Greatblade Phalanx

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Spell Type Carian Sorceries
FP Cost 30 Slots Used 1
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Forms a defensive arch of larger magic glintblades

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Greatblade Phalanx is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Greatblade Phalanx spell summons greatblades that float around the caster and attack enemies when they move close enough. Updated to Patch 1.07.


One of the sorceries of the Carian royal family.

Creates a defensive arch of larger magic glintblades overhead, which automatically attack nearby foes.

Used by the enchanted troll knights.
They were the comrades of the young Rennala, bound by oath.


Greatblade Phalanx Location in Elden Ring

Greatblade Phalanx is found in the following location:


Elden Ring Greatblade Phalanx Guide

  • Carian Sorcery
  • Stamina Cost: 20
  • Summons 3 large sentry glintblades, at 80 Int with a Carian Regal Sceptre, each one will deal 374 magic damage before damage negation, totalling 1122 damage if all blades connect. Compared to the Glintblade Phalanx (224x5=1120 dmg) and Carian Phalanx (179x9=1611 dmg) spells this spell does just slightly more damage than the former and loses to the latter by a mile. However, each blade deals a whopping 101.75 poise damage (305.25 total), vs the other spells's 10x5 and 10x9, making it a supreme posture breaking tool for mages, maguses and spellblades.
  • However, the Glintblade Phalanx Ash of War will do 10x4 poise damage, outperfoming this spell, but of course taking up the skill slot of a non-staff weapon.
  • The blades will break upon coming into contact with any geometry, including enemies. This unfortunately means one cannot prep themselves with phalanx before passing through a boss fog gate, and must take care after casting to not accidentally break the blades on any surfaces to not waste any damage.
  • NOTE: Since Patch 1.07 FP Consumption has been Decreased from 35 to 30.


Builds with Greatblade Phalanx 




Elden Ring Greatblade Phalanx Notes and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here.
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    • Anonymous

      Man the cast speed is rough on this even when max, you can't just pop it mid combo like you can with the other ones.

      • Anonymous

        Very underrated spell in pvp indeed, it reminds me of that tech in DS3 where mages turned away with soulmasses, then they would turn back to you, the soulmasses would stun you and they would one-shot you with crystal soul spear, we don't see it that much anymore in Elden Ring even though you literally can do the same thing with Phalanx+Comet

        • Anonymous

          I like the lore implications of the last bit. We know Rennala was an astrologer, thus she lived alongside the fire giants and trolls on the mountaintops. She presumably made friends with some of the trolls, and following their betrayal of the giants, had them become royal knights. With Iji being the personal blacksmith to the Carian royal family, he was likely one of those trolls or a descendant of them. It's nice seeing the trolls getting some respect and achieving high ranks in a new society.

          • Anonymous

            "However, the Glintblade Phalanx Ash of War will do 100x4 poise damage, outperfoming this spell, but of course taking up the skill slot of a non-staff weapon", but according to this wiki, glintblade phalanx does only 40 poise damage per blade. So who's wrong?

            • Anonymous

              sadly mediocre. deals poor damage for its fp use and not enough poise damage to be worth it. want damage? carian phalanx. want stagger? use the aow.

              • Anonymous

                Killed him. Got the popup for the spell. Can not enter the evergoal.
                But ... no Greatblade Phalanx on my spells section.

                Am I being stupid? Or did I get screwed into getting all spells in my playthrough?

                • Anonymous

                  For any INT players in the Triple Crystalian fight, this is a good spell to bring. The best poise breakers seem to be Gavel of Haima, then Cannon of Haima, then Greatsword Phalanx in that order. Gavel breaks the fastest but requires melee range very FP efficient though, Cannon takes a few hits but can be cast from a distance AND stuns/knocksdown Crystalians BEFORE POISE BREAK, GSP is OK but it can miss the jumping Spear Crystalian.

                  • Anonymous

                    Been getting oneshotted by this lately by invaders without them doing anything or the blades moving, i'd presume it's a bug or an exploit they're using to make this happen.

                    • Anonymous

                      It does do decent stance damage, and yeah, it does more HP damage as the tried-and-true glintblade skill version...

                      But by "better" damage, I mean that it still deals way less than 2 Glintstone pebble casts

                      With a longer cast animation

                      And a high FP cost

                      Pass. It's a shame that Fromsoft doesn't know how to balance their spells.

                      • Anonymous

                        And people have already found a exploit for this spell… Can’t wait to get one shot in every pvp match for the next few weeks. This + carian retaliation + spam ash of war = damage stack until opponent gets close for 10k+ damage.

                        • Anonymous

                          Been noticing invaders who use this and immedietly one shots you with an invisible attack, the blades never move.

                          • So if your wondering out of the entire Glintblade Phalanx/ Carrion Phalanx, and Greatblade Phalanx line, this skill and Glintblade Phalanx (Ash of war version) are the only 2 that have good stance damage. Regular Glintblade Phalanx, and Carrion Phalanx barely do anything to stances.

                            Either of these 2 will usually break stances in 1-2 casts. However Greatblade Phalanx costs 35 FP, while Glintblade Phalanx (Ash of war) costs 10 FP, even though both function almost identically. With that being said the only reason to use this over the Ash of War would be if you want to have a different Ash of War on your weapon, while still having access to this skill.

                            Or if you want to be efficient, it would probably be smarter to equip a secondary weapon that doesn't weight much, like Dagger or something and put Glintblade Phalanx ash of war on it, to get the best of both worlds.

                            • Anonymous

                              There's definitely a use for this against the invisible black knight assassins. You need to have a torch equipped in your right hand so you can't block, and this spell has consistently high stagger rates against them. Follow it up with carian piercer and you can knock them on their asses and cast phalanx again. Makes a really atrocious fight a lot easier.

                              • Annoying that this whole line of spells is such hot garbage. They seriously need some major poise damage improvements, and/or a reduced startup time combined with staggering the projectiles somewhat, so it's a better defensive measure.

                                • This function almost exactly as it's ashes of war counter part, it does high stagger and it stagger bosses in 1 or 2 cast. However, it cost substantially more than the weapon skill making it not worth it outside of very specific setups where you need the weapon skill slot for other skills.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Carian phalanx is straight better.

                                    Only reason to pick this is of your using the staff that boosts normal but not Carian sorceries and for some reason don’t want to bring standard phalanx

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Direct upgrade from the regular phalanx for pure-caster PvP, this does great damage for the same effect as the original, the cost is pretty worth it.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        43 mana cost for 500 dealt damage dealt... not worth having this on.
                                        Why and how is the basic starting spell, which costs 7 mana, deal 250 damage per shot.

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