Godrick Soldier Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 54 HP Cost -
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Summons two Godrick soldier spirits

Godrick Soldier Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Godrick Soldier Ashes summons two Godrick Soldiers to fight by your side.

Godrick Soldiers can also be found as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Godrick Soldier.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirits of two of Godrick's soldiers.

A duo of spirits, consisting of a wielder of devastating charged hammer attacks in the vanguard and a crossbowman bringing up the rear.
The soldiers who serve Godrick the Grafted are what remains of
the army that fled the royal capital of the Erdtree.


Where to find Godrick Soldier Ashes

Where to Find Godrick Soldier Ashes

  • Found at the Cemetery at the west of Stormhill that is filled with Spirit Jellyfish, next to a grave. Check both sides of each grave to find it. [Map Link]


Elden Ring Godrick Soldier Ashes Guide

  • Consumes Medium FP (54)
  • You must be near a rebirth monument to summon spirits from ashes.
  • When you are close to a rebirth monument and able to summon, a monument icon will appear on the left side of the screen.


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    • Anonymous

      Using this on my Godrick Soldier Cosplay and found out that they're quite useful, I do still prefer my skeletap militiamen for infinitely regenerating as long as I or the living skeleboi pulls aggro while the dead one regenerates. Useful.

      • Anonymous

        Really FP efficient dudes. Good aggro, the pick guy has good stagger, the bowman keeps a boss's poise from regenerating, and they both have shields to tank with. Radahn soldiers have better damage output, but I'd recommend this ash just as much

        • Anonymous

          Some perfectly well-rounded guys. They have crossbows, they have shields, they have melee weapons, and there’s two of them. My go-to goons for any non-boss group battle.

          • Anonymous

            I found these guys way too late into the game. Found them immediately on a second character and man do they slap.

            • Anonymous

              These bros carried me hard through Stormveil and Liurnia on my first playthrough. Even when they aren't upgraded they can be surprisingly tanky with their shields and the crossbow shots help take aggro off of you. Not the best by any means, but they'll serve you well for when you get them!

              • Anonymous

                This summon is WAY too op. They brough the hardest boss soldier of godrick and made it a summon? This thing can one shot malenia and radahn ng+6

                • Anonymous

                  Lol. Not great location description. There are 2 graveyards in west stormhill with spirt jellyfish. The one you want is the more eastern one.

                  • Anonymous

                    They're tanky, don't cost a lot of FP, deal decent damage and can even make enemies stagger sometimes. Pretty solid summon for early game at least

                    • Anonymous

                      You might need to kill Godrick at the beginning... I skipped it originally, had trouble finding it, went back killed him and now there are less red jelly and i found it where the red jelly used to be.

                      • Started as a Wretch with a flat 10 MIND -- and no MaxFP upgrades until after level 110 -- with these as my primary summon choice. They're cheap to summon, leaving you with enough FP to execute a few weapon-arts afterward, and despite what the text tells you, they are both capable of ranged and both capable of melee. Due to both using shields and hammers in melee, they're decent at staggering enemies -- even some bosses -- and will occasionally block all incoming damage.

                        If you want a cheap FP summon that can distract your target for some free damage, then you can do much worse than the Godrick Soldiers. Despite also having the other soldier variants, I always go back to these two.

                        • Anonymous

                          They wont kill Bosses for you on their own, but they are quite good at tanking and giving you some hits in.

                          • Anonymous

                            Good, reliable summon. Not particularly powerful or tanky, but against a mob they get the job done. Worth upgrading a few times.

                            • Anonymous

                              For early game summons the guys are great, not a ton of damage but plenty of health between the two of them so they can keep enemy focus off of you for a while. Can swap between close range and a crossbow for long range to keep aggro. Really good for the relatively light FP cost.

                              • Anonymous

                                For some reason this isn't there on my game, I even checked videos and it really isn't were others find it :/ did I do something wrong?

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