Fire Giant Incantations are a group of Incantations in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Fire Giant Incantations revolve around drawing power from the Fire Giants and their manipulation of fire. They require Faith in order to be casted.

There are a total of 4 Fire Giant Incantations available for players. Fire Giant Incantations can be found throughout the Land Betweens.



Fire Giant Incantations info

Obtaining Fire Giant Incantations

Fire Giant Incantations Requirements

  • As is the case with all Incantations, you must have a Sacred Seal equipped in order to be able to cast Fire Giant Incantations.
  • Fire Giant Incantations require Faith to use.

Boosting Fire Giant Incantations

All Fire Giant Incantations


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    • Anonymous

      You are legally required to shout the names of these out loud, like an inspector gadget tool when you use them

      • Anonymous

        I made a flame monk low level rp build, wow the pyromancy in this game isn't good at least compared to lightning lol basically lot of the same spells as the lightning spells, but does less damage and slower.

        • Anonymous

          Fire Monk and Fire Giant incantation are the same category. Fire Monk incantations do not include catch flame, flame sling and fire's deadly sin

          • Anonymous

            Fire should be a status effect igniting once procced. Its super weird to throw fire at people constantly and never get them to burn or take successive damage.

            Plus, Blood Magic, Thorn Magic and Black Flame Magic needs more variation. There are like 13 Dragon attacks that mostly do the same and on top kinda look stupid when being performed, but black flames only get like 3 incantations plus a weapon enchant that lasts a ridiculous 6 seconds, only one, maybe 2 viable blood incantations and only 2 thorn spells. So three schools of magic/incantations have less spells in total than the dragon cult.

            • Anonymous

              Wish the pyromancy-type incantations were not all terrible in this game. Loved the pyro build in all three DS games.

              • Anonymous

                Doing some testing, I found that "Surge, O Flame!" and "Whirl, O Flame!" are actually Giants' Flame incantations.
                Tested with an un-upgraded Finger Seal and an un-upgraded Giant's Seal (118 Inc. Scaling and 117 Inc. Scaling respectively), the Giant's Seal was dealing more damage.
                Fire's Deadly Sin may also be a Giants' Flame incantation but I wasn't sure.

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