Godskin Apostle 

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Location Caelid
Drops 80k+ runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
Other Drops
Strong VS
Weak to

Godskin Apostle is a Boss in Elden Ring. Godskin Apostle is found in Caelid. This IS OR IS NOT an optional boss as players NEED TO / DONT NEED TO defeat it to advance in Elden Ring.


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Elden Ring Godskin Apostle Boss

Godskin Apostle boss is a FOE TYPE found in the Divine Tower of Caelid.

  • Is this an optional boss - Yes.
  • What kind of Foe is it
  • Closest Site of Grace: divine tower of Caelid.
    • Is multiplayer allowed for this boss? - No.
  • Can you summon Spirit ashes for this boss? Yes.


The Divine Tower of Caelid. (Caelid) 



Godskin Apostle Combat Information

  • Health: NG (??), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (??)
  • Absorptions: ??
  • Defenses??
  • Deals ?? Damage.
  • Parriable: Yes / No
  • Can Poise be broken?? - Yes. 
  • Weak to ??
  • Resistant to ??.
  • Immune to ??.


Elden Ring Godskin Apostle Boss Guide

Godskin Apostle Boss Video Guide

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Godskin Apostle Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Godskin Apostle:

  • Use the ?? Ash Summons
  • Use the ?? Spell
  • Bring ?? Item


Melee Users

Strategy Writeup for Melee Users

Magic and Ranged Users

Strategy Writeup for Magic Users


__name__ Attacks & Counters

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__name__ Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Voice Actor: ??
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




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During Fight:

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After Fight:

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    • Anonymous

      bleeds easily, 3 claw jumping blows, one after the other. 4 or more if you run around instead of countering.
      He will always throw magic at you if you heal. The trick is to move behind a pillar, they are big enough to provide easy cover and easy healing, as long as he isnt beside you, or right across you, it should be good.

      His one shot move can be survived if you bring fire defense to the table. The flame drake talisman is very effective.( assuming you have proper vigor levels also). If he produces a lot of black flame while you are close, its best to run.

      phase one, while he seems fast, if you know when he stops, you can tag him fairly easily. Ex, throwing fire. Easy to jump over it and get him. Can even pull of one more r1 if the weapon is fast. He has a lot of moves with very strange hit boxes. His thrust for example. If you are at his side, it just misses, even his pull. Its like the hit box is only at the end of the weapon. Excellent opening.

      even more so by phase 2. His stomach just goes through the player and isnt an attack.( unless it comes along with his weapon) You can just roll into his stretches and start beating him senseless while he just misses.Even if he seems like he will tackle you with his side, it just goes through the player harmlessly.

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