Great Grave Glovewort

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Strengthen ashes to +10

Great Grave Glovewort is an Upgrade Material in Elden RingGreat Grave Glovewort is a material mainly used to further increase the level of ashes. Upgrade Materials can be acquired through exploration, looting it from specified areas of a Location, dropped by a specific Enemy or Boss, given by an NPC, or sold by a Merchant.


White flower that blooms in catacombs.
An especially large specimen.

Strengthens ashes to +10.

Since times of old, large gloveworts were used to comfort heroic spirits. Given in tribute to those who died the most glorious of deaths, in the hope their stories would become legend.


Great Grave Glovewort Location in Elden Ring

Six (6) Great Grave Glovewort can be found:

  • Consecrated Snowfield: Two (2) dropped by the boss of Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs, Putrid Grave Warden Duelist. [Map Link]
  • One found in the Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave:
    • In the large hall with the Troll, drop down from either side of the platform into a room with a Fire Prelate. Defeat it and check the very back of the room for the glovewort.
    • Alternatively, you can reach this room by descending the lift and sending it back up. Pull the lever in the alcove to the right and then enter the small space in the raised lift to descend further down. In the next hall, sprint past the Lesser Burial Watchdog and turn left. Climb the ladder at the end of this path.
  • Crumbling Farum Azula - A total of 2 can be found in the region:
    1. Found in a recess in the northeastern-most wall of the upper level of the large building next to the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths site of grace. To reach this upper area, head out of the balcony of the room next to the site of grace and jump up onto the red roof right next to it. [Elden Ring Map Link]
    2. In the heavily-ruined section in the northwest leading to the Dragon Temple site of grace, there is a pit you can drop down into to reach a narrow hallway below. From here, head into the first archway on the left and up the stairs heading northwest to a ruined balcony where you can navigate across a series of floating debris to reach a second balcony with a ladder. Head up the ladder to reach a hidden tomb with the glovewort sitting on the main sarcophagus in the back. [Elden Ring Map Link]
  • Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree: Found in the center of the second lake of rot, past a second set of branches within the inner walls. Beware the Ulcerated Tree Spirit (non-boss) lurking beneath. [Elden Ring Map Link] Video Location


Great Grave Glovewort Elden Ring Guide


Elden Ring Great Grave Glovewort Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 999 Great Grave Glovewort.
  • You can store up to 999 Great Grave Glovewort.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 500
  • Other Notes and Tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      They could have made these farmable via the Watchdogs that show up in late game catacombs, Ghost ones from the magic using Watchdogs to go along with it at 0.3% drop rate and I'd still be farming like crazy, so little of these per playthrough honestly sucks a bit.

      • Anonymous

        It's really bizarre that these are later in the game than the ghost version that powers up the stronger spirits.

        • Anonymous

          I would totally put these in your chest, I wasted the first one I had on the *wrong* summon upgrade because I wasn't paying attention. UGH

          • Anonymous

            There has to be more then 6 I finished my 3rd playthrough and now have 19 lv 10 NON special ashes also 15 lv 10 special ashes I don't keep track of where I get items I just clear everything there is every cave every castle every lake ruins everything so 19 ÷ 3 there has to be atleast 7

            • Anonymous

              This is what my notes say for the 6th that isn't listed on the site: after crumbling beast grave depths grace, go outside, climb in and its by the caster(crumbling farum azula). Can't confirm that's correct nor can I provide more information atm, but thats all my notes have. Hope its right and helps.

              • Anonymous

                there's at least 6 per playthrough, for a fact. I have 6 of these confirmed. (not sure about the Ghost version though)

                • Quite odd how you can get a Great Ghost Glovewort right out the gate (behind Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella), yet the ordinary Grave version seems to be unobtainable until lategame... granted, you need to fight the Dragonkin, but it's always available nonetheless.

                  • Anonymous

                    I haven't seen anyone mention this one, but there's another Great Grave Glovewort in the Crumbling Farum Azula area. Start at the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths site of grace and head NW to the room with the 3 tombs, kill the 2 beastmen in there as they will follow you. Once they're dead head out onto a small ledge past the pillars in that room and go right, jump onto the roof that's nearby and head into the upper floor of the hall next door. There will be about 5 beastmen there, you can kill them or just run past them and the Glovewort will be at the other end on some skeleton remains against the wall.

                    • Anonymous

                      There are 5 total, I believe. The fourth, not listed, is dropped by the Root Monster mini-boss in the Haligtree area where the later part of Millicent's quest takes place. It's kind of a hidden area, though not difficult to access. Drainage Channel is the closest site of grace I believe. The fifth may also drop off a Boss/enemy. I actually don't remember where I got the fifth though. Possibly from a late-game catacomb, maybe in the mountains?

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