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Flask of Crimson Tears is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. Flask of Crimson Tears restores HP upon use and can be replenished by visiting any of the Sites of Grace.


A sacred flask modelled after a golden holy chalice that was once graced by a tear of life.

Filled with crimson tears, this flask restores HP with use.
Rest at a site of grace to replenish.

The one washed up on the gravesite was sure to die, until this flask
offered its gift of rejuvenation. To seek the Elden Ring. 


Flask of Crimson Tears Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Flask of Crimson Tears:


Elden Ring Flask of Crimson Tears Upgrade Guide

Users are able to upgrade Flask of Crimson Tears by using Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears.
The maximum uses of a particular flask is 14, assuming no charges are allocated to its counterpart. For multiplayer as an invader/helper phantom, the number of flasks is halved for a maximum of 7. 
The highest potency of the restorative effect is +12.

Golden Seeds are used to increase Flask of Crimson Tears' and Flask of Cerulean Tears number of uses:

  • You need 1 Seed for upgrades increasing to 6 total Flasks.
  • You need 2 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 8 total Flasks.
  • You need 3 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 10 total Flasks.
  • You need 4 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 12 total Flasks.
  • You need 5 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 14 total Flasks.

Sacred Tears can be used to increase the potency of Flask of Crimson Tears:

  • You need 1 Sacred Tear for each upgrade.


Total Amount of Restoration

HP restoration added per upgrade   95 85 75 65 55 45 30 30 25 25 15 15
Upgrade Level 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
HP Restored 250 345 430 505 570 625 670 700 730 755 780 795 810
Min. Vigor to accept all HP from 1 flask 1 6 11 15 17


21 22 23 24 25 25 26
Vigor to heal 3/4 HP with 1 flask: 5 13 17 21 24 26 28 29 30 31 32 33 33
Vigor to fill HP with 2 flasks: 15 22 27 31 34 36 38 39 40 43 45 46 47


Elden Ring Crimson Tears Notes & Tips

FAQ: How do you use the Healing Potion for Elden Ring?

  • The Healing Potion is also known as the Flask of Crimson Tears in Elden Ring. This one is the red flask in your inventory. The blue flask will help with replenishing FP. This flask can be upgraded and will replenish after resting at a Site of Grace. To use this, players will need to have this item equipped where it can be accessed from the D-pad on the controller. The Use Item button is usually the square button on the PlayStation or the X button on the X box. 

Upgrading Flasks

  • Flask Upgrades can be done while resting at a Site of Grace. You should be able to access the Flask option which will bring up more menu options and will allow you to Add charge to flask, Increase amount replesnished by flasks, and allocate flask charges.
  • Golden Seeds are required in order to add charges to your flask. Allocating Flask Charges will allow you to adjust how many charges will go in either the red flask or the blue flassk. 

Flask Quick Access

  • The default way to look for your flask would be to cycle through your inventory items displayed on the bottom slot of your items towards the lower left corner of your screen. It is recommended that you instead equip the flask to your Pouch to be able to access it through quick access. This also allow you to then allocate the flask to the desired slot which will also bind it to a quick access button without having through cycle through the inventory. 

Crimson Tears Other Notes

  • Whether your character is a mage or not, even at low Faith (such as 12 for Bestial Vitality), Cerulean flasks are significantly more efficient at healing HP than Crimson are. However, Crimson flasks are much faster at healing. With this in mind, a Faith dip is worth considering for any build as a way to stretch flask usage.
  • Also known as Red Flask. Blue Flask is for FP.


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    • Anonymous

      Why do most Tarnished have only 1 flask of Crimson tears, yet the Tarnished of No Renown and Blaidd have multiple, with the former having upwards of twice the amount Blaidd has?

      • Anonymous

        Did some quick math and found out that the bonuses to the crimson flask restoration from the Crimson Seed Talisman, Crimson Tear Scarab, and Guardian Garb (Full Bloom) stack multiplicatively. Restoring a total of 1,176 hp with a Flask of Crimson Tears +12.

        • Anonymous

          So I didn’t know this but there’s a chest piece called the guardian garb (full bloom) that boosts healing from this by 10%. Super rare drop from the leyndell Erdtree guardians apparently.

          • Anonymous

            So i usually get 12 crimson flasks at +10 before margitt. Love the pvp when fighting unoptimized low level invaders

            • Anonymous

              Worth noting that having far more hp than a flask will recover allows regen to be more effective, as you never really want to be full for regen to be effective. If you have 60vig and morgott's rune you'll have about 2500hp, enough to chug twice and still have room left over, meaning your regen ticks will always be trickling in. If you're having trouble or want to use a tank build it's really useful

              • Anonymous

                Can someone add/replace the 3/4 row with a 2/3 row. The reason being if you fIll your hp with 1 chug then your safety net is effectively 0hp. If you fill half your hp in 1 chug, your safety net is effectively an extra flask. If you fill 2/3 of your hp with 1 chug your safety net is half a flask.

                If you fill 3/4 of your hp with 1 chug, your safety net is only 1/3 of a flask and its a weird number.

                My personal recommendation is if you are a melee build a flask should fill half of your hp, if you are a ranged build a flask should fill 2/3 of your hp.

                • With 41 faith and a godlsayer seal +20 Lords heal restores around 840 hp. The heals are relatively quick, so.. .. Red flasks are still better for pvp tho.. nobody has enough poise to cast erdtree heal mid combat. I kinda wanna try it tho.

                  • Anonymous

                    Wanna know the REAL reason for no healing in duels after DS1? To allow heavy armor builds to out trade everything.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you have Godricks great rune activated and you quit and reload your game you will regain 295 FP (and 65 HP) every time (PS5).

                      • Anonymous

                        How many charges do you start the game with? Was it 3 or 4? I'm trying to reverse engineer which seeds I've found based on my 11 total flasks. I want that even number for better coop.

                        • Anonymous

                          Around here, we call the little circle that appears in the menu to let you know that you can upgrade them while resting at a grace a “flaskterisk”.


                          • Anonymous

                            Is the description wrong? My flask of crimson tears says:

                            "A sacred flask modelled after a golden holy chalice that was once graced by a tear of blessing.

                            Filled with crimson tears, this flask restores HP with use.
                            Rest as site of grace to replenish.

                            The one washed up on the gravesite was sure to die, until this flask offered it's gift of rejuvenation. To seek the Elden Ring."

                            Is this a translation error? I don't know if the one on the wiki is the original or the one that's in now. I guess once they realized that your maiden is kind of dead at the start that the flask description didn't make sense and changed it. Unless the description on the wiki was never right?

                            Also I went through the trouble of killing the grafted scion without dying just to see if it gave a different description and it doesn't.

                            This is as of version 1.04.1

                            • Anonymous

                              why isn't there a ****ing cancel animation for this **** man. I love that I walk less than 1mph when a big ass bloke is coming for me on their horse and I can't do **** to avoid the attack.

                              • Anonymous

                                "You obtain x3 Flask of Crimson Tears if you are defeated by Grafted Scion during the game's tutorial."
                                I mean, you also obtain them if you beat the Grafted Scion. It's not like Bloodborne where you can find a lamppost if you get past the starting area - the only way out of that place is death. The game gives you a helping hand by putting a falling trap at the end of the path.

                                • Anonymous

                                  (sorry if swearing was against rules) it drives me crazy that the idiot character drinks the flasks so nonchalantly like he is in a picnic

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I will never get over how in the series you are fighting giant beasts and when you need to heal the ****ing idiot drinks it nonchalantly like he's on a picnic

                                    • Anonymous

                                      If you crouch and use an HP flask then drink from an FP flask, you will drink from one flask and immediately go to the other one without the "delay" you get from standing, useful for mages who have to heal and refill their magic very quickly.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Why max 14 flask when there's still more Golden Seeds sit there useless in the inventory? make almost no sense, 14 is such an weird/awkward number to be max amount, you already lazy enough when reused shjt from DS3 why not go to 15 like it too, bah. And Golden Seeds become useless after that, why not make it sellable/consumable. This seem like an unfinished feature, like with NPCs quest unfinished before update 1.03, unfinished game.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          They really found have used a clearer icon for this and it's cerulean counterpart. In Dark Souls 3, you were easily able to tell apart your Sunny D and Blue Gatorade from one another at a mere glimpse. Call me a stupid idiot but I have mis-chugged quite a lot in my time playing Elden Ring.

                                          • What's the name of the item that blocks flask usage, if there even is one? I know the Angel's Wings weapon art can do it, but I have yet to find the consumable item.

                                            • What's the name of the item that blocks flask usage, if there even is one? I know the Angel's Wings weapon art can do it, but I have yet to find the consumable item.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                how does the refill system work exactly? sometimes i can clear every single enemy in a certain area and i dont get a single refill. for example ive never once gotten a single refill in stormveil castle before, not one single time, maybe you only get them if you do the areas in the intended order?

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  the inconsistency of the flask refill when you kill enemies is a problem. a brilliant system that should be a lifesaver and extremely fun to exploit by encouraging players to keep going forwards without stopping becomes unreliable seemingly at random. and then there's it's effects on pvp. why don't helpers get flasks back after killing groups? why don't you get flasks back after killing invaders/duelists? it's just stupid, and a huge disappointment.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    With 20 HP (1742 max) one max level flask brings me to 830, so unless it scales with HP it looks like youre getting 810 HP per max level flask.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I just realized... there's an enemy in this game called Silver Tears that are slime monsters. And lots of the restorative stuff you get is "tears." Does that mean every time you heal you're drinking a slime monster?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        For the health flask, +6= 670, +7 = 700 and +8 = 730hp. Would appreciate any replies with values on the lower and higher end so I can better asses the diminishing rate of returns.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          14 charges at max use, +12 max upgrade. If you take the Golden Seed gift, you can skip 1 of the golden seeds. I already had a maxed out flask when fighting the lizard in Millicent's quest.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            The maximum you can have is 14, and you need five golden seeds por this upgrade. Other thing I noticed is that the game gives you more seeds than you need to maximize, after i reached 14 estus I found two more Golden Seeds

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              How to use the Flask of crimson tears in a fight, it's in the down tab but only flashes and doesnt heal hp ?

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Do you think they're going to have a way to make more of these like how you could get more estus in dark souls or is the "kill enemies to replenish the flasks" going to make a "getting more flasks" mechanic unnecessary?

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Anyone else think these have stupid names? 'Estus Flask' was catchy. Es-tus. Estus! Estus Flask. A clean, simple, three syllables.
                                                                  "Flask of Crimson/Cerulean Tears' just doesn't roll off the tongue nearly as well.

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