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Location Roundtable Hold
Role Deathbed Companion
Voiced by Chiara Goldsmith

Fia is an NPC in Elden Ring. Fia is a deathbed companion that you will find inside a small bedroom at the Roundtable Hold. Her embrace will give you a special consumable that can increase poise called the Baldachin's Blessing. You can ostensibly come back for more if you happen to run out of this consumable.


Great champion, would you allow me to hold you, but briefly?


Fia Location in Elden Ring

Fia can be found at the Roundtable Hold and later again after defeating Fia's Champions in Deeproot Depths.

  • This NPC moves
  • This merchant can't be fought
  • Grants Baldachin's Blessing if you allow her to hold you. Decreases your max. HP by 5% for as long as you keep it in your inventory. After consuming it and its effect ending, you will regain your full HP.
    • She grants you Baldachin's Blessing infinitely as long as you don't have one currently in your inventory.


Fia Questline: How to complete Fia's Quest 

Note: Fia's questline cannot be started after killing Maliketh (Lichdragon Fortissax can be fought regardless)

  • After resting at a Site of Grace in Altus Plateau, you can return to Fia and embrace her to gain an additional line of dialogue during which she will hand you a Weathered Dagger. Talking to D, Hunter of the Dead in the Roundtable Hold will allow you to give the knife to him, triggering the next part of the quest.
  • Speak with Rogier about his interest in the black knives. Speak to Fia too and she will hand you a simple map concerning the location of a Black Knifeprint
  • Reloading the area after this part will trigger an event where you'll find Fia in a newly opened room near the blacksmith, after which she'll disappear.
  • You will then need to head to the tallest part of Deeproot Depths, up the tree branches near Godwyn's corpse offshoot. After a boss fight, you may find her sitting in the back of the arena. Upon talking to her, telling her that you want to be hugged will trigger the next step of her quest, asking you to find the Cursemark of Death, that you get while going through Ranni's quest. [Map Link]
    • Note that a big chunk of her questline can be skipped, if one so desires (main Quest spoilers ahead!):
      Once the player progressed through the main events of the game up to the point of burning the Erdtree, Fia will relocate to the Deeproot Depths even if the player never interacted with her. This way, all of the steps mentioned above are skipped. [Elden Ring Map Link]
      • The arena is large. Run up to the way gate in the northeast of the area, which is currently disabled, to trigger the fight.
      • You will then be allowed to summon your spirit ash
      • Fia's Champions will spawn
    • If the player chooses to use this method, they will still find D, Hunter of the Dead's corpse on the ground where he is normally found, but Fia will not stand above it and then vanish since she already left the Roundtable Hold.
  • Bringing back the Cursemark of Death will nearly end her quest. After you give it to her, she will give the player a Radiant Baldachin's Blessing. Exhaust her dialog and upon reloading the area, she'll be asleep. Inspecting her will let you enter the Deathbed Dream to fight Lichdragon Fortissax.
  • Winning this fight will allow you to pick up the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, which will in turn allow you to obtain an alternate ending.
  • After acquiring the rune, you can give the Twinned armor set to D's brother (NPC sitting on the floor past the corridor to the south east of the Valiant Gargoyle boss' grace site "Great Waterfall Basin"). Upon returning to Fia, you will find Fia's Set next to her, and if you reload the area, D's brother will leave behind the Twinned Set you gave him, as well as the Inseparable Sword. Killing D's brother will also get you the armor set and the sword.
  • You can prevent this scene by killing D in his first location, getting his armor, and giving it to his brother early. After reloading the area he can be fought.


Related NPCs:


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Fia


  • Greetings, great champion called by grace. I am Fia.
    Circumstances have compelled my stay at the Roundtable Hold.
    Great champion, would you allow me to hold you, but briefly?
    Perhaps you might share with me some of your lifely vigour, and your stout-heartedness.
    Doing so will grant me the warmth of a champion. And you, I am sure, will bear a baldachin's blessing.
    Do you think it vulgar, perhaps? Where I come from, it is a sacred act.

Letting her hold you

  • "Ah, my thanks, great champion. You are...very warm..."
    [Player obtains Baldachin's Blessing]
    "What you felt light up inside you was a baldachin's blessing. Though it is but a fleeting thing, I am afraid.
    Come back to me, should you require another. I will take you in my arms as often as you need".

Talk in secret

  • I was known as a Deathbed Companion, where I come from. Afer I recieved the warmth and lifely vigour from a number o champions,
    I lay with the remains of an exalted noble, to grant him another chance at life. To do so is the purpose of me being.
    But before I could bear the noble into new life, I was awakened by the guidance of grace, and chased from my birthplace.
    Pray, be kind. Despite all that, I still wish to be Deathbed Companion.
    So please, let me hold you like this, as often as it takes.

About the Black Knifeprint (Do you know...?)

  • My dear... Have you ever heard of black knifeprints? Dear Rogier likes to talk of it when abed.
    The ancient plot, in which the first of the Demigods was slain. The black knifes wielded by the assassins who committed the act,
    along with the impressions they made, somehow hide the truth of the conspiracy. These grand affairs are hardly my forté...
    But dear Rogier began to weep as he spoke...
  • In truth I've heard tell from someone else, about the black knifeprints that fascinate dear Rogier so.
    (receives: Knifeprint Clue)
    But It wouldn't be right to give this to him, stuck as he is in the Roundtable Hold.
    Perhaps you could make use of it?

About Rogier

  • I heard that you lent a hand to dear Rogier. He seemed positively elated.
    He must be possessed of great mental fortitude. It anchors his will, and sustains him, despite his grievous wounds.
    You truly are a champion. To dear Rogier, and myself, too.
    (recieves: Sacrificial Twig x1)


  • (May I ask a favor?) My dear? Might I ask something of you? Could you please find the owner of this dagger, and return it to them? [Receive Weathered Dagger] A certain person gave it to me as a gift. It's a very precious thing. It must have a special place in the owner's heart. So I would like for the owner to have it back, if you wouldn't mind.
  • (Upon D's death) Finally, it is returned to its rightful place. The stolen hallowbrand, of the exalted noble. And now, I must bid you goodbye as well. Though I ask you deliver this message to the Roundtable Hold. I am Fia, Deathbed Companion. Hark, Roundtable. Disturb not the Death of Godwyn, the exalted. We, who humbly live in Death...Live in waiting, to one day welcome our Lord. What right does anyone have to object? Our Lord will rise. The Lord of the many, and the meek.

At Deeproot Depths after defeating her champions.

  • "Ah...there you are.
    I knew you would come.
    What is it you intend?
    To deny us, and our ways?
    Like the dogmatic brutes of the Golden Order?"

  • (Answering her "That's Right")
    "I see. Then you must kill me.
    For I am the companion of Godwyn, Prince of Death.

     I wished to be a mother to Those Who Live in Death.
    So it is, that any loathing, any hatred that overshadows them...
    I must bear, as a matter of duty, with my own flesh.
    (You can talk to her again to get the chance to change your choice)
    "Go on, kill me.
    You deny us, do you not?
    Because we deign to live in Death, and wish our Lord to rise to glory.
  • (Answering "No, I want to be held")
    "You are an odd one.
    I am the guardian of Those Who Live in Death.
    They call me a foul and rotten witch.
    Yet you still wish to be held by me?"
    Proceeds to hug her.
  • Talk in Secret 1
    "Have you ever seen a hallowbrand?
    When the first of the demigods died, his flesh was marked with the half-wheel wound of the centipede.
    Godwyn's hallowbrand has since been recovered at the Roundtable Hold.
    But there is another hallowbrand out there somewhere.
    And I must find it.
    Before the time comes we receive our Lord."
  • Talk in Secret 2
    "When Godwyn died, a hallowbrand scored his flesh.
    But another exists. Another mark in the shape of the half-wheel wound of the centipede.
    And I must find it.
    Before the time comes we receive our Lord.
    My hands will be dirtied once more by the deed.
    Will you still let me hold you, even then?"
    Gives you the choice to "Give Cursemark of Death".
  • Give Cursemark of Death:
    " the other hallowbrand.
    How did you...
    Oh, my utmost thanks.
    With this, Godwyn can take his rightful place as First of the Dead.
    And claim a second, illustrious life.
    You are my-- our true champion.
    And though I can't be of any use to you...
    Can I hold you tight, if only for a moment?"

    Holds tighter.
    Grants Radiant Baldachin's Blessing.
  • Talk in Secret 3
    "I will soon lay with Godwyn.
    And it will surely stir within me.
    the new life of the golden prince, and first Dead of the demigods,
    as the rune of Those Who Live in Death.
    Please, do one thing for me.

    Brandish this child, my rune, and take for yourself the throne.
    Stay the persecution of Those Who Live in Death.
    By becoming our Elden Lord."
  • Talk in Secret 4
    "I will soon lay with Godwyn.
    To conceive my child, the rune.
    Brandish my rune, and take for yourself the throne.
    Stay the persecution of Those Who Live in Death.
    By becoming our Elden Lord."
  • Talk in Secret 5 (Being held after reloading, before she sleeps)
    "This is goodbye, my dear.
    But I am satisfied.
    I choose to lie with Godwyn of my own will. Not the remains of one chosen for me.
    And I will bear a child.
    Who will inherit your warmth, too.
    What greater blessing could there be, but to be born a Deathbed Companion?"

When attacked

  • Godwyn... Is that you, dear?

Upon defeat

  • Will your kind never stop? Ravaging... the weak?


Elden Ring Fia Notes & Trivia

  • Fia's original name was Lady Yulia
  • You can find Lionel's dried corpse on a bed in Leyndell alongside Fia's dress
  • Receiving Fia's embrace will result in a debuff that lowers 5% of total vitality but can be removed from using Baldachin's Blessing.
  • Allowing Fia to grant her blessing will trigger an animation where she will embrace the Tarnished.

    fia hold
    [Fia holding the Tarnished close when offering her blessing.]


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    • Anonymous

      I have no clue who either she or D is, I just beat her champions in deeproot depths and just cam to the wiki to see what would happer if you kill her.

      What I saw is a battlefield in the comments

      • Anonymous

        I didn't kill Fia, I beat all her champions but did not go to the dream world, I did give Ds brother the armour set.
        I beat the game going with Rannis endgame and when going back for Fia postgame, I assume she was dead as the rewards were there and she is at no other location, anyone else had this issue?

        • Anonymous

          Fia did her killing in roundtable hold before I had visited the Altus Plateau at all. So that isn't the trigger.

          • Anonymous

            thought she was just a nice girl. After every boss i came to her for a hug then she did my boy D dirty so i let the other D kill her

            • Anonymous

              After going through her questline I fought Fortissax once and died. After that she was gone. Could you help what I should/could do to challenge Fortissax again?

              • Anonymous

                dunno why people like her hugs so much, she's covered in corpse germs from hanging around undead all the time..

                • The irony here is that both D and Fia was trying to achieve the same goal, but their own way of conduct makes them enemies.
                  D wants to save people's souls from being tainted by the living death, thus allowing them to perish having their soul and body in 1 piece. He stated this very clear on his first meeting with the Tarnished.
                  Fia, despite seemingly being the head of a cult of those who live in death, is actually on her own quest to cure the living dead by mending the broken cursemark, thus allowing her followers to have a true death having their body and soul both perished.
                  D simply sees Fia's cult as a plague and vows to destroy it while Fia sees D and the Golden Order as a dogmatic force that oppresses the meeks, thus they fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    FIA gives you the knife after reaching atlas plateau. No shards required.

                    Dectus medallions is all you need.

                    • Anonymous

                      I gave Ds brother the armor and killed the garyols, also I finishrf Rannis Quest before however I was still able to fight the dragon!

                      • Anonymous

                        I got the knifeprint pretty early on my playthrough and never met rogier in stormveil or talked in secret with fia. much later i found rogier on the balcony and found that much of his dialogue was skipped already as well as fia's. she started talking about the weathered knife pretty much the first time i got her secret dialogue. rogier alslo never talked about the knife stuff and went "...", "..." on me pretty quick. a lot of the questline is skipable if you get the knifeprint early.

                        • Anonymous

                          Came into elden ring wanting soulsborne. Left elden ring sad knowing no girl will ever love or hug me. **** you fia for making me feel lonely

                          • Anonymous

                            Want to add that I completed Fia's questline (starting from where she is found near the Prince of Death in Deeproot Depths, fighting her champions) AFTER killing Maliketh. I had beaten the final boss and before mending the ring, I realized I didn't do her stuff so I left and got to fight Fortissax in her dream. :)

                            • Anonymous

                              I wish we ended up becoming the prince of death rather than godwyn and fia would’ve ended up being our consort just like what happened with us and Ranni

                              • Anonymous

                                Hello guys, can someone edit the final act of Fia's quest? This section is not 100% right:

                                "Bringing back the Cursemark of Death will nearly end her quest. After you give it to her, she will give the player a Radiant Baldachin's Blessing. Exhaust her dialog and upon reloading the area, she'll be asleep. Inspecting her will let you enter the Deathbed Dream to fight Lichdragon Fortissax.
                                Winning this fight will allow you to pick up the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, which will in turn allow you to obtain an alternate ending.
                                After acquiring the rune, you can give the Twinned armor set to D's brother (NPC sitting on the floor past the corridor to the south east of the Valiant Gargoyle boss' grace site "Great Waterfall Basin"). Upon returning to Fia, you will find Fia's Set next to her, and if you reload the area, D's brother will leave behind the Twinned Set you gave him, as well as the Inseparable Sword. Killing D's brother will also get you the armor set and the sword."

                                I mean, after you defeat Lichdragon, when you return to Fia, she will drop the Cursemark of Death, but after resting on any site of grace, when you return to her, she will drop Fia's Set, you don't need to give Twinned amor to D's brother. It means Fia died in the process of creating the Cursemark of Death. I mean, in all scenarios, if you choose to "enter the deathbed dream" right after you defeat Linchdragon, Fia will drop both Cursemark of Death AND the Fia's set. All you have to do get Fia's set, is rest in a site of grace after getting the cursemark.

                                Lore wise, it means D's brother just stabbed a dead body and thought he was the ones who killed Fia (or decided to lie to the Tarnished).

                                • Anonymous

                                  Is there any way of getting the Inseparable Sword without killing Lichdragon Fortisaxx or it being dropped making a low level invasion build and don’t want to go through the human torture of 19000 health no summons while doing 100-200 damage and no horse

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Fia shared Champions warmth, and buried with a dead Hero. She can then share the warmth she had with the hero, to passed with accompany and peacefully, and reborn as she passed away.
                                    But this time, before the hero can be reborn, she was graced back alive. We saw this scene where Fia woke up beside a corpse with crown, and a grace. Failed the process to reborn a hero, she then chased out from her birthplace.

                                    Countless of champion share their warmth with Fia in roundtable, it's a blessing to each other. Thou champions never show their pain, but when they held by Fia, they felt the weak and powerless on her, too reminded powerless of their own. Within Fia's arms, Rogier cried. With death now infected his body, he can no longer move, nor fulfil his wish, feeling of powerless is so far beyond pain.

                                    Fia is truly caring. So she did gather clues from other champions, and hand it to not Rogier, but us. Because she didn't want Rogier more sad, that goal he seeking now beneath his eyes, but he can't reach it. And after we get the print to Rogier, she's so happy. After being a failure of her birthplace, she finally felt being useful, being able to help someone else.

                                    D, hunter of the dead. We once met D at limgrave standing beside a corpse. He killed one he suspect is an undead, and wait if it came back alive. He was working for Gurranq, retrieving deathroot. After we show him a deathroot, he will think we're on the same side, eventually tell us he found the mark of the centipede (cursemark of death).

                                    We then given the Weathered Dagger, which Fia asked us to return, to kill D.

                                    Undead is like a new race, newborn, representing the weak in TLB. And Golden Order represent the strong, hunting down undead, that strong never allow weak to stay. Do weak have the right to live? Do they have the right to fight?

                                    The reason Fia was here, was to help undead to earn their right. She decided to be the deathbed companion of Godwyn, to reborn as their new Lord. To do so, Godwyn need to die in order to be reborn. So Fia had to retrieve the cursemark of death, from D.

                                    We later found Deathbed Dress beside Lionel's armor set in Lyndell, inside a room oddly had a bed within. On first sight we might thought Fia took his life, but it is in fact Fia accompany dying's Lionel, allows him to forget aches and pains, soothing him to passed in peace. Champions out there were chivalrous dauntless like Lionel, will all dying somewhere nobody knows. But Fia will be there for any of them, for any of us.

                                    That's why thou champion didn't live for Fia, but they'll die for Fia. So they'll show up again to protect her at Deeproot Depths. After defeating her champions, we saw her sitting beside Godwyn's body. She's somewhat 'stucked' here, waiting for a miracle, a chance to reach the 2nd half of the cursemark. That she knew she'll had to dirtied her hand once more, kill for her path. She only have her own, to do all these.

                                    When we hand over the 2nd cursemark, her gratitude is beyond words. She give us Radiant Baldachin's Blessing, blessing that will only produce once in her entire lifetime. As deathbed companion, only this blessing imbues act of their own volition.

                                    She'll then bear the 'child' with Godwyn within her body, the completed cursemark of death, which is also the mending rune of death prince, will allowed Godwyn to die and reborn. But before she can complete the cursemark with Godwyn, we'll need to enter through Fia's dream, fight Lichdragon Fortissax that is protecting its friend Godwyn. Lichdragon came here to save Godwyn from harvested by vines of death, the vine of death will never stop, and Lichdragon still fighting since then. Until we arrived, can finally put this to an end, deliver the real first death to the prince.

                                    Fia so called mother of Godwyn, she bear his cursemark allowed Godwyn to have proper cycle of death and be reborn.
                                    Also mother of undeads. As we saw Fia in the big room in roundtable, with two picture of Marika inside, showing existence of Fia is just like Marika.

                                    There's a fascinating detail in the ending, if use mending rune of death prince at the end, u'll see it appear within Marika's body, position of Uterus, meaning death is reborn of new life
                                    Same goes to other mending rune:
                                    mending rune of perfect order goes around, meaning that God had all controlled, no one can know whats within
                                    mending rune of fell curse spread accross vital organ, meaning order that will infected with sickness and curses

                                    • Anonymous

                                      -"Brave Tarnished, do you want some cuddle?"
                                      >"Yes, please"
                                      -"What's this? Oh, it's the most precious item to me. Thank you, dear Tarnished."
                                      >"You're welcome <3"
                                      -"Ok, I gotta go, I'm meeting up with my man chad thundercock for some action. Thank you for involuntary cuckery. See ya."

                                      • Anonymous

                                        "After you give it to her, she will give the player a Radiant Baldachin's Blessing. Exhaust her dialog and upon reloading the area, she'll be asleep."
                                        - This is not quite accurate. When you reload the area, she will still be sitting there, and you must be held by her again and fully exhaust her (new) dialogue AGAIN. Then reload the area once more and continue as stated above. Hopefully this will be corrected in the questline description.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          if you think about it you're getting cucked by Godwyn, sure you got yourself a "dear" and she call the rune a chld holding "your warmth" but she made it with Godwyn

                                          • Anonymous

                                            "This is goodbye, my dear.
                                            But I am satisfied.
                                            I choose to lie with Godwyn of my own will. Not the remains of one chosen for me.
                                            And I will bear a child.
                                            Who will inherit your warmth, too.
                                            What greater blessing could there be, but to be born a Deathbed Companion?"

                                            Has to be some of the best delivered lines in the whole game.
                                            Especially the first two lines here when Fia’s voice wavers saying she is satisfied. Chiara Goldsmith knocked it out of the park on this voice over.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              You literally get cucked by deformed rotting corpse in her ending. Stick with Ranni or THE EVER BRILLIANT GOLDMASK.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                She gave me the black knifeprint map and I have only killed Godrick. Though I have touched Rogier bloodstain and exhausted all his dialogue before talking to Fia. Can confirm you don't need to defeat two shardbearer to unlock this dialogue option.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I set the tree on fire. Every other NPC was sorry they could not stay and continue helping. Fia was just like, nope I'm out, peace ya'll.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Can anyone explain to me what Fia is trying to achieve? My understanding was that Godwyns body existed, but his soul was gone.

                                                    • Ok, for those who gave her the cursed mark of death but she never went to sleep after. You need to reload the area then hug her again, choose talk in secret and there will be new dialogue, if she starts saying goodbye then you have it right, reload the area and she should be asleep. You can then enter her dream to kill the dragon

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I ended up getting her killed, does she ever wake up if you dont get D's brother the armor though? or does she just stay asleep?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          "After resting at a Site of Grace in Altus Plateau, you can return to Fia and embrace her to gain an additional line of dialogue during which she will hand you a Weathered Dagger."

                                                          As of update 1.04, Fia gave me the Weathered Dagger even though I haven't set a foot in Altus Plateau yet.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I just got to the end of her quest and sort of didn't check properly and gave D's brother the armor too early and he killed her... Going to be gutting him like a fish in NG+ as soon as i see him, how dare he defile hug wife?!

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              If she is not sleep after giving the Cursemark of Death and reloading the area, try to pass time to nightfall.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                It took me a second to realize exactly what happened with Fia and D' twin.

                                                                The hunters who live in death are slayers of undead, and as such, they kill undead so they won't rise again. The undead in elden ring always rise again, unless slain by a weapon such as the inseparable sword which the twins use. He's essentially making sure Fia will never rise again, which would be her eventuality.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Haven't read the comments. But you can do fia's questioned without any of D's questioned if you killed him.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    I gave her the mark, and then she never went to sleep in order for me to fight the dragon. Not sure what happened or where I went wrong.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      I think she died after the lichdragon and gave birth the the death rune. Don't think D killed her, just stabbed her corpse, I'm more interested in if she managed to kill Godwyn with the completed death mark she gets from you and if he resurrects as an undead later, maybe in the DLC.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Dude... D's brother stood infront of Fia's dead body with a bloody sword in hand and the full armor set i gave to him (a lil late in the story after the gargoyles were dead) right after the Fortissax.fight..He sh*t talked her for the most part, after reloading the area his set and the sword were there to pick up

                                                                        • I encountered a strange bug where I went to the Black Knife Catacombs, opened the door, touched the grace, died to the headless knight outside and then spawned back into the dungeon with the door closed behind me, trapping me inside. Once I killed the bosses I was able to teleport out and open the door again from the outside. Afterwards, Fia got stuck on the Black Knifeprint phase of the quest and won't progress. I've already done this quest line several times at different stages of the game so I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything. If it fixes later down the line I'll update but if you find yourself in a similar situation you might want to consider restoring your save.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Help me out here if you would because I'm kind of confused. So I got that Godwyn was assassinated by using knives that applied the death rune to him, but... why did he turn into a huge melty alien face? Why is the top half of his face all that remains of him? Why is his corpse in the floor of the Stormveil Castle basement but also in Deeproot? What is he mutating into when we see his body in Deeproot? I feel like all the other demi-gods' mutations got a decent explanation, yet Godwyn's was just sort of handwaved despite being possibly the most drastic of them all.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Giving the armour to D's brother doesn't disrupt the questline. I gave it to him after Fia left but before fighting her champions, and both the boss fight and Fia herself were still there when I reached the boss arena. Even restarting the area doesn't cause her to die, she got killed only after I beat Fortissax and reloaded the area, and after that point there is nothing left to do in her questline. If you are curious about what would happen upon giving the set to D's brother before Fia leaves, only way to get the armour set sooner is by killing D during your first encounter, and if you do that and give the armour to his brother, he will target you instead of Fia by fighting you upon reloading the area.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                It would be great if the developers finalized the endings and she could appear next to the throne when choosing the ending of The Age of Duskborn

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Giving the armour set to D’s brother doesn’t seem to disrupt the questline or prevent you from fighting Lichdragon/getting the rune. I gave the armour to him after Fia left the Roundtable Hall but before fighting her champions and could safely complete her questline.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Instructions aren't super clear, but if you are looking for Fia in the latter part of the game, she is in DEEPROOT DEPTHS. Once you have made it to the top of the level and fought the three summons, she will be in the very back of the level next to a teleporting portal.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      After fighting the dream dragon, I rested at the site of grace only to find D's brother over her body gloating that he killed her. Killed him then. Wish I did earlier.

                                                                                      I gave him the armor before fighting the gargoyles if that helps.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        So if i give D's bro the rune, does it activate the ending when you reach the end? Because i have progressed rannis questline to the end already and want that ending

                                                                                        • Another update: didn't have to rest in Altus to receive the knife that you give to D, only had to beat a second shardbearer I think - I killed Radahn (after Godrick) and she gave it to me, haven't been in Altus yet

                                                                                          • Didn't have to beat a second Shardbearer before receiving the Map to the Black Knife Catacombs, the only different thing I did was advance Rogier's quest to the point of Rogier talking about the Black knives, only had Godrick beaten

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Eh? WHERE is Fia in deeproot?
                                                                                              “After a boss”
                                                                                              SUCH A LAZY DESCRIPTION!!

                                                                                              Someone update this lazy article pls

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Fia is dead after fight with dragon so D's brother did not kill her. You can reload area and get her hood and dress without involving D's brother.

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  Fia is not asleep for me, does anyone know why? All I have for the options to her are to just be held. I’ve given the armor to D’s brother too before the optional fight and he disappeared as well.

                                                                                                  I’ve tried reloading and everything but no go.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous


                                                                                                    If you gave D's twin brother the set without knowing what it would do before, here's how I 'undid' it and kept Fia alive (this was after Fia left the Roundtable hold after killing D and after D's twin brother disappeared after giving him the armor). If you don't want Fia to be shanked like a prison inmate at the throne, I "killed" D through the NPC Manager in Cheat Engine by first going to the Aqueducts where I first saw D's Twin brother, and then opened the NPC manager and clicked 'Kill' for every "D, The Hunter of the Dead," I saw in the opened menu. Now I don't know 100% if this works but when I went to Fia's location at the foot of the Prince of Death's Grace she wasn't a corpse so I would guess it worked? Also, doing this method dropped the Twinned set and the sword for me at D's Twin Brother initial position at the aqueducts. Keep in mind that I did not reach Fia's location at the Prince of Death's grace before doing this. Am I a coward for doing this? Yes.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      A player's attack on Fia in Deeproot Depths will be considered a sin...Soooo, it turns out that our Lady Hugs is a Saint...a witch but a saint :)
                                                                                                      -Dori me
                                                                                                      -Interimo adapare dori me
                                                                                                      -Ameno ameno latire
                                                                                                      -Dori me
                                                                                                      -Omenare imperavi ameno
                                                                                                      -Dimere dimere matiro

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        if your gideon is bugged because you beat godrick too fast rest at round table after speaking to finger reader. rest multiple times at round table npcs will reset and appear

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          If you put the roundtable hold on fire Fia will move to Deeproot Depths even if you never let her hold you and never progress her questline

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            In adition to the wiki if you choose to lend D's armour to his brother he end the questline by killing Fia

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              Why does this page specifically tell you to give D’s Brother the armour AFTER finishing Fias quest? Does giving him the armour too early cause you to miss out on Fias quest rewards as a result of him killing her too soon?

                                                                                                              Fextralife you srsly need to be more specific about these things, and NOT make unneccessary statements that confuse the reader (like here where you specifically tell people to only gove the armour after finishing fias quest)

                                                                                                              • Anonymous


                                                                                                                Can confirm you don't have to get involved at all in her questline to fight Fortissax (other than getting the Cursemark of Death). This was the only NPC I forgot about during my playthrough, ignoring her all the way up to when I found out the achievement I was missing required defeating a hidden boss. D was already dead when I burnt the Erdtree and I never ever spoke to her again after my first time at the Roundtable. Yet, she was still waiting for me at Prince of Death's Throne grace. She's kind of cross with you, but if you tell her 'No, I want to be held', she'll let you carry on with the rest of the quest. They've made almost everything in this game 'unmissable' which is pretty lazy game design imo.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  So umm... when I met Fia at the Prince of Death's Throne (north side of Deeproot Depths), she asked me if I was there to stop her, and I said "That's right". She they said that I would have to kill her, and gave me the dialog option again to change my mind. I picked "That's right" again, and then killed her. She dropped her hood and robes I think, and saying something like "Why must your kind always prey upon the weak." She did NOT make the boss available in her death (Lichdragon, I believe, which has a rememberance). So umm, do NOT kill her, even in an evil playthrough. You lose access to an entire boss and a rememberance / weapon.

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    Fia can also give you the weathered dagger if you get the curse mark of death before going to the Altus Plateau.

                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                      "I'll always be available to give you another blessing should you need it." Hugged her once and haven't seen her since. Liar. She's not spawning anywhere it says to check either. Not sure if I'm locked out of the quest now

                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                        А если я убил Фию у Личдракона - могу ее как то воскресить ??

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