Godrick Knights are Humanoid enemies in Elden Ring. Godrick Knights wield large, heavy melee Weapons and protect themselves with Greatshields and full Body Armor.



Elden Ring Godrick Knight Locations

Godrick Knights can be found in the following locations:


Elden Ring Godrick Knight Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 260 - 273 
Godrick Knight Helm 3.00% All Variants.
Godrick Knight Armor 3.00% All Variants.
Godrick Knight Gauntlets 3.00% All Variants.
Godrick Knight Greaves 3.00% All Variants.
Knight's Greatsword 4.00% Greatsword Variant.
Partisan 4.00% Partisan Variant.
Gilded Greatshield 4.00% All Variants.
Ash of War: Bloody Slash 100% from the non-respawning knight in Fort Haight
Ash of War: Golden Vow 100% from a specific mounted knight in Stormhill


Godrick Knight Notes & Tips

  • Melee Combat: Using piercing damage, parrying, and quick step are effective against them. A counter attack can work but you need a long reaching weapon. A heavy attack from a sword that does a pierce animation should work but it's too short and can be slow; finding a spear or a thrusting weapon should help. 


Elden Ring Godrick Knight Image Gallery

 godrick knight 1 hq elden ring wiki guide godrick knight 2 elden ring wiki guide godrick knight 3 elden ring wiki guide 
godrick knight 4 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      One thing I hope for in the DLC, better drop chances for new enemies. Seriously, that shield looks really nice but getting it to drop is such a pain

      • Anonymous

        Got most of his armor and all his weapons out of him except his body armor. So to compensate, i tried to intimidate myself by wear his armor. (Still no body armor)

        • Anonymous

          Though they serve by far the weakest Lord in the Lands Between, Godrick's knights seem to (ironically enough) have the highest strength level of all the regional knights. Granted, I'm just inferring this from the 36 strength required to wield their shield (as opposed to the 30, 32, and 34 of the other knight greatshields.)

          • Stuck on Knight God, Rick's 10th phase, he just covers the whole screen everytime he breathes and his 4D hitboxes turn 5D, and now all of his bodyparts stretch uncontrollably alongside the hitboxes. Any tips?

            • Anonymous

              Knights who stuck with Godrick into exile or have been in service to Godfrey's descendants. Their helm plume represents withered hair similar to Godrick and to an extent, Godfrey of royal blood from a strong progeniter but cursed to live up to it's glory. It's plume is described as ashen which completes the description of what their army is like. A ember that has lost it's fire and became ash. Knights who cling to their status and pride to serve one of the Golden Lineage but they are the weakest knight faction because they rely on a glorified past as source of strength.

              • Anonymous

                Wish we could get a spirit summon version of the Godrick knight. It would have been especially cool if it was the unique Bloody Slash variant you defeat at Haight’s fort. He could use Bloody Slash as well as Golden Vow to buff himself and us. It would also be fitting as the only other summonable lordsworn knight that uses a sword is the Redmane knight (and only as a backup for his bow.)

                • Anonymous

                  These knights are oddly rare. The only farming route where you can kill more than one at a time is bagging the horse-mounted one on top of the cliff northeast of Warmaster's Shack, then jumping down and bagging the one in the camp at the bottom of the same cliff.
                  — Courh the Explorer

                  • In 100 kills with 10 arcane (110 item discovery) I received:
                    0 Gloves
                    4 Body's
                    4 Partisans
                    4 Shields
                    3 Helms
                    6 Greaves

                    This would suggest the odds of a drop are roughly 1 in 5.

                    It took me a further 25 kills to receive some gloves.
                    In those 25 kills I received.
                    1 Gloves
                    1 Body
                    1 Partisan
                    1 Shield

                    I think it would be wrong to suggest that the gloves have a lower drop rate without a larger sample and I just got extremely unlucky. I'd suggest that each item in the set has a drop rate of about 4%, or 1 in 25.

                    • Anonymous

                      The drops after greatshield under the picture are all part of the greatshield’s link and need to be separated.

                      • Anonymous

                        Does the one at the Stormhill camp drop his sword? Been farming him for an hour and haven't gotten a single drop, yesterday I got his greatshield but that was it.

                        • Anonymous

                          I've been farming the gate jerk for his spear, but so far no dice. Gotten two of those huge shields I can't use, though.

                          • Anonymous

                            These guys are prob the most annoying enemy yet, too tough to face on foot and usually backed up by a battalion so you can't face him on horseback.

                            • I've gotten Godrick Knight Armor, Greaves, Boots, Gauntlets, the Partisan, and a Gilded Greatshield from this guy so far. I think he drops all his gear no helm yet tho.

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