Godslayer Incantations are a group of Incantations in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Godslayer Incantations revolve around drawing power from the Black Flame, and are typically seen used by Godskin enemies. Godslayer Incantations require Faith in order to be casted.

There are a total of 6 Godslayer Incantations available for players. Godslayer Incantations can be found throughout the Lands Between.



Godslayer Incantations info

Obtaining Godslayer Incantations

Godslayer Incantations Requirements

  • As is the case with all Incantations, you must have a Sacred Seal equipped in order to be able to cast Godslayer Incantations.
  • Godslayer Incantations require Faith to use.

Boosting Godslayer Incantations


All Godslayer Incantations



Builds that use Godslayer Incantations







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    • Anonymous

      Is the black flame a weakened version of destined death, the red-black flame in the lore, or does it derive from something else?

      • Anonymous

        Favorite part is the unique hand shape your character makes when you cast these. Kinda looks like a duck. Wonder what lore significance that might have?

        • Anonymous

          So like can you really not get the big flame sword spin that the blackflame monks do??? or even the giant ass hand explosion, they look so cool.

          • Anonymous

            Really wish the Catch Flame / O' Flame variant of these wasn't removed. It would have been so fun and useful, especially for PvP. Oh well, hopefully in DLC it will return

            • Anonymous

              An error to clarify, godslayer seal does not boost ALL, Noble presence isn't boosted by it for some reason, perhaps because the tubby chest peice boosts it, they didn't want you to stack it unfortunately. I've tested it and couldn't get a higher number with the seal

              • Anonymous

                But shouldn't Black Blade be part of this magic school?
                I mean, it share a really similar concept with all of these spells, and function exactly in the same way.
                With only the addition of the max hp reduction debuff.

                • Anonymous

                  Does anyone know how much damage the lingering damage of the black flames do?
                  I feel like this would be good information to have on this page specifically.

                  • Anonymous

                    For me, magic is more optimized, cause they have many more piece of armor that boosts dmg well my opinion peace

                    • Anonymous

                      I believe these should be titled "Godslayer" incantations instead of Godskin Apostle, thats the bosses name and not even the only enemy to cast these spells. Another point is the seal says it boosts godslayer

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