Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs

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A labyrinth of tunnels deep underground, teeming with enemies and creatures

Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs is a Location in Elden Ring. The Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs is found in the Mountaintops of the Giants region. To find this dungeon, go north from Zamor Ruins until you reach the bridge with fire monks, then turn south east and follow the slope down to the door.


Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs Map

To find this dungeon, start at the Zamor Ruins Grace. Continue forwards (heading through the ruins eastward, then going underneath the mountain as you turn north). You'll find a bridge with a group of fire monks. There's a ledge on the east side of the encounter area, with the door at the end of said ledge. [Elden Ring Map Location].

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All NPCs and Merchants in Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs

  • There are no merchants or NPCs here.


All Items in Elden Ring's Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs

Equipment and Magic

  • There are no equipment items in this location


Elden Ring Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses


Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs Walkthrough

This dungeon can be disorienting due to traversing very similar sets of rooms more than once. Similar rooms will be numbered to help.

From the Site of Grace go down two flights of stairs, an Imp will be hanging off the far wall to jump onto you. The room straight ahead will have another imp on the wall, a second one will ambush you from the right once you enter. Pick up the Grave Glovewort (7), then turn around and to the left.

loot loop

After fighting past two more imps, you will reach an elevator  (Elevator 1) which you should take down.

first turn to elevator

screenshot obs recording 2022 05 14 22 47 25 raleigh littles

Optional Route 1 (Reward: Spirit Ashes): Send Elevator1 back up but stay on the lower level. The elevator has another platform which will be accessible to you now. Take it down to reach the lowest level of the catacombs. There is an imp here and a Lesser Burial Watchdog, the magical variant. You can cheese it slightly using the stairs. Pick up the Grave Glovewort (8) below the stairs, then proceed, but be careful since a statue will spit frostbite-inflicting dust at you. Duck into the corridor on the left, but avoid stepping on the pressure plate there. Take the statue out by hitting it, then go back to the corridor on the left to pick up Grave Glovewort (8) while being ambushed by two imps. Ahead, there is another statue, this time you have to turn right to avoid it. However, the corridor is behind an illusory wall (identifyable by being "flat" without the usual rims) and an imp hides inside. In the room with the second statue is another Lesser Burial Watchdog (physical variant). Consider using the statue by luring the watchdog into the corridor to take it out. Afterwards, pick up the Fire Monk Ashes from a chest behind the statue. This route is a dead-end to make your way back up Elevator 1.

On the main route, past Elevator 1, take a left past the locked doors to the boss. Fight past some imps until you reach another elevator with ropes attaching it to the ceiling (Elevator 2).

elevator 2

Take this elevator down, and proceed forward, you will find a square room with a green statue (Statue Room 1)

statue room

Here you will then encounter a Giant Living Jar, defeat it -- if you look up, you will see a corpse with loot hanging off, and a smaller statue facing the wall. This is the location of the lever that opens the boos doors, which we'll reach later.

lever location

From here, turn right, proceeding up the stairs. Be careful with the pressure plated dart trap. Once you reach the edge of the hallway, turn left, and you'll see another set of steps taking you into a room with multiple guillotine blades.


guillotine blade room

This contains multiple guillotines and exploding living jars.

room with guillotines full

Make your way through to the living jar, defeat it, and then on your way out, turn right and proceed up the stairs. 

coming out of small jar room

You'll find many more enemies in the next corridor -- 6 Land Squirts to be exact. Defeat them, then turn left and go up the stairs.

land squirts entrance

Avoid the pressure plate in front of you, then continue a few paces forward to fight another giant living jar in the last and pick up a Grave Glovewort (7) (you can also use the dart trap that is activated by the pressure plate to take out the living jar). Between the squirts room and the room with the jar (the room with the pressure plate), look for an alcove on the side (it's on your left if you're approaching the room, or on your right if you're exiting it) and drop down there -- but before you fall, grab the Stimulating Boluses from the corpse to the left.

drop down after trap

corpse with stimulating bolusses

When you land, you'll be on a rectangular platform -- to your left, you should immediately see a corpse holding a Nascent Butterfly.

nascent butterfly corpse

 Below you is different square room with the same statue that you saw before -- this room shall be referred as (Statue Room 2). This room has multiple Exploding Living Jars, so if you have ranged weapons, it's recommended to take them out from the safety of the platform.

statue from statue room 2

Optional Route 2: Take the path to the right when facing the statue, then pass the guillotines to find another giant living jar, guarding a Grave Glovewort (8). Make your way up again past more land squirts, including a giant variety, watch out for the pressure plate, take out another living jar and pick up Grave Glovewort (7). Again, between the squirts and the jar, there is an alcove to drop down, this time dropping down multiple ledges. You have gone in a small circle and are back to Statue Room 2.

From Statue Room 2, take the path which the statue is facing. You will find an elevator which looks identical to Elevator 2 (it has the same chain design), this is Elevator 3.

to elevator 3

Optional Route 3: Go up Elevator 3. Take out the three imps in the following room before engaging the upcoming burial watchdog (frostbite variant). Pick up Root Resin x5 and Grave Glovewort (9), then make your way back to the elevator and take it down.

Send the Elevator 3 up and look down into the "hole" in the floor where the elevator's platform was. There is another Giant Living Jar here, as well as holes which are easy to fall into. However if you fall into them you will end up in Statue Room 1 and will have to traverse the entire loop again.

last room with big jar

Fall down the hold and either fight the pot without falling or you can turn around and run for the opposite side of the room. There, next to a corpse holding Golden Rune (10), you will find the lever which opens the boss doors.

lever to boss door

After pulling the lever, drop down into Statue Room 1, take the path the statue is facing and after a ride up Elevator 2, you should be ready to fight the boss, an Ulcerated Tree Spirit. He drops a Golden Seed and Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing (2). A chest in the boss room contains a Deathroot.


Elden Ring Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Okay, let me sum this up:

      - Confusing design
      - Imp infested
      - Exploding jars
      - Poison land squirts
      - Watchdogs in tiny rooms
      - Little to zero reward
      - Stepping traps
      - Frost spitting pillars

      And you still got the nerve on you to put a goddamn Erd Tree Spirit as final boss?!

      0/10 wouldn't re-visit.

      • Anonymous

        unironically worst catacomb in the game, whoever the **** put that many watchdogs in those shitty tiny rooms should be fired

        i love having to ride down the longest ****ing elevator to then run all the way back through imp and frost infested catacombs cus some dipshit watchdog in a tiny room nonstop buttslams

        second least fun enemy tied with cemetary shades, after the bullshit revenants

        • Anonymous

          The fist time I've tried Co-op since my first time at Stormveil, and I got invaded both times within the minute of starting co-op, RL 115. Just a heads up, seems to be a hot area, fun fights down there with all the traps.

          • Anonymous

            Well I guess since almost everyone here played blindly, it was a confusing dungeon, but I followed the guide and it's ironically my favourite dungeon design. The hidden elevators was really cool, the traps, ice breathing columns, they were very well placed to **** with your mind.

            Also the burial watchdogs felt sorta easy to me? Do note that I am already level 165 or so when facing them, and I used a GreatShield, so it was quite easy to block their attacks. 3 guard counters with my Claymore stance-broke them, after that it was just rinse and repeat.

            At this point i was even used to the ulcerated tree spirit, the fight didn't really feel difficult just block it's major attacks with my GreatShield and dodge when necessary.

            10/10 dungeon design, and the rewards aren't bad either (Bell Bearing, Golden Seed, Fire Monk Ashes, Deathroot)

            • I got the Watchdog Greatsword in NG+ on first try. Feels good. Blasphemous Blade's skill (add proper buffs is even better) can help you beat these basturds easily.

              • Anonymous

                Come come ladies and gentlemen. If you follow the guide above it's not too bad. Don't do optional route 2 and 3. Kill the watchdogs using the frost statues. If you are having trouble with the imps and the boss then you're probably too low level for this place.

                • Anonymous

                  Easily one of the longest most annoying catacombs in the game, and yet it's literally only worth speed running through, since every ****ing thing if real value is from the boss... what a ****ing waste of time

                  • Anonymous

                    As someone who likes to clear enemies, it's disappointing that it's just not worth it in the endgame areas. The Watchdogs have insane health pools and hit like a truck. Slam spam and that lingering hitbox on the stab is the worst.

                    • Anonymous

                      Imo: don't fight the Watchdogs. Run past and cheese with those freezing pillars. There is a 3rd at the top of a flight of stairs with some Glovewort which you can either
                      a) loot&run
                      b) shoot with a big bow/elevator escape and repeat until dead.
                      Watch out for x3 gargoyle-gang-bang on your way out with the 'wort though.

                      • I swear to god if I don't get something like a "Free sloppy from Marika token" or some other **** at the end of all this Im gonna be mad. This BS better be worth it.

                        • Anonymous

                          There is another illusory wall leading to a single level 7 grave glovewort and an imp in the right side of the corridor just before the room with the fire monk ashes (looking towards the room).
                          I found it while checking for a possible lever to move the statue in case it worked like the one in Leyndell's sewers. Did a second passthrough of the whole dungeon casting law of regression everywhere and found nothing else.

                          • Anonymous

                            The identical room copy reminded me of old school super Mario one castles where the maze would just repeat the same screen and you had to know to take a different path through it

                            • Anonymous

                              I've just been in here and I fancied myself a bit of smart arse after getting through it without reading its page. Except I didn't see a lesser burial watchdog, a miranda sprout or a giant miranda. I also see I didn't get firemonk ashes, looks like I've got to go back.

                              • Anonymous

                                This is the most fun and well designed catacomb in the game. Its meant to play with your knowledge of how these dungeons work, showing you the location of the lever but then dropping you into an identical copy of the room with no lever and different more dangerous enemies. This was so trippy, i loved it. It also lets you easily turn every arrow, blade and freezing mist trap against the dungeon enemies.

                                • Anonymous

                                  It's not as bad as you'd think, the guide here is pretty good but these catacombs are still really confusing. I used rainbow stones, dropped them in the first statue room as a point of reference (you can drop them all along your way). Keep in mind they don't last forever, so if you wind up back where you were drop another one, they're on a timer. Fire arrows worked great on the exploding pots, and if they're clustered one exploding kills the rest. I forgot something that cam in handy with the land squirts, especially the big one: If you poison them they overload and explode. Rotten breath on the big one wiped out even more of them. Biggest help from the guide is to recognize when you're close, the big jar with the two pits around it that take you back to room one. That's the time to stop and be careful because you're there. Drop down, kill the pot (avoiding the holes) and the lever is on that level. Holy damage negation buff for the tree spirit and it's not bad, got it on the first try. Hope this helps someone!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Several of my favorites here. A huge impossibly fast boss in an enclosed space, and no Stake of Marika forcing you to go past effing imps again to get to the boss door.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Excellent walkthrough, thank you. Only real problem I had was the 'Somewhere a Heavy Door Opened' message stopped me from swinging my sword at the darn little jar that woke up and started beating on me. I did attempt to target but these little buggers don't target until they wake up. Good UI having the message block other inputs until it is cleared. Yay From!

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I'm fine with the weirdness of the dungeon but the Watchdogs being able to randomly one shot you with plunging attacks is pure BS. 40 Vigor and dragoncrest talisman and still they randomly take 90 percent of my health with that move. Having to re-tread the whole dungeon because of one hit is sadistic.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I look at it as a love and hate relationship.. this dungeon pissed me the **** off.. but I respect it greatly

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I don't mind the enemies but how the **** would you ever navigate this without a guide? they literally copied the same room multiple times.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              hitting the little incendiary jars with fire arrows will instantly make them explode and can be done from a safe distance

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Really resent the little exploding pots that are not targetable and damage you through stone walls, not kewl

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This map is wrong. The left before the boss room... after going down the small elevator and up a couple stairs and stuff, you're on the middle floor. The little drop down is there, and the longer hall with a watchdog is on the top floor.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Any one else notice in the room after the land squids, where you fall on a rectangular platform and end back to the statue number 2, after falling from the second platform there's an open door while you fall, but I cant get on it, is it possible to get there? If so, what's in there?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Am I the only one that genuinely likes these maze-like catacombs? I could live without the repeated boss here, but the labyrinths are so fun to get through, it feels nice to have a non-combat challenge from time to time

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        So let me get this straight. After you do all the BS you can't even go back to the grace to reset your flasks?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Man the boss sucks, but overall this is one of the most memorable catacombs, even as a frustrating one. I think of this as a maze which is designed to make you mad, which it did. I didn't even bother to backtrack to keep runes, but straight up used Memory of Grace just to get it done with.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Jesus lord getting slapped in the face by this catacomb right after clearing underground leyndell catacomb was not a pleasant experience. Mobs are tanky and hit like a truck, asshat imps. At least there's no poison or rot swamp in this catacomb I guess. Though it's not totally unfair if you utilize your stuff. Exploding pots are free kills with fire arrows, watchdogs can be cheesed or just ignored since they are worth jack ****, just watch out for your usual imps and traps. Nothing can save you from the awful boss though.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              huge thank you to whoever wrote this guide. went so crazy i had to come look it up and it got me through in one go.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Do not bother to farm Imps here for Smithing Stone (7). Killed 30, did not get any stones. Considering the type of enemy, you better farm elsewhere.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  This is the only dungeon since Demon's Souls' Valley of Defilement that was so extensive that once I died, I gave up on searching for my massive amount of runes. It was just that confusing. I feel absolutely mind-****ed on the layout of this dungeon but I guess that was the point. Well done!

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Place ****ing sucks. Can’t even mad dash to get through to where you dropped your runes because the imps throw **** at you, the guillotines keep you from dashing past the exploding jars, and by the time you get to either of the watchdogs you’re out of flasks.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Not confusing but this is probably one of the worst dungeons in the game just because you have to start at the very start while going throuhg numerous enemies, multiple elevators and drops, and dealing with three hidden gatcha imps at the end of one far path and a giant lesser watchdog they didn't bother to animate properly so it can hit you 180 degrees behind it instantly and you can't even visibly see signs to dodge. Not exactly fun. Just a slog.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        A frustrating, confusing slog with repeating locations, fake lever statues, bomb-jars everywhere, an Ulcerated Tree Spirit for a boss, and nothing to show for it but a useless Golden Seed. The Deathroot here is literally all that's worth coming here for. If you're not worried about Gurranq's questline, ignore this place at all costs, even if your flasks aren't maxed.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Shoot the column trap to disable it. I figure alot of people know this but I've seen few walkthroughs that seem unaware of that tactic.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            I'm pretty sure FS designed this thing so they can go online and read comments on people complaining how much they hate it and laugh. If so congrats! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! lol

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              - bosses as normal enemies, check
                                                                              - MULTIPLE bosses as normal enemies, check
                                                                              - bosses are the stupid watchdogs, check
                                                                              - boss of the dungeon is the ulcerated tree spirit, check
                                                                              - repeating areas that look exactly the same, check
                                                                              - exploding jars, check
                                                                              - jerkish trap placements, check
                                                                              - the ****ing imps, check
                                                                              - areas hidden under elevators, check
                                                                              - reward not worth it, check

                                                                              yep, its worst dungeon ever time

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                oh and you know what the most B*sh* moment in this place is? maybe in the entire game? when a frost cloud blasts at you so you duck into an alcove, like we've done many times before with these traps, and OHHAH AHAHA FUNNEY GUYS put an arrow shooting trap right there. FFFFFF YOUUUU

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  came here to ***** about how much I hate this place. glad I am not alone.
                                                                                  on my first play I missed it. so on my 2nd play I made a point to do everything, all bosses all dungeons etc.
                                                                                  after more than an hour+ I finally finished it.
                                                                                  on my 3rd play I ran in here, took 5 steps, remembered what a c*ck f*ck this place is, and NOPED out.

                                                                                  I mean, fight your way past 100s of the most annoying enemies in the game (imps) fall down holes and die, get roasted by traps, run around confused and lost half the time, and what is your reward?

                                                                                  oh, you get to fight a gigantic F*CKIN HUEG boss in a tiny ass room. great thanks a lot From. NOPE NOPE NEVAR AGAIN.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Places like this justifies the existence of bloodhound step. Ngl if the boss runback was better and actually used a stake of marika this wouldve been at least 100x more fun, but nah imps

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Places like this justifies the existence of bloodhound step. Ngl if the boss runback was better and actually used a stake of marika this wouldve been at least 100x more fun, but nah imps

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        All my comments seem to delete when I refresh so this probably will too but, following the guide, the second time you jump down an alcove, the one where you land on 2 ledges as you go, the second ledge is a window sill, I thought a different path would drop us out it but it didn’t? Unless that’s the first alcove you drop in I guess….never mind, probably?

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Elden ring catacombs rule #1 always look under EVERY elevator
                                                                                          Elden ring catacombs rule #2 clear out all enemies so you know where you have been.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            This dungeons boss is the the zenit of this games failings when compared to every older fromsoft game. The Open World is celebrated, rightly so, but due to it we get repeated bossfights, because we have to fill the world with something. In this case it is the exact same boss we fought 5 times already, only they werent even bothering to give it anything new, they just make the boss go 30% faster in every aspect. What the hell.

                                                                                            Sorry to write it here, but i have to blow off some steam. This game is so ****ing good, but it seems hard to view this game as one of the most engaging fromsoft games. With a new IP/franchise i expected this game to make a step up, but thats just false. This games highs are pretty much the same as they always have been, but the lows just dropped even harder. They clearly put in so much effort to make the game great, so i am really surprised that almost all dungeons feel and play the same, multiplayer (especially co-op) still uses an aged system that just doesn't fit an open world game and they still didn't bother to make the PC port polished enough to show the mouse and keyboard controlls.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Oh cool, a dungeon I missed the first time through, wonder if there's anything new or uniq--

                                                                                              Boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Idk, it seems only few of us seem to like these brain**** dungeons.

                                                                                                But I really like them. Once you realize that something is wrong, the hunt begins; either find the secret wall, the elevator that goes both ways, etc. and this dungeon got REALLY tense with its guillotine/explodepot combo. But it really is just a thing of patience.

                                                                                                Concerning the watchdogs, idk; was I just lucky? Bc I could fight them one by one without issues..

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  It's like they got lazy and decided to merge two dungeons into one except really poorly. Sure you get a deathroot and a bellbearinf at the end of the redundant half,which should have stood by itself, but the prize for beating watchdog, icy breath hell isnt worth the the ashes you get at the end. Spamming heavy handed spells like comet from afar worked but that's if you have the flasks to spare for the rest

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    I thought there was a room teleport even after studying this map and running around, but it's just confusion. You run through the area from statue 1, but end up at the frostbite watchdog described in option 3. Thats because you loop from sstatue 1 to statue 2, and then you try to leave and end up with the watchdog.

                                                                                                    Why can this happen? the elevator is down the first run through, so you don't see the big jar in the floor beneath you, an unmissable way to know you're on a different floor. Second run through, the elevator is up so you don't make the same mistake and might not find your way back to the watchdog if you died with your runes there.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Lost 100k runes to the 'lesser' watch dogs. Got past first one, died on second one. First one respawns and kills me from under the ledge. Way tougher than the boss somehow, this game finds a way to getcha some way or another.

                                                                                                      • This is probably the least fun area in the entire game, beating out all of the hero graves & possibly even the lake of rot. Maybe if it had good rewards I would do it, but it doesn't. Lost 400,000 runes

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          Just run past the Watchdogs, not worth fighting them as they are extremely tanky and spam attacks. It isn't the most difficult place if you don't try to defeat the Watchdogs

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