some might be wondering where/how the heck I came up with "meters". This all just simply refers to the size of XYZ coordinates in the game space, where 1 coordinate has been referred to as "meter" elsewhere in the data of previous Souls games, and it's reasonable to assume this carries over to Elden Ring. So when I say a 20 meter fall is lethal, this means that within the game engine, teleporting exactly 20 Y coordinates above your current position will be lethal.

                    • Anonymous

                      After some non-rigerous testing, I believe the Hand of Malenia's weapon art calculates fall damage from the point the ability was activated, as opposed to the point the ability ended.

                      • Just created the page! Regarding kill boxes- Patch 1.03 changed some of the kill boxes and as a result, some of the locations that previous allowed the survivable death cam state no longer exist. But there are some locations where it's still possible, so it'll be interesting to see all the places it remains. They might have also made a spot that you were supposed to be able to survive previously now-lethal (yikes!), so hopefully that gets fixed in the next patch.

                        On the to-do list:
                        -Get more specific information on stamina loss (this should be its own thing that doesn't affect damage taken)
                        -Write more about spirit springs and their inconsistent safe landing widths

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