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Throw at enemies to inflict Frostbite.
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Freezing Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies you to inflict Frost, and requires an empty Ritual Pot to craft.


Craftable item prepared using a ritual pot.
Engraved with the crest of the Carian Royals.

Throw at enemies to cause buildup of frost.

Originates from the cold, dark moon of Ranni, the Carian princess.


Freezing Pot use in Elden Ring

Freezing Pot can be used to throw at enemies to cause buildup of Frost.

  • Causes 380 frost buildup
  • Unlike other throwing pots that inflict status effects, Freezing Pot always inflicts the same amount of frost buildup regardless of your attributes


Elden Ring Freezing Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Freezing Pot you need the Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook [6] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Freezing Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Freezing Pot, depending on how many Ritual Pots you have
  • You can store up to 600 Freezing Pot
  • Sell Value: Freezing Pot cannot be sold
  • Once a Freezing Pot is thrown, its Ritual Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot


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    • Anonymous

      This item is just silly. Throwing a pot to immediately inflict frost? Front is always a gradual thing. The science doesn't even make sense. The Science!!

      Freezing Mist, Chilling Mist, cold weapons. It's always a gradual process. It should be.

      This item should cause frostbite to the user, or significant buildup. Or it should be more a chilling mist aoe that explodes. This item is broken!

      • Anonymous

        This is going to get thumbs-down up the ying-yang but this should not be a thing. Frosting an enemy should not be as easy as throwing a risk free projectile that costs nothing. Nothing but crafting materials of course. I will never use it. Anybody that does use it should be ashamed. Why? It's too easy and has no downsides. It requires no build dedication or scaling with your stats. It's as dumb as the rot pot. It should not be this easy to freeze or rot an enemy or another player. Now imagine if this or rot pot was a spell that anybody could use. All casuals would be using them. Frosting and Rotting galore. This item is restricted to those that want to farm crafting materials, which nobody does, or those that were dropped duped materials. It's absolutely no fun to use. If I am going to freeze or rot something make me play the game and select a loadout that can deliver the task!

        • Anonymous

          2 pots can freeze almost anything. Really really powerful on str builds, as they oonga bunga harder on frosstbitten debuffed targets

          • Anonymous

            Incredible, i use this all the time against other players. Instant frostbite most of the time so thats a quick stagger/ interrupt whatever they are doing. Can finish off after a crit.
            I feel like a dont need a frost infused weapon thanks to this magnificient Carian pot.

            • Anonymous

              2 Freezing Pot > 1 Volcanic/Fire Pot > 2 Freezing Pot. Apply this formula whenever Malenia uses Scarlet Aeonia to deal some serious free damage.

              • Anonymous

                This pot has no right to be this powerful, I cannot see the situation where this thing will not be busted, in pvp it's just a win button, with little to no effort from your part you are crippling your opponent's stamina and damage negation no matter if they rolled or not

                • Anonymous

                  So all of the other status effect pots scale with Arcane, but they couldn't let INT have scaling frost pots?

                  • Anonymous

                    if you use this on melania to cancel waterfowl dance you should know that dealing fire damage to a frosbitten enemy ends the frostbit state, allowing you to proc again

                    • Anonymous

                      Best consumable item to have on shortcut. Free frost proc for 10% enemy health and 20% damage bonus with everything else afterwards. Fits into every build. Also crazy good to stagger enemies out of animations, like Malenia's Waterfowl Dance. Was surprised to see how versatile it is, even in PvP. Catch someone unexpectedly with this to cripple their stamina regen and get big numbers quick. 10/10 would chug a pint of icecream at them again.

                      • Anonymous

                        People keep saying this stops Malenia and it does, but I can't seem to get the timing to throw it right. By the time I throw it, she's already charging so she either still hits me but the pot stops her from attacking more or even worse, it sails over her and misses completely so I'm completely ****ed.

                        • Anonymous

                          psa. if you use this on malenia be sure to not have frost on your weapon. if she is already frostbitten once she starts waterfowl it will not work.

                          • Anonymous

                            you can throw this at Melania, Blade of Miquella the moment she jumps into the air to start her waterfowl wombo combo to immediately frostbite and stun her out of it. most reliable way i've found to dodge it

                            • Anonymous

                              People don't realize how insanely good this is, I've been spreading the word as much as I can. I haven't done much testing, but it seems like it usually FULLY frostbites on hit. The frostbite animation has the same property as the bleed animation where it will stagger them out of whatever move they're doing at the time. There is more then enough time to hit Melania with this during her Waterfowl Dance, and using that strategy made the fight one of my favorite in the game. I'm going to test it out on Godfrey's ground slam attack to see if it works there to.

                              • Anonymous

                                Instantly proc frostbite. Use it against Melania when she does the combo, it'll stun her out of animation

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