Glintstone Whetblade

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Type Key Item
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Grants choice of affinity upgrade to weapon

Glintstone Whetblade is a Whetblade in Elden Ring. Glintstone Whetblade Grants choice of affinity upgrade to weapon. Key Items in Elden Ring include a wide variety of items found in specific locations or are given by a related NPCs which are used to unlock areas, quests, and to further progress the game's story.


Glintstone whetblade with a cipher engraved. Can be used as a whetstone knife.

When applying an affinity using physical or magic-type ashes of war, an additional affinity of magic or frost can be chosen.


Where to find Glintstone Whetblade in Elden Ring

  • Location: Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Nearest Site of Grace: Debate Parlor
  • Looted off a corpse that is hanging on the fence of an office balcony. From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, head out to the fountain of the academy's courtyard, go west and head up the slope. The office is in front of the group of kneeling Noble Zombies. [Map Link]
  • Video Location


Elden Ring Glintstone Whetblade Use

Glintstone Whetblade adds the Magic and Cold Affinities to the menu when selecting compatible Ashes of War.


Elden Ring Glintstone Whetblade Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Be very careful of the Sorcerer hanging out next to the whetblade.

      It WILL one shot you with the equivalent of a Glintstone shotgun.

      • I cold-infused a Vulgar Saw Halberd. It should have similar scaling for both Dex and Int, but any points invested into Dex (or Str) do not increase AR. Only investing into Int increases AR for me. Is anyone experiencing similar?

        • Anonymous

          just to throw out a very good use i found for this: frost on an offhand dagger (the misericorde is insane imo), buff main hand keen misericorde with frozen armaments and go to town.

          • Anonymous

            You cant use scholar's armament's if you infuse with this FYI. If you are an Int build its better to just run Keen and enchant your weapon

            • Anonymous

              This is very effective for anyone wanting to run frostbite on their weapons, as they can use it to mix the cold infusion with most ashes of war. (You can also apply Cold on top of Bleed if the weapon already has bleed naturally)

              • Anonymous

                So Ashes of War do NOT restrict infusion choice for damage type, meaning with the right whetblade I can get the weapon art and the scaling of my choice? Booyah.

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