Fevor's Cookbook [3]

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Expands crafting repertoire
Required for Bewitching Branch

Fevor's Cookbook [3] is a Cookbook in Elden Ring. Cookbooks are records of crafting techniques that players can use to learn how to craft a wide variety of items.


A record of crafting techniques left by a man who was utterly captivated by St. Trina. He continued the search for her in his slumber.

Acquire the knowledge to craft the following:

- Bewitching Branch


Fevor's Cookbook [3] Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Fevor's Cookbook [3]:

  • Reward collected from Gideon Ofnir after obtaining Map (Mohgwyn Palace) or resting at the "Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance" grace. Simply visiting the Mohgwyn Palace or Mohgywn Dynasty Mausoleum areas will not progress Gideon's questline. 
  • Can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks for 2000 runes, if not collected from Gideon before defeating Maliketh, as Gideon then moves to his final location.
  • Video Location


Fevor's Cookbook [3] Elden Ring Guide

Fevor's Cookbook [3] provides the knowledge to craft the following item:


Elden Ring Fevor's Cookbook [3] Notes & Tips

  • The quickest way to obtain this item is through Varré's questline. Use the Pureblood Knight's Medal to reach the Mohgwyn Palace and collect the map or rest at the Grace. You also must have defeated Morgott for Gideon's dialogue to appear.  Otherwise the player has to reach the portal found in the Consecrated Snowfields.
  • A total of 8 Bewitching Branches can be found throughout the game, but if you choose the Bewitching Branch as your keepsake you can obtain a total of 13. They are remarkably useful for the Commander Niall fight. However, if the player runs out, they must complete Varré's questline before being able to obtain any Bewitching Branches, as the path to the consecrated snowfields is locked behind Niall's fight.


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    • Anonymous

      killing morgott in leyndel is NOT an obligatory step, follow the seluvis quest until he gives you his potion then give the potion to gideon and the option to tell him about moghwyn palace should appear. Just after i killed the dung eater i had no use for the potion, sadly, i was going to punish the dung eater by making him a puppet, but i learned too late that boggart was going to die horribly in the process, so i decided to just kill the eater instead and save boggart, so to continue seluvis questline i gave gideon the potion and the dialogue appeared to my surprice.

      • Anonymous

        Prop tip: these will work on Commander Niahll's summons. Just run at him the moment the fight starts and you should have enough time to wack both summons with the branch. Then proceed to the easiest Niahll fight in your life.

        • Anonymous

          Am I the only one who finds it INCREDIBLY sus that we would get an recipe that allows us to craft an item, which is used to infatuate enemys, after we tell Gideon about Mohg & Miquella's location? I mean, because Mohg seems to be out of his ****ing mind (even more than usually I mean) and absolutely OBSSESSED with Miquella?

          Idk, wether it was intentional or unintentionally, I believe Miquella sort of "bewitched" Mohg, I just don't think it's a coincidence we get this specific item through unveilling the location of Mohg's new "Dynasty". Which either means Miquella uses Mohg as some sort of "last resort" to get rid of his curse, or is influencing him unintentionally with his powers. Either way, I strongly believe Miquella isn't as helpless as he seems and I really hope we will get some answers in the DLC. Maybe HE kicks Mohg's ass, after gaining enough power, maybe he's able to resist the influence of the Formless Mother and only uses what is useful to him and undoing his curse. Who knows?

          • Anonymous

            List of evidence that Miquella is St. Trina (outside of Rico.)

            - Sword of St. Trina calls Trina either a comely young girl or a boy, note that both indirectly describe them as young. Miquella was cursed with eternal childhood.

            - This cookbook was created by a follower of St. Trina, yet is used to craft an item associated with Miquella.

            - The torch of St. Trina calls Trina in their adult form unsettling, as if the idea of St. Trina being an adult is strange and unusual, which would fit with Miquella being eternally young.

            - St Trina's disappearance is said to have been sudden and unexpected, which fits with Miquella's equally unpredictable kidnapping by Mohg.

            - The Lilies of St. Trina and Miquella are practically identical, aside from color.

            • Anonymous

              Note: this item becomes available after collecting the map: "Map: Mohgwyn Palace." You don't actually have to rest at the Dynasty Mausoleum grace. Does this mean it's possible to miss this cookbook through Gideon's quest without collecting the map? Also, do you have to get the map / rest at the grace for the cookbook to show in the shop?

              • Anonymous

                I went to the palace but killed mogh and then did the next step in his quest before talking to him so didnt recieve this item, then i killed him in the ashen capitol and it wasnt for sale in the maidens shop.

                • Anonymous

                  Did a test. On one of my playthroughs, I made sure to NEVER interact with Gideon. I progressed to the Ashen Capital, while not actually fighting him yet, and the Fervor's Cookbook (3) is in the Finger Maiden shop.

                  As a result, it's pretty safe to say that as long as you did not receive this from Gideon prior to beating Maliketh, the cookbook will automatically appear in the Finger Maiden Shop, no matter what.

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm leaving this here for reference:

                    If you kill Gideon, then all items that he would give you as reward for finding/defeating the demigods can be acquired from the Twin Maiden Husk (the vendor inside the Roundtable Hold).
                    Completing his quests simply means that you can get these items earlier, rather than later, and you get them for free.

                    • Anonymous

                      You don't seem to need to do anything with Sir Gideon Ofnir in order to acquire this. I didn't talk to him much on my third playthrough, and when I was scouring the cookbooks to get them all after beating the game Iand consequently beating him in the boss fight), I thought I was boned . Looked in the Bell Maiden's shop, and there it was.

                      Maybe if you don't EVER interact with him then you won't have access to it, but if Ofnir isn't around, check the Bell Maiden's main shop. It might be there.

                      • Anonymous

                        I already vist Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum (to farm ofcourse) the topic to trigger the dialog didn't happen probably need to go deeper

                        • Anonymous

                          Took me a bit of time to find this. I got this after telling Gideon about the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum (I believe you have to get to the site of grace nearest to the landmark for the dialogue to trigger). You can find the portal to this zone east of the "Inner Consecrated Snowfield." It's near the large tree surrounded by red flowers.

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