Golem's Great Arrow

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attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack Power
Phy 105
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
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Greatarrow Pierce

Golem's Great Arrow is an Greatarrow in Elden Ring. Golem's Great Arrow are greatarrow's used by Guardian Golems with bows. Ammunition can be used in ranged weapons such as Bows and Crossbows, so players can deal ranged damage to Enemies and Bosses.


Greatarrow of black stone crafted by a civilization now gone to ruin.
Used by the Guardian Golem.
This hefty arrow is enrobed in tempestuous winds, allowing it to break enemy stances and guards with ease.



Where to Find Elden Ring Golem's Great Arrow

Golem's Great Arrow can be found at the following location:

  • Can be looted along with Golem Greatbow from Guardian Golem with bow at Limgrave Tower Bridge


Elden Ring Golem's Great Arrow Notes & Tips

  • Deals Ranged Damage
  • Pierces enemies' armor
  • Deals 42% more poise damage (10 vs 7 for regular great arrows)
  • Arrow has small wind explosion on impact. Will blow away humanoid characters.
  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 1810.


How to Craft Elden Ring Golem's Great Arrow

To craft Golem's Great Arrow you need the following materials:

  • The Golem's Great Arrow cannot be crafted by the player


Elden Ring Golem's Great Arrow Moveset & Videos

    • Videos for the Golem's Great Arrow Coming Soon



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    • Anonymous

      Uncraftable item that you can only farm for AND with a low drop rate. Yeah, I’m definitely duping these.

      • Purely anecdotal, but I'm convinced that the Golems near the Great-Jar were patched at some point. One of my first characters was able to get Great Arrows, Golem's Great Arrows, and Golem's Magic Arrows from them fairly effortlessly, but my new character has had no such luck, despite farming for far too long, all things considered.

        ...And before you claim I haven't farmed enough, I currently have 14 Golem Greatbows, 35 Golem's Magic Arrows, and innumerable Great Arrows. Assuming they're the same droprate as before for Magic vs. Normal Golem Arrows, that's seven magic drops versus zero normal (at a 5% rate for either), so I'm inclined to believe the Caelid ones simply drop Magic and not normal Golem now. Yes, my character has max Discovery (and my first one did not).

        Why they would do this and not add either Golem Arrow to a merchant is beyond me.

        • Anonymous

          Fromsoft implements an annoying crafting system so they can throw random crafting items in dungeons and around the map instead of actual weapons and armour; Also Fromsoft, Lets make the best great arrows un-craftable and have a horrendous drop rate; and just to salt the wound lets make the golems have a higher chance of dropping regular great arrows and their own bow then the actual ammo they use to fire the damn thing.

          • Anonymous

            Pain to get but the most effective method i've found is to go south from the Altus Plateau site of grace. You can bypass the melee Golem by simply riding right behind him. 2 hits from Flame of the Redmanes Ash of War will stagger the Bow golem and a good critical will take it down in seconds. At least the arrows drop in clusters of 5.

            • Anonymous

              I remember getting these from the Limgrave Bridge and the golem at in the mountains across the bridge, back when it could respawn.

              • Anonymous

                i found out these have the longest range of any greatarrow, but aint nobody ****ing using them. for god sakes fromsoft, you have greatarrow merchants, use them.

                • Anonymous

                  These arrows make a small AoE on impact. If the attack is blocked, they wont, and the AOE can be blocked. But you dont need to even hit the target to deal the full arrow damage. Tested with Golem Greatbow and Greatbow.

                  • Anonymous

                    Pretty sure these arrows are From's idea of a troll. Christ if I think of any other point to having arrows that almost never drop, that you can't buy, and only do 5 AR more than their normal counterparts.

                    • Why do us bow users always seem to get shafted? Why do we have to exploit the game just to make a weapon comparable to meta weapons? And even when we do get things like this great arrow, it’s agonizing to consistently obtain

                      • Anonymous

                        after getting like 200 great arrow's and 7 golem greatbow's from farming the archer golem at the great lift of dectus I finally got 5 of the golem's great arrow (with 200 discovery). its a pain

                        • Anonymous

                          For a wile was using the 2 golems at the grand lift of decius for faming, in the time it took me to get 10 of these got about 60 regular great arrows, drop rate is fairly low but not 2 bad, or, you can buy radahn's spears for 800 runes, much more affordable.

                          • Anonymous

                            Can anyone confirm they actually got these and where? Golems are only dropping Great Arrows not Golem's Great Arrows.

                            • Anonymous

                              A magic version of this great arrow can be gained/obtained from killing magic imbued golems on the road to the colosseum in Caelid, so far, I've only found that as the only spot to gain/farm it; need more research and a site of it's own.

                              • Anonymous

                                There's also a magic damage version of this, the Golem's Magic Arrow. It drops off the golem in Caelid North on the way to the giant Living Jar.

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