Fetid Pot

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Throw at enemies to inflict Deadly Poison
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Arc C
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Fetid Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies to inflict Deadly Poison, and requires an empty Cracked Pot to craft.


Craftable item prepared using a cracked pot.
A cocktail of effluents is sealed inside. As the mixture ferments, toxins are produced alongside a putrid stench that seeps out once ripe.

Throw at enemies to cause buildup of deadly poison.

Beware though; those who carry these pots will slowly accumulate poison in their own bodies.

Push someone in a privy; expect to get dung on your hands.


Fetid Pot Use in Elden Ring

Fetid Pot can be thrown to inflict Deadly Poison. Deadly Poison buildup scales with Arcane as follows:

 Arcane level Scaling Minimum Maximum
1 - 15  248.84 + (Arcane × 1.16) 250 266
16 - 30 201.25 + (Arcane × 4.33) 270 331
31 - 50 306.88 + (Arcane × 0.81) 332 347
51 - 99 330.92 + (Arcane × 0.33) 347 363
  • Always causes 200 deadly poison buildup on yourself
  • Deadly poison does twice as much damage per second as regular poison, but only lasts one third as long. Overall, deadly poison will do less damage than regular poison if both are left for their full duration, but if deadly poison is reapplied regularly it will kill an enemy twice as fast.


Elden Ring Fetid Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Fetid Pot you need the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [4] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Fetid Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 20 Fetid Pot, depending on how many Cracked Pots you have
  • You can store up to 600 Fetid Pot
  • Sell Value: Fetid Pot cannot be sold
  • Once a Fetid Pot is thrown, its Cracked Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot


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    • Anonymous

      Compared to Rot Pot's and Poison Pot's these ones are a lot cheaper to make since Gold-Tinged Excrement's are found in dense bulks.
      They also respawn and can be found almost everywhere.

      • Anonymous

        Use this in PvP to activate the Mushroom crown and Kindred of Rot exultation if you aren't using a poison/rot build. You're welcome.

        • Anonymous

          Is there a distinct difference in Elden Ring between “Poison” and “Deadly Poison” like there was in Dark Souls? Or does this just cause a higher amount of poison buildup per pot hitting enemy?

          • Fetid pots gives 200 points of self poisoning, so 201 points of immunity is needed to throw one pot without poisoning yourself. Next, 393 immunity points are needed to use two pots without pausing between throws. Roped fetid pots also give 200 points of self poisoning, but throwing two pots without pausing needs 396 immunity points to not self poison.

            • Anonymous

              I've found all the poopie pots are incredibly good for holding aggro, these ones especially. Bosses will straight up ignore everyone else for 3-8 seconds after you smash one of these babies across their face. Particularly potent on the ones without engage attacks since they'll just walk menacingly towards you, oozing impotent edgelord rage from every animation frame while Tiche/Mini-Me deletes them.

              'Godskin Duo'? More like, 'Godskin who or'dered the Chamber-Pot Surprise.

              • Anonymous

                From my experience, they'll poison an enemy player in one hit, though this will likely vary depending on resistances.

                • Anonymous

                  The poison you inflict on yourself is pretty bad. BUT it can't build up deadly poison if you are already poisoned. ;) One might be able to take advantage of that fact somehow, like being loaded with raw meat dumplings or whatever.

                  • Did a quick test on the large land octopus near "Hidden Path to the Haligtree" grace

                    Fetid Pot did 1000ish damage, short duration, large damage per tick
                    Poison Pot did 1600ish damage, long duration, small damage per tick
                    Rot Pot did 5900ish damage, long duration, large damage per tick

                    Fetid and Poison don't stack with each other as expected
                    Rot stacks with either Fetid or Poison, although the pink rotted animation overrides green poisoned animation

                    Fetid Pot gives yourself poison buildup, while Poison Pot does not
                    Rot Pot does not give you rot buildup

                    Also, Poison Mist incantation's poison behaves exactly the same as Poison Pot

                    Rot Pot > Poison Pot > Fetid Pot
                    Poison Pot == Poison Mist
                    Rot + Poison for maximum cheese
                    Add Freezing Mist and Night Maiden's Mist to win world cheese award

                    • Anonymous

                      This causes poison buildup on yourself when used. While it counts as poison, the damage output on yourself is similar to Scarlet Rot. When used on a Pale Albunauric in the Mohg blood swamp, this failed to poison the Albunauric after 13 uses at 50 arcane. Do not use.

                      • Anonymous

                        Are these bugged? I've never been able to inflict an enemy with poison, even after throwing a dozen at them.

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